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How to set up the perfect modern dev environment on Windows
I'm experimenting with developing directly on Windows after switching, and here's the best setup I've found so far for getting things done — Bash on Windows…
@windows  @programming  @tips  @setup  @example 
july 2018 by caochauvu
Super fast code writing thanks to expanders (dynamic snippets). Creating new ones is extremely easy. It works in almost any editor on macOS.
@tools  @text_expansion  @programming  @sublime_text  @atom  @mac  @visual_studio 
july 2018 by caochauvu
Category Theory, Syntactically
A blog mostly on math, physics, and computer science.
@programming  @math  @theory  @tips 
april 2017 by caochauvu
Developer Survey Results 2017
Get insights on the world’s developers from the largest and most comprehensive survey ever. Demographics. Technologies. Salaries. Career satisfaction.
@programming  @survey  @data_analysis  @resources  @example  @setup 
march 2017 by caochauvu
A complete toolset for web development. Enabling you to edit, collaborate and run your projects from any device.
@appdev  @ide  @ios  @android  @cross_platform  @tools  @web  @programming  @commercial_services 
february 2017 by caochauvu
- A learning environment for Python suited for beginners and children, inspired by Logo.
@python  @command_line  @drawing  @tools  @programming  @learning 
february 2017 by caochauvu
trtl - Tk-powered Ruby turtle graphics
@ruby  @command_line  @drawing  @tools  @programming  @learning 
february 2017 by caochauvu
- Versatile parallel programming with task scheduling
@parallel  @programming  @scientific_programming  @python  @tools  @task_schedulling 
february 2017 by caochauvu
Which is the Best GPU for Deep Learning
You want a cheap high performance GPU for deep learning? In this blog post I will guide through the choices, so you can find the GPU which is best for you.
@gpu  @programming  @deep_learning  @tips 
january 2017 by caochauvu

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