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Framer - Interactive Design Tool
Got creative ideas? Bring them to life with Framer X. Where every layout you create is responsive. And user interfaces evolve in minutes. Design realistic interactive prototypes. And bring everything one step closer to production.
software  mac  design  mockup  prototype  @fav 
8 weeks ago by codeyard
Karten der Schweiz - Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft
maps  switzerland  @fav 
february 2018 by codeyard
This repo is a collection of awesome Mac applications and tools for developers and designers.
software  mac  github  @fav 
may 2017 by codeyard
Deckset for Mac
Turn your notes into beautiful presentations
Great-looking slides from simple Markdown files
Write down your thoughts in your favourite text editor, and Deckset will turn them into beautiful presentations.
software  mac  markdown  presentation  slideshow  @fav 
july 2016 by codeyard
Weather Underground
Bern-Belp, Switzerland Forecast
weather  @fav 
june 2016 by codeyard
Heisenberg Ipsum
A Breaking Bad lorem ipsum generator
lorem-ipsum  @fav 
february 2016 by codeyard
Another dummy image generator
image  placeholder  generator  @fav 
january 2016 by codeyard
Stack Overflow
Overflow is a question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers. It's built and run by you as part of the Stack Exchange network of Q&A sites. With your help, we're working together to build a library of detailed answers to every question about programming.
dev  reference  community  @fav 
january 2016 by codeyard
DevDocs API Documentation
DevDocs combines multiple API documentations in a fast, organized, and searchable interface.
dev  reference  @fav 
november 2015 by codeyard
Scheduling and time tracking, simultaneously
time-tracking  @fav 
november 2015 by codeyard
Until You've Dealt Some Death - impertinence - Agent Carter (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Peggy Carter/Howard StarkPeggy CarterHoward StarkCase FicCunnilingusMen CryingMarriage of ConvenienceAdditional Warnings In Author's Note


An unfortunate fact dogging Peggy's heels is that she needs Senate approval for non-Stark funding for SHIELD. Howard proposes marriage; Peggy agrees. Peggy proposes tracking a criminal to Leningrad; Howard agrees. Also, feelings.
#62k  5-eng  author-impertinence  marvel  agentcarter  marvel-peggycarter  marvel-howard/peggy  marvel-howardstark  marvel-howlingcommandos  captainamerica  year-1947  postmovie  element-marriageofconvenience  slowbuild  element-espionage  location-nyc  location-brooklyn  location-leningrad  location-england  case!fic  kink-cunnilingus  @totag  @rec  @fav 
october 2015 by jiele
we should just kiss like real people do - theappleppielifestyle - The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Steve Rogers/Tony StarkJames "Bucky" BarnesSam Wilson (Marvel)Peggy CarterSkinny SteveAlternate Universe - No Powers


Hoodie-guy stops in front of Steve just as he snaps, “FINE, I want to bang Tony Stark like a screen door in a hurricane, could we drop it now?”

“UM,” Sam says, loud enough that they both turn to look at him. He’s wide-eyed as he jerks his head meaningfully, gestures getting looser and more pointed as they continue not to get it.

Steve stares at him. This is why Sam is never picked for a partner when they all play Charades.

There’s a tap on his shoulder, and Steve turns to see Hoodie-guy smiling. Steve opens his mouth to say *do you need something* when he realizes why the man’s face is so familiar.

“Hi,” says Tony Stark.

Steve blurts the first thing he thinks. “Fuck.”
#6k  5-eng  author-theappleppielifestyle  marvel  marvel-avengers  au  marvel-steve  marvel-steve/tony  marvel-tony  marvel-bucky  marvel-sam  marvel-peggycarter  au-modernday  pre-serum!steve  element-nopowers  type-meetcute  element-firstdate  @viarec  @rec  @fav 
october 2015 by jiele
The Not-Christmas Not-Truce of 1944 - dropdeaddream - Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
James "Bucky" Barnes & Howling CommandosJames "Bucky" Barnes/Steve RogersA Cowuntimely off-screen animal deathActual New Yorker Steve RogersActual New Yorker James Barnes


Bucky stabs a man in the neck.

The cow moos.
#1k  5-eng  author-dropdeaddream  marvel  movieverse  captainamerica  movie01  marvel-bucky  marvel-steve  marvel-howlingcommandos  gen  humor  location-europe  element-war  element-food  element-cow  @rec  @viarec  @fav 
october 2015 by jiele
Under Paper Skies - InterruptingDinosaur - Captain America - All Media Types, Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve RogersSteve RogersJames "Bucky" BarnesAlternate UniverseAlternate Universe - Modern SettingAlternate Universe - No PowersMeet-CuteSteve and Bucky are trapped at the airportAuthor!SteveSecret IdentitiesBecause Steve writes under a pen nameCopious amounts of emailingand lots of piningthey are both clueless idiots in lovethe airport AU meets author AU meets You've Got Mail AU that no one asked for


All Bucky wants is to get back to New York in time for his meeting, but his luck runs out when a blizzard traps him in D.C. It gets even worse when the guy looking like Bucky’s every dirty fantasy come to life catches him giggling at the erotic thrillers in the romance section of the airport bookstore.

