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raise a glass to the four of us - rain_sleet_snow
In a war where entire planetary systems may fall victim, remembrance is key, and joy goes with grief.

This was written for peradi, who asked me what Hallowe'en was like in Star Wars, but was probably expecting a 600 word ficlet. I don't really do 600 word ficlets. I do 6500 words of thinking about inversion festivals, rituals of grief and remembrance, and what you do to mark a loss when you have nothing left to mourn. Say because your planet's been blown up.
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may 2017 by sophia_sol
because I don't know how to love any other way - rain_sleet_snow
When he brings Owen and Beru their nephew, Obi-Wan collapses at the Lars farmstead instead of exiting stage left to a hide-out in the Jundland Wastes.

Several things go quite a bit differently, after that.
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february 2017 by sophia_sol
Blazon And Banner - rain_sleet_snow
But Buri still refused the offer of rooms by Thayet and Jonathan’s apartments, and she resigned her post as bodyguard the day after the wedding. Only Myles raised an eyebrow at that, though he wasn’t the only one who knew to do so; Thayet merely bit her pomegranate-red lip and accepted what she couldn’t change. Looking back, Buri knows that’s when Thayet realised Buri loved her, because it takes a very special kind of bitterness and grief to sever bonds like that one between a K’miri warrior and her liege, bonds tied in blood and oaths. For Buri and Thayet, nothing other than the bite of unrequited love would have been enough.
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january 2014 by sophia_sol

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