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Period Tracker Apps: Maya And MIA Fem Are Sharing Deeply Personal Data With Facebook
UK-based advocacy group Privacy International, sharing its findings exclusively with BuzzFeed News, discovered period-tracking apps including MIA Fem and Maya sent women’s use of contraception, the timings of their monthly periods, symptoms like swelling and cramps, and more, directly to Facebook.
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2019 iPhones to Include New 'R1' Sensor Coprocessor Codenamed 'Rose' - MacRumors
Where the R1 differs is that it integrates many more sensors than the motion coprocessor in order to produce a much more accurate picture of where the device is. The motion coprocessor currently integrates data from the compass, gyroscope, accelerometer, barometer, and microphones.

The Rose coprocessor will add support for an inertial measurement unit (IMU), Bluetooth 5.1 features, ultra-wideband (UWB) and camera (including motion capture and optical tracking) sensor data to not only tell where the device is but also fuse this sensor data together to find lost Apple Tags and aid in the processing of People Occlusion from ARKit. Given the overlap in sensor data collection and processing the Rose coprocessor may replace the M-series motion coprocessor.
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How Apple’s Apps Topped Rivals in the App Store It Controls - The New York Times
Apple’s apps have ranked first recently for at least 700 search terms in the store, according to a New York Times analysis of six years of search results compiled by Sensor Tower, an app analytics firm. Some searches produced as many as 14 Apple apps before showing results from rivals, the analysis showed. (Though competitors could pay Apple to place ads above the Apple results.)
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(429) https://twitter.com/Smartsheet/status/752923061754691584/photo/1
RT : Our team is having a blast at - swing by booth to pick up some SWAG and learn about Smartsheet!
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Cameron and Miliband: the battle for No 10 begins | Channel 4
Gi Ma on Twitter: Mellisa B. on Twitter: ➟ http://t.co/dNSABrE8Lf Couple accused of… http://t.co/OmeI2IGfHv pic.twitter.com/zZ1N41T9Ya

— Gi Ma (@gima2327) March 27, 2015
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Mellisa B. on Twitter: "» http://t.co/CcLYKIInmn Is Orlando Bloom Dating Paula Patton? #OrlandoBloom 736 http://t.co/wjJmciOJeU"
➟ Is Orlando Bloom Dating Paula Patton? #OrlandoBloom 736 pic.twitter.com/ZE6UfOm03j http://t.co/D0JaBbG337

— Gi Ma (@gima2327) March 15, 2015
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