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Apple's iMac Is Now 2x Faster With AMD Pro Vega Graphics, Intel Core 9th Gen CPU
Apple has updated its iMac line of all-in-one desktop solutions for the first time in nearly two years. The iMac is the more standard model of desktop computers, with the higher-specced iMac Pro targetted at professional users. Available in two sizes, the iMac has been upgraded internally to feature the latest Intel 9th generation processors...

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Apple’s  iMac  Is  Now  2x  Faster  With  AMD  Pro  Vega  Graphics  Intel  Core  9th  Gen  CPU 
2 days ago by vrzone
The real victims of Boris Johnson's remarks about Muslim women are the people who paid for his Eton education | Mark Steel
Johnson’s column is all about intellectual humour. Next week it’ll be: ‘Oh gawd, here comes Abdul and his wife the letterbox. I wonder why they’re walking, is the camel out of order?’
9th  august  2018  mark  steel  independent  politics  boris  johnson 
august 2018 by pnjman
We have been too harsh on Priti Patel. We all know what it's like to accidentally meet a foreign head of state down the camp site | Mark Steel
I went to Bournemouth with my parents, we bumped into the then Israeli leader Menachem Begin and couldn’t shake him off the whole two weeks.
politics  mark  steel  independent  9th  november  2017  priti  patel 
november 2017 by pnjman
Beautiful Pictures Of Photo 1 Of 22: Art Party / Birthday "Lauren's 9th Art Party" | Cat… HD | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Photo 1 of 22: Art Party / Birthday "Lauren's 9th Art Party" | Cat… Photo 1 of 22: Art Party / Birthday "Lauren's 9th Art Party" | Catch My Party Photo 1 of 22: Art Party / Birthday "Lauren's 9th Art Party" | Cat…
IFTTT  WordPress  Birthday  9th  art  beautiful  cat  hd  party  Partyquot  photo  pictures  quotLauren39s 
september 2017 by wotek
Huddersfield embraces revivalist talk before taking Premier League plunge | Matthew Engel
Yorkshire town hopes team’s promotion to the big time energises the area in a repeat of the Swansea trickle-down effect.
9th  august  2017  guardian  matthew  engel  football  sport  huddersfield  town 
august 2017 by pnjman
Theresa May now wants 'stability'. We shouldn't gloat | Mark Steel
If she's kicked out and replaced by Amber Rudd, at the next election Rudd can refuse to take part in the TV debate and send May in her place instead.
9th  june  2017  mark  steel  independent  politics  election 
june 2017 by pnjman
Traveling, Shoulder to Shoulder | Paul Theroux
Travel seems to produce a peculiar sort of licensed bore, the very worst of whom rejoice in the theme, ''When the going was good.'' The point is usually that when they traveled (''Oh, heavens, this was years ago . . .''), it was absolutely marvelous, and too bad you weren't traveling then. But this is largely boastful bunk, and misses the point, for travel is the opposite of a holiday. It is about enlightenment and, at its best, is a form of disappearance.
9th  december  1999  paul  theroux  nyt  travel 
march 2017 by pnjman
America finally has a leader who doesn't rely on 'evidence' to back up his 'claims' – how refreshing | Mark Steel
For centuries the human race has been bogged down by red tape, such as the requirement to provide evidence whenever you accuse someone of a crime.
9th  march  2017  independent  mark  steel  politics  usa  donald  trump 
march 2017 by pnjman

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