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The Scientist & Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing, 1999 | Education | Analog Devices
This book provides a practical introduction to Digital Signal Processing. Covering a wide range of topics, including linear systems, discrete fourier transforms, fast fourier transforms, digital filters, this book is an ideal introductory text for those new to DSP, and an excellent reference for more experienced users.
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january 2019 by jslu
A Commentary on the Sixth Edition UNIX Operating System
This booklet has been produced for students at the University of New South Wales taking courses 6.602B and 6.657G. It is intended as a companion to, and commentary on, the booklet UNIX Operating System Source Code, Level Six.
@eBook  @CourseOutline  @Example  UNIX  Software  SystemArchitecture  FIleManagement  Programming  Language 
december 2017 by jslu
How to write your own compilter - Table of Contents
It describes the project of a complete compiler for a real programming language and is organized to demonstrate how to incrementally design and implement the successive phases of the compilation process. All the used tools are freely available on the Internet
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september 2017 by jslu
Elixir School
Lessons about the Elixir programming language, inspired by Twitter’s Scala School.
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august 2017 by jslu
The book - Joy of Elixir
Joy of Elixir is a gentle introduction to programming, aimed at people who already know some things about computers, but who have little-to-no programming experience. If you think you don't know enough about computers, well you got here already and that's enough!
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august 2017 by jslu
Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good!
Hey there! This is Learn You Some Erlang for great good! This book is for you if you’ve got some programming experience and if you’re not too familiar with functional programming. It can still be useful if you’re too good for that, as we progressively go into more and more advanced topics.
@Site  @eBook  @CourseOutline  @Concept  Functional  Software  Programming  Learning  Tutorial 
december 2016 by jslu
Introduction · Legal Concepts for Startups
As a result of having largely unfiltered feedback from founders, and informed by our legal expertise, Chris and I have developed unique insight into what causes the most confusion for founders. This handbook is designed to help founders avoid common areas of confusion, by providing a solid foundation of legal knowledge.
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december 2016 by jslu
Software Architecture for Developers: Volumes 1 & 2 - Technical leadership and communication
"Software Architecture for Developers" is a practical and pragmatic guide to modern, lightweight software architecture, specifically aimed at developers.
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december 2016 by jslu
The Probability and Statistics Cookbook
The probability and statistics cookbook is a succinct representation of various topics in probability theory and statistics. It provides a comprehensive mathematical reference reduced to its essence, rather than aiming for elaborate explanations.
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november 2016 by jslu
A huge collection of free books for developers
@Project  @eBook  @Download  Software  Programming  Language  Framework  FreeOfCharge 
november 2016 by jslu
Startup Playbook
This is meant for people new to the world of startups. Most of this will not be new to people who have read a lot of what YC partners have written—the goal is to get it into one place."
@eBook  @HOWTO  Entrepreneurship  Creativity  Teamwork  Business  PersonalGrowth  Scalability  HR  Funding  Competition 
december 2015 by jslu
Design Code: Learn iOS design and Xcode
It's a book about iOS design and prototyping using Sketch and Xcode."
@Site  @eBook  @HOWTO  @Example  Design  Mobile  UI  Software  Programming  Tutorial 
november 2015 by jslu
[PythonLearn] Python for Informatics: Exploring Information
The goal of this book is to provide an Informatics-oriented introduction to programming. The primary difference between a computer science approach and the Informatics approach taken in this book is a greater focus on using Python to solve data analysis problems common in the world of Informatics."
@Project  @eBook  Software  Programming  Language  FreeOfCharge  Quantification 
august 2015 by jslu
連猴子都能懂的Git入門指南 | 貝格樂(Backlog)
@Article  @eBook  @HOWTO  @Concept  @Example  SourceCodeManagement  Software  Teamwork  Tutorial 
july 2015 by jslu
The RESTful cookbook
REST is hot! And REST is finally rediscovered by API programmers all over the world. But REST isn't always as easy as it seems on first look. Dealing with HATEOAS, Code on demand and uniform interfaces can be really tricky and many people will fall back to not-so-restful approaches when things are starting to become more difficult. But it doesn't need to be. Once you get to know REST, you will like it."
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may 2015 by jslu
DOM Enlightenment - Exploring the relationship between JavaScript and the modern HTML DOM
This book is not an exhaustive reference on DOM scripting or JavaScript. It may, however, be the most exhaustive book written about DOM scripting without the use of a library/framework. ... For the purpose of this book (i.e. grokking the concepts), I'm going to sidestep the browser API mess and dying browser discrepancies in an effort to expose the modern DOM. That's right, I'm going to sidestep the ugliness in an effort to focus on the here and now. After all, we have solutions like jQuery to deal with all that browser ugliness, and you should definitely be leveraging something like jQuery when dealing with deprecated browsers."
@eBook  @Concept  @Reference  WebApp  JavaScript  Framework  UI  API  Tutorial 
march 2015 by jslu
This is a series of books diving deep into the core mechanisms of the JavaScript language."
@eBook  JavaScript  OpenSource  Software  Programming  Language  OOAD  DataSync  HabitRoutineAndPattern  Tutorial  Tip 
february 2015 by jslu
ECMAScript 6入门
@eBook  @Comparison  @Concept  JavaScript  Language 
february 2015 by jslu

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