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Why You Need a Network-Wide Ad-Blocker
The internet is a scary place. Pi-hole is a network-wide ad-blocker that improves your internet experience by blocking advertising, tracking and malware
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10 days ago by caochauvu
10 Common Git Problems and How to Fix Them
I originally wrote this article for Codementor in October 2014. It should have something for everyone, from fairly new git users to experienced developers. Sometimes the best way to get a feel for a…
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21 days ago by caochauvu
Dear Lazyweb, tell me about colo
Or, "Old Man Yells at Cloud Hosting". Currently I host all of my various web sites and services (business and personal) on a single physical Linux box leased from a small ISP. That's been working out fine for me for many years. However, of late my ISP has become so non-responsive to support requests that I can't interpret that any way other than, "We are no longer interested in being an ISP".
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june 2017 by caochauvu

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