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Arrest of Huawei Executive Intensifies Trade War Fears - The New York Times
couple of things: is Spalding nationalized 5G guy? also: The National Security Agency breached Huawei servers years ago in an effort to investigate its operations and its ties to Chinese security agencies and the military, and to create back doors so the National Security Agency could roam in networks around the globe wherever Huawei equipment was used.
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1 hour ago by yorksranter
SoftBank slams the door on Chinese 5G investment • Nikkei Asian Review
Minoru Satake:
<p> SoftBank Group has decided not to use Chinese equipment in its 5G business. The decision comes after the Japanese government compiled a procurement guideline for telecommunications equipment that effectively bans purchases from Huawei Technologies and other Chinese companies.

The Japanese technology conglomerate is the only major telecom in the country that uses Huawei and ZTE equipment in its 4G systems, and will determine whether it has to find other makers.

SoftBank's decision comes amid rising security concerns about Chinese-made equipment. Washington has already banned Huawei and ZTE from the US 5G market, and has imposed sanctions on Chinese companies for their dealings with Iran.

Australia and New Zealand have already banned Chinese makers from building their 5G networks.

Although not citing specific companies, Japan has shut the door on Chinese telecom purchases by central government ministries and its Self-Defense Forces.

Japanese telecoms plan to start testing 5G services next year with the goal of full-scale rollout of commercialized 5G services in 2020.

SoftBank had been partnering with Huawei in 5G trials.</p>

OK, so Japan has been carefully cosying up to the US, and wants to keep China at arm's length; this fits into that. Possibly SoftBank received some visits from Japanese government sources.
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6 hours ago by charlesarthur
5G is coming in 2019—for real this time — Quartz
Before then, companies are expected to ship the first smartphones compatible with 5G technology. And the first 5G-ready networks will be set up by carriers in US cities by the end of 2018. Chinese phone manufacturer OnePlus said it plans to release a 5G phone in 2019 (that is likely to cost more than its usually affordable phones, given the new technology). Samsung is expecting to have a couple ready in the year. While Apple is reportedly waiting until 2020 to dip its toes into the 5G world (it tends to wait until technology is mature before jumping in), it’s likely that many phone makers will follow Samsung’s lead next year. Expect a fair amount of practical discussion about implementing 5G networks and phones at the industry’s premier connectivity conference, Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, in February.
6 hours ago by dancall
5G will bring all industries into the telecoms industry
the traditional composition of the telecoms industry is a company like Qualcomm, an infrastructure vendor, an operator a handset OEM and a regulator. “That was the industry. When we look at 5G,” he said, “…basically every other industry now understands how that technology will modify their business. That’s why 5G is one of the most significant transitions we’ll have.”
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12 hours ago by yorksranter
CSIS director warns of state-sponsored espionage threat to 5G networks - The Globe and Mail

Canada’s top spy used his first public speech to warn of increasing state-sponsored espionage through technology such as next-generation 5G mobile networks.

Canadian Security Intelligence Service director David Vigneault’s comments come as three of the country’s Five Eyes intelligence-sharing allies have barred wireless carriers from installing equipment made by China’s Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. in the 5G infrastructure they are building to provide an even-more-connected network for smartphone users.

The United States, Australia and New Zealand have taken steps to block the use of Huawei equipment in 5G networks. Neither Canada nor Britain has done so.

On Monday, the head of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, known as MI6, publicly raised security concerns about Huawei telecommunications being involved in his country’s communications infrastructure.......hostile states are targeting large companies and universities to obtain new technologies.....“Many of these advanced technologies are dual-use in nature in that they could advance a country’s economic, security and military interests,”......there are five potential growth areas in Canada that are being specifically threatened, including 5G mobile technology where Huawei has been making inroads...“CSIS has seen a trend of state-sponsored espionage in fields that are crucial to Canada’s ability to build and sustain a prosperous, knowledge-based economy,”...“I’m talking about areas such as AI [artificial intelligence], quantum technology, 5G, biopharma and clean tech. In other words, the foundation of Canada’s future growth.”.....Canadian universities are largely unaware how they are vulnerable to economic espionage and the threat of infiltration by unnamed state actors who would use their expertise to gain an edge in military technologies. Huawei has developed research and development partnerships with many of Canada’s leading academic institutions.....MI6′s Alex Younger said Britain has to make a decision about Huawei after the United States, Australia and New Zealand acted against Huawei..... 5G technology – which offers faster download speeds – poses a greater national security threat than conventional mobile technology......A ban would come as a blow to Canada’s biggest telecom companies, including BCE Inc. and Telus, which have given Huawei an important role in their planned 5G networks.....Scott Jones, the new head of the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, which is part of the Communications Security Establishment, rejected the idea of blocking Huawei, telling MPs that the country’s safeguards are adequate to mitigate against any risk.
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4 days ago by jerryking
South Korea switches on 5G for enterprise users | total telecom
The three network operators unveiled slightly different services on Saturday.
SK Telecom's 5GX service will be available through parts of Seoul and six other metropolitan areas in South Korea.
LG Uplus is launching 7,000 base stations across the country to facilitate the rollout of the initial phase of its 5G launch in eleven towns and cities.
KT Telecom launched its first 5G offering in Gwacheon, completing the trilogy of 5G launches in the Korean peninsula
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7 days ago by renaissancechambara
Companies fed up with crappy Wi-Fi are deploying 5G instead - MIT Technology Review
Audi believes this private 5G network, which the company would be responsible for managing, will enable it to connect manufacturing robots and other devices faster and more securely than existing Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or 4G LTE options, says Henning Löser, the head of its production lab.
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7 days ago by yorksranter

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