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RELIQUARY: Nazareth [1984.11.19] Broadcast Live (Munich, Germany) [SBD]
'Broadcast Live'
Alabamahalle, Munich, Germany
Monday November 19th, 1984
Broadcast Recording
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
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RT : Great article on the Napster of the ...producing and distributing illegal mixtapes.
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Rocketman | Film Review | Consequence of Sound | Consequence of Sound
Taron Egerton brings the legend to the big screen with charisma and soul
The Pitch: The bitch is back. Now in biopic form.
Executive Producer Elton John presents Rocketman, the authoritative Elton John story as approved, guided, and largely enabled by Sir Elton Hercules John CBE. He’s brought to life in vivid, glittery detail by British breakout and sharp young vocalist Taron Egerton. What’s on the album? Peacock headdresses. Epic meltdowns and shouting matches. Audiences left so elated by John’s music that they float in the air. All in the service of depicting John’s pompous and quite-juicy legacy. And why do it any other way?
Rocketman is the most vainglorious take imaginable on the life and times of one of ‘70s rock’s most flamboyant and notorious superstars. Framed as a tongue-in-cheek, mildly hallucinogenic, and frequently musical testimonial from rehab, John recounts the sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll along his road to greatness. There are tales of the tormented genius behind his music, as well as Elton’s anxieties and aspirations at odds. (Almost always from his side, mind you.) He fondly talks up his hits, his flops, his penchant for melodrama, and how hard it’s been to find himself underneath all the substances and sequins. Rocketman captures the rise and explosion of John that marked his 1970s and ‘80s, his most exciting period.
And since this is an Elton John joint, we get the songs. Lots of ‘em. About 20 in all. Mastered by John, executed with aplomb by Egerton and others. Used in all sorts of smashing ways.
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The Banality of Evil in HBO’s Chernobyl | AIER
“What is the cost of lies?” opens HBO’s new miniseries, Chernobyl, and the show that is IMDB’s current highest rated TV series in history.
“It’s not that we’ll mistake them for the truth. The real danger is that if we hear enough lies, we no longer recognize the truth at all. What can we do then?”
These words—about the catastrophic nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl while Ukraine was under the control of the Soviet Union—are ominous, yet prescient. These remarks frame the theme that the the Chernobyl series as a whole, powerfully explores: the danger of power so centralized that truth and falsehood become inverted, and the utilitarian thinking that places the “common good” above human toll.
Without the truth, “what else is left” the narrator’s voice muses, “than to abandon even the hope of truth, and content ourselves instead with stories?”
Chernobyl is a story of a grievous disaster that had untold human and natural cost; no one intended the nuclear disaster to occur. But it is more importantly a story of how the culture of fear bred by totalitarianism made a mistake unconscionably worse. The denial, self delusion, and blame—all couched in the language of being “for the good of the people”—is chilling.
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The Spy Case That Made Adam Schiff a Russia Hawk - POLITICO Magazine
Three decades before he railed against the Trump campaign, the future congressman prosecuted an FBI agent who was seduced by a Soviet spy.
On September 25, 1984, three officials from the Soviet Consulate in San Francisco departed for San Francisco Airport to meet with their counterparts from Seattle and exchange confidential “pouched” diplomatic materials.
This exchange happened every other Tuesday, and each time, the Soviets were tailed by a van full of San Francisco-based FBI counterintelligence officials. Although the FBI knew the Soviets were aware of this surveillance, the Bureau didn’t try to conceal it either, according to the Los Angeles Times, which recounted this event from later court testimony.
But this Tuesday in 1984 was different. Normally, there were only two Soviet officials meeting the Seattle diplomats at the airport, not three. And in addition to the usual FBI surveillance team, the Bureau had assigned 20 more agents to track the movement of the third man, Aleksander Grishin, an accredited diplomat—and a Soviet intelligence officer.
When the Soviet officials entered the airport, with FBI agents watching, Grishin detached himself to make a call at a pay phone. Hundreds of miles down the coast, FBI counterintelligence agents working out of a makeshift base of operations in a Los Angeles motel listened as Svetlana Ogorodnikov, a 34-year-old Soviet émigré who had been on the FBI’s radar, picked up the phone in her Hollywood apartment. It was Grishin. Speaking in coded Russian, he asked if she had made arrangements with an “acquaintance” to fly to Europe that October. Ogorodnikov confirmed she had.
This was no ordinary FBI surveillance operation: The “acquaintance” Grishin referred to was himself an FBI agent—a man who, out of greed, desperation, and spite, had begun an affair with Ogorodnikov and agreed to sell classified information to the Soviet government. Eventually, this man—Richard W. Miller, a 47-year-old Los Angeles-based counterintelligence agent on the Bureau’s Soviet squad—would become the first FBI agent ever convicted of espionage.
And the man who would finally secure Miller’s conviction in 1990—after three trials over the course of six years—was a young U.S. attorney in Los Angeles: Adam Schiff.
