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Mr Webster's Wager - Fahye, emilyenrose - Society of Gentlemen - K. J. Charles [Archive of Our Own]
"Double or nothing," said Webster abruptly.

"How exactly do you mean to double 'everything I had?'" said Ash. He meant it to come out level, but there was a quaver in his voice.

"One more trick," Webster said. "Play, and win or lose you will walk away with your fortune." Ash stared at him. Webster made an impatient gesture. "I don't want or need your money. Or your house. Or your coat and shirt, come to that."

It was an offer of princely generosity. Ash's mouth was dry. "And what would you have from me?" he asked.

Something flared in Webster's cool expression for a moment, like a shark flashing a fin in still waters. "A month," he said.

--27K of porn and misunderstandings and feelings. Very very good.
author:fahye  author:emilyenrose  fandom:kjcharles  fandom:societyofgentleman  yuletide2017  pairing:ash/francis  =hot  wc:20-30K  rating:nc-17 
january 2018 by sunrayravine
All the Way Through - sevenfists - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
“I hope you’re going to tell me that you’re in a loving, committed, long-term relationship,” Jen said.

“Well. No,” Sidney said. “We’re—it’s a casual thing.”

“Not anymore,” Jen said. “Congratulations, you’re in love.”

Author tags: Fake/Pretend Relationship; Friends With Benefits; Sex Tapes; Shenanigans; Porn; True Love

--I don't even go here but I was drawn in by those tags and i couldn't put it down. Romance and hotness and insight and just the right amount of pain. I was a bit dubious at first about this alternative reality where it's not a big deal that there are out gay players in the NHL and most people's reaction to a leaked sex tape is finding it hilarious...However, I went with it and i'm so glad I did.
author:sevenfists  fandom:hockeyrpf  pairing:geno/sid  rating:nc-17  wc:80-90K  =hot 
october 2017 by sunrayravine
Single Use Weapon - Chapter 1 - Fahye - Kings (TV 2009) [Archive of Our Own]
"The king is dead," says Samuels. "Long live the king."

A story about fealty and destiny, spies and secrets, and the things we do to hold onto power.

--All this week I've been rewatching Kings and this morning I devoured this fic in one sitting. What a fantastic read! Gripping and emotional. The relationships were all done well (pleased that David/Michelle was given equal weight). I loved that lots of the OCs were women and some of my fave female characters from canon were given lots to do - LUCINDA! THOMASINA! I also loved Jack's pov - it was sometimes brutal and upsetting but there would be surprising moments of compassion and I really liked his sense of the theatrical. The plot denouement was very satisfying and the emotional climax (heh) was hot as hell.
author:fahye  fandom:kings  pairing:david/jack  pairing:david/michelle  rating:nc-17  =hot  ***** 
october 2016 by sunrayravine
something good can work (and it can work for you) - queenklu - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
“When you say ‘we’re making dinner,'” Eliot finally says, “do you really mean ‘Hey you should come over and cook dinner for us so we don’t burn down the apartment?’”

Recced by epaulettes: In which Parker and Hardison decide to show Eliot a little TLC, which rapidly develops into quite a LOT of TLC, to everyone's great satisfaction. Good voices for everyone here, great sex scene, and a great parting line.

--Ditto to the above rec. Really great voices and a scorching hot sex scene.
author:queenklu  fandom:leverage  pairing:eliot/hardison/parker  rating:nc-17  published:2013-02  =hot 
march 2016 by sunrayravine
Bejewelled - Salmon_Pink - Jessica Jones (TV), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Jessica still isn't sold on the Jewel costume. But when Trish is the one wearing it, she can see the appeal.

--Smut with feelings. Great characterisations.
author:Salmon_Pink  fandom:jessicajones  pairing:jessica/trish  wc:<5K  rating:nc-17  =hot 
december 2015 by sunrayravine
Seductio ad Absurdum - asocialconstruct - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
“Wake up,” Bucky says, nosing against the back of Sam's neck.
“Why?” Sam mumbles, still too half asleep to know better.
“Cause I got something for you,” Bucky says, grinding his hard dick against the back of Sam's thigh.
That wakes Sam up enough to laugh at the awfulness of it. “Oh my god you have terrible game.”

