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Gradient Hunt - Beautiful Color Gradients
Thousands of trendy color gradients in a curated collection that is updated daily. Get a fresh color gradient for your next design project and save all the gradients you like.
design  web  color  css  gradient  gradients  webdesign  @css  @design 
october 2018 by speckz
The Ultimate Guide to Learning CSS
Over 100 curated resources for learning CSS, arranged in an order that makes sense for learning from scratch or jumping straight to a particular topic.
@css  @list_of  @resources  css  @learning  @tutorials  tutorial 
july 2018 by michael.henry
Mixfont | A modern font generator
Whether you're designing a website or writing a paper, Mixfont is simple way to choose beautiful fonts that work well together.
css  fonts  type  typography  shadow  design  inspiration  text  webdesign  @css 
june 2017 by speckz

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