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The Stone of Erebor by primsong
Having left the Shire for good, Bilbo finally visits Lonely Mountain and his old friends, but Dain is suspicious of a non-Dwarf among them and when something goes missing, Bilbo finds himself drawn into ensuring its return.

charming gen case fic written before the hobbit movies.
bilbo  gloin  dwarves  gen  70K 
13 days ago by elftrash
You Live Your Life In The Shadow Of The Mountain by darth fingon
At the end of the First Age, religious feuds and civil unrest threaten Valmar and Tirion. A 'What-If' AU.

My note: Essentially an au of Darth Fingon's Glorfindel cycle, with all that implies: fascinating world-building, deep consideration of the Vanyar and their religion/closeness to the Valar, language nerdery, a certain lol edgy realpolitik darkness. Here Darth Fingon's Glorfindel never leaves for Middle Earth but stays on the Mountain, becoming a priest within the Vanyar Manwe cult. Only makes sense if you've read his other fic.
glorfindel  vanyar  70K  gen  au 
may 2019 by elftrash
Boon Companions by quasar
"I can honestly say that I have told you the truth, but I may not have told you all of it." There were parts of his journey that Bilbo never included in the book he shared with Frodo, but they included some of his favourite bits of the grand adventure.
thorin/bilbo  70K 
january 2019 by elftrash
And What Happened After by thearrogantemu
“My dear Mr. Baggins, you cannot possibly imagine I have brought you across the boundaries of the sundered world, bending every law of gods and men, over land and over sea and through the fathomless heights, for your health? Well, I did, of course I did, and I’d do it again. But it was not for your own good only that I brought you here. I have been on this world a very long time, Mr. Baggins, and if there is one thing that I have learned about the Wise and the Great, it’s that they benefit from the company of hobbits, and it’s the wisest and greatest who have most need of them."
bilbo  frodo  valar  elrond  70K  gen  rec  feanor  fingolfin  maglor  sam  celebrimbor  fixit 
january 2019 by elftrash
Five Years in Menegroth by thegildedmagpie
Celebrimbor comes before Elu Thingol to formally repudiate his uncle's and father's crimes against Thingol's daughter Lúthien. Confronted with Curufin's repentant son, Thingol finds his own ways to avenge the insult.
warnings  celebrimbor  thingol  celebrimbor/thingol  melian  melian/thingol  doriath  70K 
december 2018 by elftrash
By the Light of Roses by DawnFelagund
Erestor has earned a prestigious appointment as a student of the legendary Fëanor during the family's exile in Formenos. Family tensions and secrets abound as shy, young Erestor navigates politics, independence, and romance for the first time.
erestor/feanor  erestor  feanor  feanor/nerdanel  70K 
october 2018 by elftrash
Honorbound by xdarlingnickyx
summary : From spnkink_meme : REQUEST -> Jared/Jensen, knotting, arranged marriage, a/b/o -> Anonymous -> Omega!Jared's parents arrange a marriage for him with alpha!Jensen, and the first time they ever even see each other is when Jensen pulls back Jared's veil for their wedding kiss. Once Jared and Jensen are alone and Jensen's making it clear that he wants to knot, Jared knows he has to tell Jensen what he's never let anyone know - due to some biological quirk, Jared can't self lubricate, his heats could be called mild at most, and he isn't naturally turned on by the scent of an alpha. Jared's horribly embarrassed and nervous, worried that Jensen will be pissed that he's married to a defective omega, but Jensen is very sweet and more than willing to work to get Jared in the mood, lubing him up and working him open. The knot still hurts, but Jensen soothes Jared while he slowly relaxes around it. wordcount :~ 76,800.
livejournal  jared/jensen  rps  au  omega!jared  alpha!jensen  werecreatures  H  haveread  alpha/beta/omega  kink:knotting  arranged-marriage  bigbang  mating  70k 
february 2017 by mountainstomove
Bring the Rain by sinestrated // MAINBLOGREC
In a future torn apart by war, Jared and Jensen were two orphans just trying to survive in the filthy slums of Dallas, Texas. But when Jared was kidnapped and nearly sold to a prostitution ring, Jensen signed himself over to the military’s Supersoldier program, effectively giving up his life and his memories so that the government would keep Jared safe. Now, fourteen years later, Scout Padalecki has arrived on a military base in Boulder, Colorado, intent on finding a Supersoldier with hazel-green eyes, but when he meets Captain Ackles, it quickly becomes apparent that things aren’t going to be as easy as he’d hoped. Struggling with his own emotions and a Jensen who doesn’t remember who he is, Jared must find a way to save them both – before the war destroys everything they’ve worked so hard to build. ... 70,000 // This fic has really dubcon scene between the J's.
livejournal  homeless!jensen  homeless!jared  hurt!jared  au  rps  jared/jensen  bottom!jared  amnesia!jensen  bigbang  hurt!jensen  angst  military!jensen  place:army  top!jensen  past-tragedy  protective!jensen  dystopia  future!fic  leg-injury  permanent-injury  amputated!jensen  70k  author:sinestrated  meet-again-years-later  wee!J2  childhood-friends  violence  sad  character:chad-michael-murray  character:misha-collins  character:alona-tal  pining!jared  coffee  kidnapped!jared  character:jake-abel  minor-jared/alona  non-con  attempted-rape  jensen-to-the-rescue  bamf!jensen  hurt/comfort  secrets  minor-character-death  gore  grieving!jensen  character:samantha-ferris  friend!chris  rape/noncon  raped!jared  crying  kink:rough-sex  virgin!jared  place:war  recced  B  haveread 
