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Anthony Burgess: 'The encyclopedia in his head was like the internet' | Jonathan Meades
'The Ink Trade', a new selection of Anthony Burgess’s literary journalism gathered from previously uncollected reviews and essays from throughout his career.
5th  july  2018  jonathan  meades  book  review  country  life  anthony  burgess 
11 weeks ago by pnjman
A life on the tracks | Matthew Engel
From Alpine tunnels to the Zambian border, seeing the world by train brings adventure, intriguing company – and a deep sense of contentment.
5th  december  2018  new  statesman  matthew  engel  travel  railways 
december 2018 by pnjman
Laughing all the way to the bonk | Robert MacFarlane
The sap is rising as never before in Jilly Cooper's latest Rutshire romp, Pandora, and we can't get enough of it.
5th  may  2002  robert  macfarlane  observer  book  review  literature  fiction  jilly  cooper 
october 2018 by pnjman
Press releases | Volvo Trucks
Looks like the low slung Steinwinter tractor-trailer, featured in the Highwayman TV series in the 80's...

It's an interesting retrofit solution for the existing 5-th wheel trailer fleet, though I would have expected a better windbreak in front of the trailer front end.
Volvo  concept  design  truck  cab  tractor  autonomoous  cargo  5th  wheel  trailer  vehicle  transportation  UGV  unmanned  electric 
september 2018 by asteroza

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