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Cactus GUI - a GUI for Pygame
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april 2015 by caochauvu
Getting started with GUI development in Python
Most people that are fond of Windows operating system will always root for graphical desktop applications (GUI) over command line (CLI) programs. Since after...
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march 2015 by caochauvu
Is Kivy a viable option for a standard everyday app?
I'm trying to make a cross-platform Reddit client, and I was starting to build one in Kivy, but Kivy seems to be heavily designed for game design,...
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january 2015 by caochauvu
Pandoctor: An Alfred GUI for Pandoc - Share your Workflows
PandoctorAn Alfred GUI for PandocVersion: 1.0.5Download from PackalView on GitHubRead a slightly fuller version on my blogIntroductionPandoctor is a relatively simple, easy-to-use way to bring the…
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january 2015 by caochauvu
PIPEGLADE Graphical User Interfaces, The UNIX Way
Pipeglade is a helper program that displays graphical user interfaces for other programs. It renders the GUI definition found in a GtkBuilder file (created using the Glade Interface Designer), and…
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january 2015 by caochauvu
- Turn (almost) any Python command line program into a full GUI application with one line
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october 2014 by caochauvu

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