So much for making a good first impression.
#18k  5-eng  author-interruptingdinosaur  marvel  marvel-avengers  movieverse  captainamerica  au  au-modernday  marvel-bucky  marvel-bucky/steve  marvel-steve  location-airport  location-nyc  element-pining  meetcute  pining  fluff  element-email  epistolary  element-writing  writer!steve  @viarec  @rec  @fav  @totag 
september 2015 by jiele
your world tomorrow - DivineProjectZero - Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
Harry Hart/Gary "Eggsy" UnwinGary "Eggsy" UnwinHarry HartMerlin (Kingsman)Roxy (Kingsman)PiningFirst TimeNot a crack ficfairytale referencesPost-CanonCanon Compliant
This is turning into one hell of a fairytale.

(or, the one in which Eggsy never dreamed of the Cinderella life and ends up living it anyway.)
King!Arthur *snickers*
#9k  5-eng  author-divineprojectzero  kingsman  kingsman-eggsy  kingsman-eggsy/harry  kingsman-harryhart  romance  angst  pining  element-royalty  postmovie  fixit  fairytaleness  fairytale-cinderella  arthur!harry  @rec  @fav  @!  @@  king!harry  via:jiele 
september 2015 by ataratah
How To Train Your Angel-Wolf-Boyfriend - OctoSally - Jupiter Ascending (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
Jupiter Jones/Caine WiseJupiter JonesCaine WiseStinger ApiniKiza ApiniChicanery NightPost-MovieSpoilers for Jupiter AscendingRomanceFemdomSexual explorationFeelsPraise KinkDom/subExplicit Sexual ContentOral SexVaginal SexHand JobsWing KinkKnottingSafer SexBeesOriginal Character(s)VibratorsHair-pullingLight ChokingPorn With PlotAttempted Sex PollenCollarsRiding CropsTopping from the BottomAnal SexPegging


The fact that she was still a little annoyed with him for the “I’m closer to a dog than you” quip might have informed what she did next.

She patted the warm cement next to her, and said, in the firm tone she’d heard animal trainers use:

“Caine, *sit*.”

[Pretty much what it says on the tin. Jupiter Jones and Caine Wise figure each other out, post-canon. Basically my exploration of their relationship and where it might lead. EDIT: Now COMPLETE! Enjoy the sex and plot and wacky OCs!]
#75k  5-eng  author-octosally  jupiterascending  jupiterascending-jupiter  jupiterascending-jupiter/caine  jupiterascending-caine  jupiterascending-stingerapini  jupiterascending-kizaapini  character-original  jupiterascending-chicanerynight  jupiterascending-kaliqueabrasax  jupiterascending-ensemble  kink  D/s  het  kink-pegging  femdom  kink-knotting  postmovie  xeno  kink-praise  kink-collar  element-collar  element-negotiation  element-bees  verse-avejupiter  @rec  @fav  @! 
august 2015 by jiele
My Cousin is Dating an Alien - angelan - Jupiter Ascending (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
My Cousin is Dating an Alien, an essay by Moltka Bolotnikov, age 12 and ½.
((Re: ending a/n, I'm gonna be high-handed & decide his name's actually Матвей (usual diminutive Motka, his diminutive Moltka) bc reasons of needing my brain to not hurt. Google is my friend, I know basically no things about Russian.))
#1k  5-eng  author-angelan  jupiterascending  jupiterascending-moltka  element-writing  element-storytelling  humor  +podfic  reader-opalsong  gen  @rec  @fav 
august 2015 by jiele
A Tourist in The Waking World (Never Quite Awake) - Captainwittyoneliner - Captain America (Movies), Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
He’s a ghost, you’ll never find him.
Well, unless you’re Darcy Lewis. Then you don’t have to find him. He’ll find you.
Or haunt you, as the case may be.


Inspired by The Mad Muse's Tea Party by amusewithaview.
#11k  #wip  5-eng  author-captainwittyoneliner  marvel  movieverse  thor  captainamerica  marvel-darcy  marvel-bucky/darcy  marvel-bucky  marvel-wintersoldier  Winter!Bucky  element-ghosts  element-astralprojection  marvel-jane  het  @rec  @fav 
august 2015 by jiele
Octopus - the_ragnarok - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur/Eames (Inception), Original Characters, Abandoned Work - Unfinished and Discontinued


The one where they turn into toys inside the dream.
#3k  #abandoned  #unfinished  5-eng  author-the_ragnarok  inception  inception-eames  inception-arthur  character-original  element-kid  octopus!eames  blankie!arthur  future!fic  gen  @rec  @fav  @@ 
august 2015 by jiele

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