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Verizon 5G home internet service coming to Indianapolis | About Verizon
Houston is a Comcast, AT&T, and CHTR market for home broadband.
yesterday by nispe005
Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg focuses on network over content
No you don't need to have a bundle to compete in 5G.
yesterday by nispe005
Analyst Angle: Microwave sharpens its edge for 5G backhaul
Good overview of the network technologies that will support 5G.
yesterday by nispe005
CTIA, T-Mobile recap reasons for larger 3.5 GHz license areas | FierceWireless
We would expect the large carriers to win this battle as the as there needs are likely going to outweigh the needs of the small providers. The main debates for this spectrum band are license term and license area size where the incumbents are looking for longer and larger, respectively.
yesterday by nispe005
Samsung 5G modem supports sub-6 GHz and millimeter wave frequencies
Samsung has created the first 5G modem that supports >6GHz spectrum.
yesterday by nispe005
Ericsson to expand U.S. manufacturing, R&D efforts to support 5G | FierceWireless
Ericsson's Fredrik Jejdling, head of the company's Business Area Networks, said Ericsson would begin manufacturing 5G products including 5G radios in the United States starting later this year, initially through production partner Jabil, and that the first products from that effort would be available before 2019
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4 days ago by yorksranter
Electromagnetic Radiation Safety: 5G Wireless Technology: Millimeter Wave Health Effects
"Unfortunately, few studies have examined prolonged exposure to low-intensity MMWs, and no research that I am aware of has focused on exposure to MMWs combined with other radiofrequency radiation."

"In sum, the peer-reviewed research demonstrates that short-term exposure to low-intensity millimeter wave (MMW) radiation not only affects human cells, it may result in the growth of multi-drug resistant bacteria harmful to humans. Since little research has been conducted on the health consequences from long-term exposure to MMWs, widespread deployment of 5G or 5th generation wireless infrastructure constitutes a massive experiment that may have adverse impacts on the public’s health."
5G  mmwave  health-effects  radiation 
8 days ago by pierredv
Motorola's 5G Moto Mod Explained (Phone Scoop)
Damn that's sporky. A physical monument to the 5G THIRST
5g  thirst  ovum  motorola  lenovo  verizon 
10 days ago by yorksranter
Italian government approves 5G tender conditions
The italian gov't is auctioning spectrum in the 694 MHz to 790 MHz; 3.6 GHz to 3.8 GHz; and 26.5 GHz to 27.5 GHz bands. The regulator added that two blocks of 80 megahertz and two blocks of 20 megahertz will be made available in the 3.6 GHz to 3.8G GHz bands, while five lots of 200 megahertz will be available in the 26.5GHz to 27.5 GHz bands. This is one of several countries that are moving forward with 5G spectrum auctions that target the mid band spectrum.
Spectrum  5G 
11 days ago by nispe005
Verizon launching mobile 5G in 2019
Verizon has its first device that is capable of supporting mmWave in the Motorola z3.
15 days ago by nispe005

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