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There’s a contradiction at the heart of The Fifth Element, with Korben’s manly heroism at odds with his social ineptitude. The film doesn’t try to reconcile these, but rather lets Korben find his own path. By shedding some of his typical, lone-wolf masculine traits while holding onto his undeniable strengths, Korben manages to become the man he needs to be. He learns to work with others and embrace his more sensitive side, even as he’s cracking wise and kicking ass.
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july 2017 by Brandonshire
oceanas_recs: Vid Rec 'The Fragile' by Kanzeyori (The 5th Element)
Loved the movie, love the vid. The song fits perfectly, the source material has a scantily clad Milla Jovovich and Bruce Willis who ends up shooting things while he is dirty and bloody (just the way we like him). There is no bad here.
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january 2008 by veni_vidi_vids

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