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calibrate - synecdochic
It's been a long week. A long fucking week. And Daniel can never remember the rules about when normal Americans are allowed to touch each other, anyway.

This fic has such good atmosphere, this quiet charged intimacy. (pre-slash)
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june 2018 by sophia_sol
Gedulah - synecdochic, ivory_gates
Home is the sailor, home from the sea, and the hunter home from the hill. When he comes back from thirteen years on Atlantis, Daniel Jackso
AU of Mezzanine, which is an AU of Broken wings. More Daniel-focused, and this time there's also a bonus super-special perfect genius kid. The prologue is amazing and I'd love to read more about the OC that's the MC in the prologue; the rest of the fic is good but not my jam.
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november 2015 by sophia_sol
Mezzanine - synecdochic, ivory_gates
au of Broken Wings by synecdochic, rule 63 of Cam (Cam is Cammie), and there's zero actual plot happenings. Mostly it just reads like a massive domestic fantasy. And one where the main characters exist in a vacuum, instead of being part of a rich and complicated extended family life. Which if that's what you're wanting is fine, it was just a let-down after Broken Wings proper. It does have Daniel, though, which is nice. And I love the outside-POV piece.
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november 2015 by sophia_sol
Broken Wings - synecdochic
A serial story of what-if: what if Cam had been a little more injured, and what if Jack's clone had been a little less willing to walk away.
I've been intending to read this fic since 2009, but I'm glad I didn't read it at the time because I only had a link to "A Howling in the Factory Yard," and didn't know there was a whole 'verse it was part of.

A frigging amazing story. Starts with lots of background and contextualization and becoming a community, all of which is great, then when the plot happens JD is so isolated while having to do hard things which is so much the better having come after the build-up, and then he gets to go home. This page doesn't have the concluding fic arc linked and it was several days after reading the fic that I discovered it did exist; the series wasn't actually abandoned, it just wasn't crossposted from dw. On first reading I was feeling super betrayed because that meant the emotional arc was never wrapped up. But after I found book three, it did everything that's needed and is great: http://synecdochic.dreamwidth.org/tag/broken+wings
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november 2015 by sophia_sol
synecdochic: and speaking of uteruses
the best trick I've found (and it works on all blood stains, not just menstrual blood) -- dump the stained clothing in the sink in cold water with around a tablespoon or two of salt per cup of water, soak for twenty minutes, then remove clothing from water and apply another tablespoon or two of salt directly to the stain and scrub the clothing against itself to form a paste (paying special attention to the edges of the stain), then let sit for another 20 minutes. Dump back into the soaking water to rinse, then wash normally or handwash with a little bit of hand soap and vigorous scrubbing. Works better than OxyClean or any other specific stain-removal tool, is gentler on the fabric, doesn't bleach out color or cause it to fade, and is a heck of a lot cheaper. Between that and saline compresses for the infected ingrown hairs I'm prone to, there's a reason we keep a spare canister of salt in the bathroom cabinet!)
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june 2012 by sophia_sol
synecdochic: FIC: SG1, "Those Days Of Sahara"
Somewhere (in another iteration, across versions and reversions, in any one of the thousand million universes touching their own like soap bubbles) Cam insisted on bringing them all home to his momma and his gran'ma for Thanksgiving dinner. Somewhere there's a version of them sitting down at a table in an old farmhouse with Daniel earnestly explaining the origin and history of all sorts of traditions, Cam rolling his eyes and stuffing a biscuit in his mouth to shut him up. Somewhere in the multiverse, right now, Teal'c is eyeing Cam's gran'ma, and Gran'ma's eyeing him, and they're trying to decide if they really are going to be lifelong friends. Here, Samantha Carter is lying spread out on her chest, her forehead pillowed against her folded hands, telling a bunch of aphysical glowing squid how divine and all-powerful and benevolent they are. Hallowed be the Ori.
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may 2010 by whatifisaidno
synecdochic: FIC: SG-1, "Attend"
It's just about the first time he can ever recall Jackson issuing a direct statement of preference, and never for anything so personal; it's enough of a shock that Cam's stirring before he realizes. It's not an order; he knows what those sound like. It's a request. One he never would have expected Jackson to make.
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april 2010 by whatifisaidno
synecdochic: [FIC] SG-1, "Attention"
Jackson's not obvious -- Jackson's never obvious, except when he is, and the things he's obvious about have nothing to do with the things Cam's looking for. But when a man has to suck in air at the thought of you naked under your denim, well, it means you got something to work with here.
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april 2010 by whatifisaidno
the wealth of our nations fed on angel blood, by synecdochic
set in same fraternitas universe as If You Want To Kiss The Sky (by siegeofangels), with Daniel dealing with the sexual culture of the military.
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january 2010 by sophia_sol
The Snakey Awards, by synecdochic
"The SGC's underground and unofficial annual "best of" awards."
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september 2009 by sophia_sol
Untitled Cam/Teal'c snippet by Synecdochic
Cam has a serious crush on Teal'c, and the sparring doesn't help.
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august 2009 by helens78
Blood Beat Back - synecdochic, frostfire_17
synecdochic (12:41:11 AM): although miella suggests that Daniel and Michael would have gotten along just fine.
frostfire_17 (12:41:17 AM): --omg yes!
synecdochic (12:41:23 AM): which ....
synecdochic (12:41:26 AM): *slaps brain*
frostfire_17 (12:41:27 AM): no, they would
frostfire_17 (12:42:03 AM): and Daniel would sit with Michael and talk about how all sentient beings are people, and how everyone does bad things including humans and how are you feeling now, Michael?
synecdochic (12:42:18 AM): And after all, they're both. Outsiders. Really.
frostfire_17 (12:42:28 AM): and Michael would want to KILL HIM for being so--Daniel--until he started to warm up just a little...
frostfire_17 (12:42:36 AM): because he doesn't flinch
frostfire_17 (12:42:46 AM): everyone else, even Teyla, flinches
synecdochic (12:42:48 AM): Doesn't even seem to *acknowledge* that Michael can kill him.
frostfire_17 (12:42:58 AM): doesn't seem to have that inherent--revulsion
synecdochic (12:43:34 AM): Is different. Just -- subtly, strangely. There's something off about him.
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march 2009 by sophia_sol
Live Fire - synecdochic
So I'd been getting some ribbing -- goodnatured enough, you put more than two guys together in a locker room and there's going to be some ball-busting involved, it's some kind of primitive ritual or something -- about the fact that my team consisted of me, two scientists and someone who was born halfway across the galaxy.
Jack and Daniel, and Daniel needing to learn to fit in to the military culture he's now a part of
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march 2009 by sophia_sol

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