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A Necessary Requirement - Bexless - My Chemical Romance
It is set during the Summer of Like (Warped '05, for those of you who don't know) and is basically a product of my reaction to various pictures of Gerard groping himself on stage, which led to me obsessing about his dick and what it might look like. As usual, I chose to work this obsession out through Frank.
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Unholyverse - Bexless - Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Stigmata (1999)
“He thinks I have stigmata,” Frank said, because what the fucking hell, it couldn’t get any worse. He might as well just lay it out.
“Oh, well,” said Brian into his hands. “Of course.”

Religion! Horror! Exorcisms! Piercings! And Gerard is a priest.
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!***  #fob  #mcr  &fighting.evil  &priest  &tattoo.parlor  +angst  +found.family  +getting.together  +grief  +happy.ending  +hurt/comfort  +pining  +religion  +tattoos  %frank/gerard  %ray/mikey  "<5k  "100k+  *action  *adventure  *horror  *humor  *slowburn  host:ao3  rated.e  rated.m  series:unholyverse  warning:violence 

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