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Dibs and the Art of the Subordinating Conjunction - Stultiloquentia
"Prescriptivism is rooted in class warfare," Lardo muttered in her best Boston Brahmin meets intoxicated frat bro accent, clicking "Accept Change" in the Word doc in front of her.
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april 2018 by sophia_sol
Kitchen Witch - stultiloquentia
Bitty's cheese never moulds.

Bitty's soup turns the 72-hour flu that's been infecting the whole campus into a 24-hour flu.

Bitty's tea puts people in a confessional mood. Nursey definitely did not mean to say all that. He feels better, though.
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september 2016 by sophia_sol
Un ciel aussi rose - stultiloquentia
Zimbits, Bob, Alicia. PG-13? pene gave this a once-over and remarked, "I am amused that you look at the universe as a chance to write people boating in Canada." That's it, that's all there is. People paddling around in boats. No American beer, even. Thoroughly useless story.
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september 2016 by sophia_sol
who you callin' cactus? - stultiloquentia
I was in the middle of telling Lis I needed Bitty to mentor a trans frog when the tadpole comics came out. When Lis said, "Trans Whiskey?" I said, "Whiskey is shaped like a Dorito; how has he been on T for less than a year?" but we decided this was insufficient reason to stop me.
'fanfic  "trans  ^feelings  -checkplease  *whiskey  :500-2k  @stultiloquentia  "not!fic  $gen 
april 2016 by sophia_sol
During that Summer (When Unicorns were Still Possible) - Stultiloquentia
PSA: THIS IS A WIP LIBERATION. This is me coming to terms with the fact that I've been going flat out all summer, no time to write, and, instead of settling down, my life just got 40% busier. So, I'm releasing this into the wild, unprepared, shoelaces untied and only half a ham sandwich in its lunchbox. Godspeed, little hapless story! Maybe someone will find you and love you better than I can! Because I write non-linearly, it does possess a beginning, a respectable end point, and 12000 words of middle, but there are some sketchy bits, some unpolished bits, and a few outright holes. But some of it's really good, and I wanted to share it. Thank you for reading.
'fanfic  ^lovely  -glee  :10k-20k  @stultiloquentia  $dudeslash  $het  +blaine/kurt  +mike/tina 
october 2013 by sophia_sol
The Verb Survives, by stultiloquentia
""Yes," Janet agreed, twinkling. "They've taken some liberties with the text."

"To take liberty, Teal'c thought. Janet was still talking about the length of the original play, how it would have been shown in Shakespeare's time, and other productions Janet had seen. "Right after Star Wars came out, I saw one at the community college where the fairies all had lightsabers," she told Cassie, who couldn't decide whether to respond with giggles or disdain.

"Teal'c thought of the Most Glorious Tales of the Divine Court of Apophis, which never changed, even in inflection."

("Ages ago, Ivorygates gave me a fantastic prompt: "Teal'c and Shakespeare". It, um, sorta transmuted into "Teal'c and The Vagina Monologues".")
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may 2012 by sophia_sol
FIC: On a Scale of One to Koosh Ball by stultiloquentia
Jack stared at him for a second, reached a long arm into the bottom drawer of his desk, and lobbed a Koosh ball right at Daniel's face. It bounced off the bridge of his nose and narrowly missed his coffee cup, which sloshed as Daniel brought hands up in belated self defense. "What the hell!" "Every hour of sleep you miss," Jack clipped out, "that's a thirty percent drop in reaction time in the field. You're endangering my team."
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may 2011 by whatifisaidno
Fluff, by stultiloquentia
Jack, the secret poetry-lover, and the moment when Daniel fell in astonishment with him
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november 2010 by sophia_sol

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