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So You Need To Get Into A.Z. Fell & Co.; Now What? (A Guide For Unfortunate Bookworms) - arkhamcycle - Good Omens (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
London’s antique enthusiasts and rare lit nerds alike know that if you’re looking for a specific vintage or antique book, you have a good chance of ending up in A.Z. Fell & Co. as a last resort. And if you’ve ever been in (or are currently in) this predicament, you know how much of an absolute nightmare it is trying to even get in the door. Luckily, this handy guide, the fruit of a months-long collaborative effort to create the perfect formula for gaming the A.Z. Fell system, will tell you everything you need to know, complete with a comprehensive breakdown of what, exactly, the opening hours are. Compiled by pageknight and inky of the Rare Antique Forums.
fic  goodomens  -outsiderpov  pairing:gen  [1-5k  :D 
4 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
Partners, Parents, or None of the Above - DarkFairytale - The Umbrella Academy (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Kenny's mom assuming that Diego and Klaus were A) a couple and B) Number 5's parents was both bemusing and amusing at the time. But that was because it was the only time it had ever happened. Now though? Now they just can't understand why these misunderstandings keep happening.
fic  umbrellaacademy  pairing:gen  [5-10k  :D 
march 2019 by shadowkeeper
Dysfunctional Governance and Coffee - Orockthro - Aquaman (2018) [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur isn’t really into the whole “king” thing. He saved the day, prevented global war, and got to kiss a pretty girl while underwater in magical fish armor. That’s a win, yeah? So why people keep pestering him about other crap is beyond him.
“Look, can we just like, party for a few days? Put a pin in all this King stuff? I think we deserve it, don’t you?”

(Or, Arthur is King, Atlantis has batshit laws that need changing, and Orm gets a fresh look at what the surface world is like.)
fic  aquaman  dc  pairing:gen  [1-5k  :D 
january 2019 by shadowkeeper
you're my cherry pie - Anonymous - Venom (Movie 2018) [Archive of Our Own]
The first time Eddie suggests they have sex, Venom is, more than anything else, extremely confused.
fic  venom  marvel  pairing:eddie/venom  [5-10k  :D 
december 2018 by shadowkeeper
Of Reference Transactions and Academic Discord - Molespeople - Spy (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
Susan is a reference librarian. Ford is a wacky professor and all of his students ask very complicated reference questions.

Finally, enough is enough.
fic  spy  au  -alternatejobs  -professors  pairing:susan/ford  [20-30k  :D 
april 2018 by shadowkeeper
It Feels Great - Anonymous - Galavant (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Gareth tries to get Madalena to take him back. That's harder than it sounds.
fic  galavant  pairing:gareth/madalena  [1-5k  :D 
december 2017 by shadowkeeper
Ask A Manger: Space Edition! - tree_and_leaf - Star Trek: Discovery [Archive of Our Own]
Sometimes it's hard to figure out how to respond to work place dilemmas - so there's surely got to be a 23rd Century equivalent of Ask A Manager....
fic  startrek  ;discovery  pairing:gen  [1-5k  :D 
november 2017 by shadowkeeper
Lessing in seinem Epigramm "Auf einen gewissen Leichenredner"
Oh Redner! Dein Gesicht zieht jämmerliche Falten,
Indem dein Maul erbärmlich spricht.
Eh du mir sollst die Leichenrede halten,
Wahrhaftig, lieber sterb ich nicht!
:D  such-is-life  from notes
november 2017 by Naurael
"Und bei aller Zurückhaltung, die ich mir bei der Beurteilung des Phänomens 'deutscher Humor' auferlege: Ich fürchte, das soll auch noch lustig sein."
Daniela Strigl in "Sind Literaturnobelpreisträger Idioten? Die Literaturkritik will sich wieder einmal retten, indem sie niedere Instinkte bedient. Die jüngsten Stammtisch-Ergüsse im SWR-Fernsehen ...
zeit-online  :D  from notes
october 2017 by Naurael
talk crap get smacked - lazulisong - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
The entire hockey team falters, faced by Katsuki's dark eyes shaded by his inky eyelashes. It's very effective. Mila's going to find out what mascara he uses.

"Did - did someone pull a prank on you?" says Katsuki. His Russian isn't terrible, but between his soft voice and his frankly adorable accent, half-American and half-Japanese, he sounds like a little lost lamb.
fic  yurionice  pairing:gen  pairing:yuuri/victor  [1-5k  :D 
august 2017 by shadowkeeper
weird twitter - tigrrmilk - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
Parker has her own way of telling jokes.

(aka: the fic where parker is @dril)
fic  leverage  pairing:gen  [1-5k  :D 
august 2017 by shadowkeeper
Introduction to Federal Investigation - scioscribe - Community (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The ATF has questions about how some explosions on Greendale's campus tie into the local rumors of a cult led by Troy Barnes. The study group has answers.

Sort of.
fic  community  pairing:troy/abed  [10-20k  :D   
august 2017 by shadowkeeper

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