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Room Enough For Three - imaginary_golux
On a diplomatic visit, it becomes necessary for Rey to claim that both Finn and Poe are her husbands. Finn is her boyfriend, and they're both pining after Poe...but of course nothing could ever come of that.
'fanfic  -starwars  +finn/poe/rey  "pretendrelationship  $multi  $poly  :2k-10k  @imaginary_golux 
march 2016 by sophia_sol
Truce - imaginary_golux
Rey and Phasma are trapped in a small cabin in the middle of an ice storm. Things proceed...predictably.
It's rather unbelievable how quickly and easily they fall into talking openly with each other, but whatever, I enjoyed the fic anyway
'fanfic  -starwars  +phasma/rey  "cuddlingforwarmth  $femslash  :2k-10k  @imaginary_golux 
march 2016 by sophia_sol
Slant Rhyme - imaginary_golux
Ideally, there'd have been a pilot. But there isn't, and FN-2187 still needs to get the hell out of the First Order.
I really like the idea of Finn working in Maz's cantina for a while after getting free of the First Order
'fanfic  -starwars  *finn  *poe  *rey  :2k-10k  @imaginary_golux  $gen 
february 2016 by sophia_sol
pbam | Porn Battle Golden Oldies – Official Post
One of the prerogatives of royalty – at least in Narnia, at least just now – is that while one’s advisors are free to counsel, suggest, recommend, and otherwise advise…they can’t actually prevent one from doing anything one really wants to do.
@imaginary_golux  :narnia  *susan/oc(s)  ~ratedadult(violence&sex) 
february 2015 by whatifisaidno

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