--Phew! Great writing. Really hot and evocative. Bucky/Sam/Steve is hinted at.
author:asocialconstruct  fandom:captainamerica  pairing:bucky/sam  published:2015-10  =hot  wc:<5K  rating:nc-17 
october 2015 by sunrayravine
Roses in Between My Thighs - Jamesina - Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater [Archive of Our Own]
Four things that could have ruined them but didn't.

--Fantastic Adam pov with a great Adam/Ronan dynamic and some lines that stopped me in my tracks. Incredibly sexy with nice touches of humour and the kind of emotions you'd expect in an Adam pov - plus a tonne of unexpected passion. As soon as I got to the end I started reading from the beginning again.
author:jamesina  fandom:theravencycle  pairing:adam/ronan  published:2015-09  rating:nc-17  wc:5-10K  =hot  =first.time 
september 2015 by sunrayravine
Storm - Chapter 1 - MoreThanSlightly (cadignan) - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
“Perhaps you’re worth the trouble after all,” Peggy tells Bucky, and he grins. They’ve developed a cautious, teasing relationship. Steve is absurdly grateful that they tolerate each other at all. He fantasizes, sometimes, that they might even like each other in the same way that he likes—

“God, Sergeant Barnes, if this place has hot water, I’ll kiss you.”

--Hot and sweet WWII Bucky/Peggy/Steve with a touch of sadness. Steve pov in which he is giddy and a bit overwhelmed and so full of love. The Bucky-Peggy dynamic is well handled and believable. Bucky is the hesitant one (for angsty reasons) but Peggy and Steve take care of him <3
author:morethanslightly  author:cadignan  published:2015-08  fandom:captainamerica  pairing:bucky/peggy/steve  rating:nc-17  =hot  wc:10-20K  =polyamory  =cunnilingus 
august 2015 by sunrayravine
No More Mine Than Yours - wangler - The Eagle (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Cottia and Esca team up on Marcus and get... distracted.

--Incredibly hot PWP. Book!verse but no knowledge needed other than that Cottia is Marcus' wife and they all live on a farm together.
author:wangler  fandom:theeagle  pairing:cottia/esca/marcus  published:2011-06  author:lolafeist  wc:<5K  =polyamory  =threesome  rating:nc-17  =hot 
august 2015 by sunrayravine
Average Monthly Lows - asocialconstruct - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
It’s cozy enough and dark enough to go back to sleep, and Steve drops back down into dozing as Bucky smooths a broad, sleep-clumsy hand down his arm, squeezing the muscle to ease the aches Steve wakes up with from their creaking, saggy bed. Bucky’s warm breath against his neck is slow and even enough as he slides his hand along Steve’s waist and presses a thumb into his spine that Bucky must still be half asleep himself, working on muscle memory to find the knots in Steve’s back.

--Lazy morning sex that starts with bucky giving steve a backrub to relieve his aches. So much tenderness and hotness. I adore the image of bucky holding steve's right wrist to relieve the swelling. Such a lovely detail.
author:asocialconstruct  fandom:captainamerica  pairing:bucky/steve  published:2015-07  =pre-serum!steve  rating:nc-17  wc:<5K  =hot 
july 2015 by sunrayravine
Body Count - Zee - Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater [Archive of Our Own]
Ronan was a corpse in the pew in front of him, and Adam wasn’t about to give him what he claimed to want.

“Fuck off. I’m not leaving,” he said instead, his voice high and brittle but unwavering.

AU where Adam doesn't leave after Ronan's dream body dies in front of him during BLLB.

--Loved the characterisations and the sex was hot.
author:zee  fandom:theravencycle  pairing:adam/ronan  published:2015-03  =hot  rating:nc-17  =first.time  wc:<5K 
july 2015 by sunrayravine
Roses on Parade - Jamesina - Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater [Archive of Our Own]
Adam accidentally ends up in Ronan's dream and Ronan is very Ronan about it and Adam is very Adam about it. Gansey is also briefly very Gansey about things.

Alternate summary: Adam has feelings and hyperventilates about it for 9,000 words.