november 2016 by mountainstomove
Waiting for Sunrise saucyminx // MAINBLOGREC
They were just children the first time they met but six year old Jensen knew even then that the creature deep within him was calling to Jared. In a world where the darkness held only fear, Jensen’s random appearances in Jared’s life show him a whole new side of night. "Jared liked the name Jensen, and he liked the boy’s eyes; they were the color of the old bottles in his Dad's beer bottle collection. Bottle green." Words: 69,205
ao3  author:saucyminx  jared/jensen  au  rps  rating:nc-17  werecreatures  top!jensen  romance  bottom!jared  verse  bigbang  70k  shapeshifter!jensen  werewolf!jensen  wee!J2  childhood-friends  loner!jared  human!jared  interspecies  alpha/beta/omega  alpha!jensen  vampires  mating  slow-burn  scarred!jensen  first-time  blowjob  handjob  character:christian-kane  character:chad-michael-murray  soulmates  fingering  bottoming-from-top  blood!kink  cuddling  character:katie-cassidy  character:sandy-mccoy  character:misha-collins  friend!misha  jealous!jensen  possesive!jensen  marking  kink:rough-sex  recced  recced-abo  W  haveread 
november 2016 by mountainstomove
Five years after Voldemort's defeat, Harry returns to England to help re-open Hogwarts.
Harry_Potter  Harry/Draco  Canon  70K 
september 2016 by cyfarwydd
The Breath You Take by alienat // MAINBLOGREC
In a world where werewolves and humans live next to each other but haven’t mated in over five-hundred years, Jensen and Jared met, hit it off and became fast friends. Jared, the son of Seattle pack’s alpha, is already very much in love with Jensen – even though he knows there’s no chance for their happily-ever-after – when a night of drunken sex changes everything both of them believed to be true. Words: 75,000.
jared/jensen  rps  au  werecreatures  knotting  interspecies  70k  bigbang  author:alienat  mpreg  pregnant!jensen  rating:nc-17  alpha!jared  slash  werewolf!jared  human!jensen  pining  drunk!jensen  one-night-stand  friends-to-lovers  physicaltherapist!jensen  pining!jensen  doctor!jared  padalecki-family  roommates  living-together  asshole!acklesfamily  first-time  bottom!jensen  top!jared  first-kiss  kink:rimming  claiming  turned!jensen  mating  jensen/omc  possessive!jared  kink:rough-sex  kink:hate-sex  marathon-sex  mating-problems  reluctant!jensen  ackles-family  character:chad-michael-murray  surprise!werecreature  beta!jensen  character:christian-kane  soulmates  shapeshifter!jared  shapeshifter!jensen  drama  past-jensen/omc  bad-guy:omc  suspect!jared  kidnapped!jensen  hurt!jensen  verse  T  haveread  recced  livejournal  kink:nipple-play  moving-in-together  place:seattle  place:hospital 
june 2016 by mountainstomove
Becoming Less Defined by silver9mm
Jared rolled his hips against Dean again, his breathing heavy and slow, half asleep. Dean tried to keep still, but not too still. Utter disinterest had the same consequences as fighting back. He’d be dragged back to fucking Alastair’s lab, shot full of sedatives and whatever else seemed appropriate and he’d spend the next twenty-four hours in a glazed stupour, half-hard and tripping, his head full of obscenities: memories, fantasies, fears. Hell. Words: 70,708.
toread  violence  major-character-death  dark-themes  rape/noncon  sam/jensen  crossover  omega!jensen  threesome  jared/dean  alpha/beta/omega  alpha!jared  bigbang  70k  author:silver9mm  ao3 
may 2016 by mountainstomove
Poison Pen Chapter 1: Dear Editor, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Harry has had enough of seeing his reputation shredded in the Daily Prophet and decides to do something about it. Only he decides to embrace his Slytherin side to rectify matters.
HP  complete  ffnet  70k 
february 2016 by stageira
The Witches' Conspiracy Chapter 1: The start of the conspiracy, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
our women are disgusted with the disinterest Dumbledore shows regarding the upbringing and happiness of Harry Potter. Well if wizards won't do anything to help the boy, the witches will. And they will succeed with their conspiracy.
HP  complete  ffnet  70k 
february 2016 by stageira
Harry Potter and the Lord's Lament Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Something in Harry changes that summer between fourth and fifth year. At his trial he discovers what someone has been hiding from him since he was born. AU HP/DG
HP  Harry/Other  unfinished  ffnet  70k 
february 2016 by stageira
Midnight Guardian Chapter 1: Painful Summer, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
OMPLETE AU Third Year. What if a certain phone call pushed Uncle Vernon too far, changing everything? The truth will be revealed but which version will Harry believe? The past will be revealed along with the introduction of old aquaintances. (check the others in the series)
ffnet  HP  70k  complete  series 
february 2016 by stageira

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