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Creating a Perfect Marketing Agency Proposal - Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice
5 essential sections for a great agency proposal template First things first: a proposal isn’t a pitch. A proposal is usually used as the first stage of a. Marketing topic(s):Growing a marketing agency. Advice by Mark Kelly.
agency  pitch  freshvanroot  @freshvanroot  proposal  offer 
september 2017 by rolfvanroot
Iran#NoFilter (3/10) - Alireza Goudarzi: Café Téhéran | ARTE MEDIATHEK | ARTE
In Teheran sind Cafés der bevorzugte Treffpunkt für die Jugend, die den permanent unter Kontrolle stehenden öffentlichen Raum meidet. Hier kultiviert die junge Generation eine westliche, "iranisierte" Subkultur. Mit seiner Serie über diese neuen Cafés dokumentiert Alireza Goudarzi das iranische Paradox zwischen Öffentlichkeit und Privatsphäre.
Die Serie "Iran #NoFilter“ zeigt zehn iranische Fotografen, die mit unverfälschtem Blick die vielen Gesichter der Generation Instagram ablicht...
newsletter  iran  @freshvanroot 
july 2017 by rolfvanroot
New York Times Co. Reports Rising Digital Profit as Print Advertising Falls - The New York Times
The Times said it added 308,000 net digital-only news subscriptions in the first quarter — the most of any quarter in its history.
@freshvanroot  contentmarketing 
june 2017 by rolfvanroot
More than a decade later, how do original YouTube stars feel about the site? | Ars Technica
For original YouTubers, their online haven became a media behemoth—but they keep vlogging.
toshare  @freshvanroot 
june 2017 by rolfvanroot
AdvoWire | Influencer Community & Content Marketplace
A community dedicated to content, opportunity and rewards. Buy and sell articles, promote events, build networks, Be Discovered.
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june 2017 by rolfvanroot
Flippa #1 for Buying and Selling Websites, Domains, and Apps | Flippa.com
Buy and Sell a Website, Domain name, Mobile App.
Browse Flippa today - the entrepreneur's marketplace with 700,000
Buyers and Sellers
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july 2016 by rolfvanroot
Keyword Finder & SEO Difficulty Tool - KWFinder.com
Find hundreds of hidden keywords with low SEO difficulty in seconds. KW Finder is your premier keyword research tool, try it out for free!
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july 2016 by rolfvanroot

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