--Lovely. Great characterisations. Sensual and romantic.
author:jamesina  fandom:theravencycle  pairing:adam/ronan  published:2015-06  rating:r  =hot  wc:5-10K  =first.time 
july 2015 by sunrayravine
Speeding - elisera - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
He moves around her carefully, a little shy somehow, and his gaze is assessing her, like he’s waiting for her to break. She tries not to hold it against him; he doesn’t really know her yet. One day, even a day like today, isn’t enough to learn someone, even if it taught her enough to make her want to come with him when he asked her if she’s hungry.

--Speed AU with Braeden as Jack and Derek as Annie!! i.e. things I never knew I wanted. Picks up after the events of the movie - Braeden goes home with Derek and is holding back her grief at the death of her partner. Like the way that Boyd, Marin and Deaton are weaved into this universe. The sex is hot and tender and consent issues are dealt with well.
author:elisera  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:braeden/derek  published:2015-03  wc:<5K  rating:nc-17  =hot  =cunnilingus 
march 2015 by sunrayravine
put our service to the test - sabinelagrande - Agent Carter (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
As Peggy quite suddenly learned, Howard was not exactly clear about all the things Jarvis was prepared to do for her.

Tags: Service Submission; Femdom; Worship

--Phew that was hot
author:sabinelagrande  pairing:jarvis/peggy  pairing:anna/jarvis  fandom:agentcarter  published:2015-01  =hot  =cunnilingus  wc:<5K  rating:nc-17 
january 2015 by sunrayravine
Choose and Choose and Choose - fleete - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur and Gwen make a sexy addition to their fantasy life in the form of a big-eared manservant. Neither of them actually intends to turn said fantasy into reality. That part happens by accident.

--Hot, intelligently written, affectionate and funny. Great characterisations (shifting POVs) - you really get a sense of all three and how they fit together in a poly relationship. LOVED that it was Gwen and her bravery that was the catalyst.
author:fleete  published:2014-11  fandom:merlin  pairing:arthur/gwen/merlin  wc:10-20K  rating:nc-17  =polyamory  =hot  era:canon(post-S4) 
january 2015 by sunrayravine
Devils And Heathens - Chapter 1 - copperbadge - Marvel, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Peggy Carter didn't go looking for trouble, or Bucky Barnes, or a threesome. Sometimes these things just find you.

--SO HOT and really well written. The Bucky/Peggy dynamic, which is always tricky with Bucky/Peggy/Steve, was especially well done and rang true. Also, I loved that Peggy was completely in control.

Extract 1: "Well, I'm sure he had no more use for it," she said. Barnes's grin was feral. Steve sipped his coffee with visible anxiety.

Extract 2: "You're accusing him of taking the easy way, which I think we both know Steve has never done in his life."
author:copperbadge  fandom:captainamerica  pairing:bucky/peggy/steve  published:2014-10  rating:nc-17  wc:5-10K  =polyamory  =hot 
october 2014 by sunrayravine
Feel So Fine - Rubynye - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve brings Sam some funch.

--PWP. Sex on Sam's office desk. Tender and hot. Liked the fact that they neatly and carefully removed everything from Sam's desk beforehand!
author:rubynye  fandom:captainamerica  pairing:sam/steve  published:2014-10  =hot  wc:<5K  rating:nc-17 
october 2014 by sunrayravine
Rule Number Nine - DevilDoll - Marvel Avengers Movies Universe [Archive of Our Own]
"Darcy was right, Steve admits to himself later that day. He never has a date for anything." In which Steve and Darcy go on Not Dates and more.

Rec by septembriseur: I have a soft spot for Darcy fic, but a lot of the time she ends up being an ur-fangirl self-insert in a way that’s really unappealing to me. This story resists that, and makes the pairing really sweet and believable (http://septembriseur.tumblr.com/post/84162782559)

--Written pre-avengers movie and it shows a bit, but I didn't care because it's soooo romantic. There's a smidge of angst towards the end that made my heart ache in just the right way and when I finished reading I was simultaneously crying and grinning.
author:devildoll  pairing:darcy/steve  published:2012-11  wc:20-30K  rating:nc-17  fandom:captainamerica  fandom:theavengers  fandom:thor  =fuck.buddies  =first.time  =hot 
august 2014 by sunrayravine

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