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Alfred 3 Explained—Part 2
In the last tutorial, I showed you many of the changes to Alfred 3, except the changes to workflows. This tutorial is to bring you up to speed on Alfred 3 workflows. I will also show you an example...
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december 2017 by ninjakttty
Evernote 9 beta 2 (for Alfred 3): Search, Create, Append, set Reminders... All within Alfred - Share your Workflows - Alfred App Community Forum
Alfred 2 workflow to search and create notes in Evernote.SearchKeywords

ens to search in every note field

ens @ to search in a selected notebo...
workflow  @alfred 
january 2017 by zifeixu85
Tightening Alfred file filters even more
Alfred makes it very easy to create a file filter that looks at one or more folders (not necessarily near each other) with specific extensions (e.g. PDF) and other attributes. I have several of these…
@filtering  @alfred  @tips  @searching  @file_system 
march 2016 by caochauvu
alfred2-currencyconverter - A simple Alfred 2 Currency Converter workflow
alfred-workflow  @alfred 
november 2015 by zifeixu85
Alfred 2 Workflow List | Search, Install and Share
Alfred 2 Workflow List, also Alfred 2 Themes and Alfred Tips
tools  @alfred 
november 2015 by zifeixu85

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