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Unwilling to Share
Dean comes back from Purgatory to learn some very disturbing news about his brother; Sam's been living a normal life and has called it quits on hunting. Naturally, Dean blames Sam's new flame, so he takes matters into his own hands in an attempt to save his little brother was going down the same road he'd taken almost four years ago.

SPN  SPN!Non-AU  Slash  Sam/Dean  First!Time  Previous!Relationship  Possessive!Dean  Jealous!Dean  Bottom!Sam  Short  livejournal  1000+  Character-Amelia!Richardson  801  Non-Con  asshole!Dean  Bed!Sharing  Hurt/Sick!Boys  hurt!Sam  Angst 
april 2017 by chellexxx
Turns out Bobby left behind a whole lot more than a flask and a
few crates of books. Sam and Dean deal with the aftermath of what
Bobby’s left for them to inherit and try to reconnect post-Purgatory.
SPN!Non-AU  Slash  post!Season!7  710  801  Angst  Sam/Dean  First!Time  Previous!Relationship  top!Sam  Bottom!Sam  Tattoo  Schmoop  Curtain!fic  Confession  pining!Sam  pining!Dean  20000+  Long  archiveofourown  Spell/Curse  AU!Season!8  Season!8  SPN  A!Break!From!Hunting 
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Heaven Waits (and Waits)
Dean confronts Sam about not looking for him when he was in Purgatory. .... 891
SPN!Non-AU  Gen  Season!8  801  AU!Season!8  Confession  Missing!Scene  Angst  Memories/Flashback  under!1000  Short  archiveofourown  SPN  All!Hell!Breaks!Loose 
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OnePlus X tipped to arrive next month with a 5-inch display and Snapdragon 801 chipset
The next OnePlus smartphone due by the end of the year could be dubbed the OnePlus X, suggests a new report out of China. GizmoChina sources claim that OnePlus has redesigned the upcoming OnePlus X to make it look more appealing than the OnePlus 2. No specific details have been shared but the sources do...

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OnePlus  X  tipped  to  arrive  next  month  with  a  5-inch  display  and  Snapdragon  801  chipset 
september 2015 by vrzone
Sony announces the Xperia A4 for Japan: Snapdragon 801, 20.7MP camera, Android 5.0
The Xperia A4 is basically an Xperia Z3 Compact with newer software.  Sony doesn’t seem very interested in the smartphone business at the moment, with its latest flagship – the Xperia Z4 – having quietly been made official in its home country last month. Now, another indication of the company’s lax attitude has come in...

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Sony  announces  the  Xperia  A4  for  Japan:  Snapdragon  801  20.7MP  camera  Android  5.0 
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If You Like RPGs, You Must Play Pillars of Eternity | Pillars of Eternity
How Josh Sawyer sold me on Pillars of Eternity's combat Pillars of Eternity #PillarsofEternity March 27, 2015 at 12:17PM
IFTTT  bitly  PillarsofEternity  Review  of  801  More  Eternity  Homage  Pillars  Than  Side  Quests  592  New  RPG  Silly  Story  Terrific  Name  Wii  Off  Deals  Thursday  Play  Must  RPGs  917  If  Like  You  Age  Dragon  and  Online  Halo  the  out  PillarsofEt  week  round  game  best  249  Victoria 
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St Patrick’s Day recipes: How to make Guinness brownies, Guinness pie, and … | St. Patrick S Day
Here's How President Obama Celebrates St. Patrick's Day St. Patrick S Day #St.PatrickSDay March 20, 2015 at 11:22AM
IFTTT  bitly  St  Patricks  make  Patrick  Guinness  recipes  to  brownies  Day  How  12  Arrests  Nets  Enforcement  Traffic  pie  and  UPDATE  men  in  Three  wanted  brawl  925  801  Las  Look  Ireland  Vegas  At  out  Manhattan  as  breaks 
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Samsung SM-G430 leaks with a 5.5" 1080p display and Snapdragon 801 chipset
The SM-G430 seems to be a run-of-the-mill high-end phablet. Samsung is currently working on simplifying its smartphone lineup by streamlining both its devices’ names and their model numbers (with simple model numbers like SM-E500 and SM-J100.) However, it looks like the company still has some cruft to get rid of, as a device with model...

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Samsung  SM-G430  leaks  with  a  5.5″  1080p  display  and  Snapdragon  801  chipset 
december 2014 by vrzone
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Dean Finds Out
Dean's back from purgatory but secrets are everywhere. Dean discovers Sam's biggest secret and this is his reaction. ... 2,406
SPN!Non-AU  Slash  post!Season!7  Season!8  AU!Season!8  Sam/Castiel  Someone!Finds!Out  archiveofourown  1000+  Short  Established!Relationship  Caught  801  Bottom!Sam  SPN  Character-Castiel 
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