Today, Schiff is more familiar as the Democratic chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and one of the country’s most vocal critics of the Trump campaign’s interactions with Russia-connected figures during the 2016 presidential race—entanglements Schiff called, in a phone interview, “deeply unethical” and in some cases “fundamentally compromising.” To some observers, Schiff’s vehemence—he frequently appears on TV, and often gets attacked by President Donald Trump on Twitter—seems politically opportunistic, or misplaced. But his toughness on Russia and his wariness of Moscow’s intelligence apparatus far predate Trump. In key ways, Schiff’s perspective on Russia was shaped decades earlier, during his prosecution of Richard Miller.
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Lo-Res by Emigre Type
The Lo-Res family of fonts is a synthesis of pixelated designs, including Emigre’s earlier coarse resolution fonts, as well as bitmap representations of Base 9.
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Remembering Chris Cornell: 'Black Hole Sun' Isolated Vocals
The late great Chris Cornell sadly took his own life on this date in 2017. Cornell was one of rock’s most talented singer-songwriters, defined not only by his songwriting skill but also by his amazing vocal prowess. His power, range and harmonic sensibilities are showcased in an isolated vocal track of the 1994 Soundgarden classic “Black Hole Sun.”
Few singers can captivate with just their voice, and many singers might cringe at the idea of having an isolated vocal track laid bare for the world to hear. But wherever Chris’s spirit may fly, it’s doubtful he’s doing any cringing. The isolated vocal track for “Black Hole Sun,” is about as close to perfection as a singer can get, buoyed by power and emotion and topped off with choice harmonic placement. Check it out below...
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RELIQUARY: Nazareth - Rare & Unreleased (3CD 2018 BMG) [SBD]
'Rare & Unreleased'
(2018 BMG : BMGCAT216TCD)
Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
Track List: (Artwork Included)
Disc 1:
01 – Storm Warning (Circa 1972/73)
02 – Paper Sun (Circa 1972/73)
03 – Goin’ Down (BBC Pop Spectacular, 1973 / Live)
04 – Dear John (BBC Pop Spectacular, 1973 / Live)
05 – Ruby Baby (BBC Pop Spectacular, 1973 / Live)
06 – Razamanaz (Razamanaz Demo, 1973)
07 – Alcatraz (Razamanaz Demo, 1973)
08 – Vigalante Man (Razamanaz Demo, 1973)
09 – Night Woman (Razamanaz Demo, 1973)
10 – Bad, Bad Boy (Razamanaz Demo, 1973)
11 – Broken Down Angel (Razamanaz Demo, 1973)
12 – Go Down Fighting (Loud ‘N’ Proud Demo, 1973)
13 – Child In The Sun (Loud ‘N’ Proud Demo, 1973)
14 – Not Faking It (Loud ‘N’ Proud Demo, 1973)
15 – Teenage Nervous Breakdown (Loud ‘N’ Proud Demo, 1973)
Disc 2:
01 – Jet Lag (Rampant Demo 1974 / Mono)
02 – Light My Way (Rampant Demo 1974 / Mono)
03 – Loved And Lost (Rampant Demo 1974 / Mono)
04 – Shanghai’d In Shanghai (Rampant Demo 1974 / Mono)
05 – Sunshine (Rampant Demo 1974 / Mono)
06 – Snaefell
07 – Mexico (Demo From 2XS)
08 – Read The Book (Sound Elixir Demo 1983)
09 – Baby’s Got A Gun (Sound Elixir Demo 1983)
10 – Crime & Punishment (Sound Elixir Demo 1983)
11 – Let Me See The Light (Sound Elixir Demo 1983)
12 – Blue Skies (Sound Elixir Demo 1983)
13 – SOS (Outtake From Sound Elixir)
14 – Read The Book (Outtake From Sound Elixir)
15 – Sunshine Of Your Love (Demo From Snakes ‘N’ Ladders)
16 – See You See Me (Demo From Snakes ‘N’ Ladders)
17 – Heatwave (Outtake From Snakes ‘N’ Ladders)
18 – Every Time It Rains (No Jive Demo 1991)
19 – Cry Wolf (No Jive Demo 1991)
20 – Right Between The Eyes (No Jive Demo 1991)
Disc 3:
01 – Stand By Your Beds (Move Me Demo, 1994)
02 – Steamroller (Move Me Demo, 1994)
03 – Demon Alcohol (Move Me Demo, 1994)
04 – When The Light Comes Down (Boogaloo Rough Mix, 1997)
05 – Waiting (Boogaloo Rough Mix, 1997)
06 – Loverman (Boogaloo Rough Mix, 1997)
07 – Open Up Woman (Boogaloo Rough Mix, 1997)
08 – Talk Talk (Boogaloo Rough Mix, 1997)
09 – Nothing So Good (Boogaloo Rough Mix, 1997)
10 – Cheerleader (Boogaloo Rough Mix, 1997)
11 – Open Up Woman (Boogaloo Acoustic Alternative Version, 1998)
12 – Bad, Bad Boy (Re-Record 2009)
13 – Broken Down Angel (Re-Record 2009)
14 – Heart’s Gone Cold (Re-Record 2009)
15 – Love Hurts (Re-Record 2009)
16 – My White Bicycle (Re-Record 2009)
17 – Turn On Your Receiver (Re-Record 2009)
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RT : May 20, 1983: The Police released "Every Breath You Take" as the 1st single from Synchronicity.
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八阕 ・ 广角新闻 ・ 观 点:【为什么说60末至70末出生的中国人是三观最正的群体?】
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