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U.K. Cyber Security Center Says Most Attacks Are From Hostile States - Bloomberg Oct 2018
"The U.K.’s National Cyber Security Centre blamed hostile foreign states for the majority of the 1,167 attacks it has handled in the two years it’s been running, equivalent to 10 assaults a week."

"As fifth generation or 5G telephone networks come into service, companies should examine their supply chains, which may be at greater risk of hacking, the report recommended."
Bloomberg  UK  cybersecurity  vulnerability  5G 
yesterday by pierredv
City and Port of Los Angeles argue for keeping existing framework for CBRS | FierceWireless
The existing CBRS licensing framework, for the first time, will enable new entities to control their own networks and get access to licensed, interference-protected spectrum by actively participating in 3.5 GHz PAL auctions, GE said.
ports  iot  ovum  5g  cbrs 
2 days ago by yorksranter
T-Mobile shows off 5G network modeling tech in FCC meeting | FierceWireless
In midband spectrum, 5G would provide 52% more spectral efficiency over LTE when using 4x4 MIMO.
5g  ovum  fcc  t-mobile 
2 days ago by yorksranter
Midco sets sights on offering 100/20 speeds using 3.5 GHz band | FierceWireless
Fixed wireless allows it to reach remote, rural areas that are up to 50 miles away from its fiber network, and it’s a solution that can be implemented relatively quickly and without the expense of building fiber networks. It’s also deployable in the winter months when the weather makes fiber construction impossible.
fwa  5g  ovum  3.5ghz 
2 days ago by yorksranter
Home - TierOne Communications International Inc.
New Philippine cell carrier (not MVNO), pushing out ZTE powered microcell tower network in the southern Philippines from about Davao south (5G?)
Philippines  cellular  telephone  carrier  network  ZTE  4G  5G  microcell  smallcell 
3 days ago by asteroza
Nokia offers network slicing for fixed broadband services | FierceTelecom
The vendor took part in the work that led to the publication of TR-370 on Fixed Access Network Sharing (FANS) by the Broadband Forum, and its currently involved in the specification of the YANG modules that are used to achieve Fans // ETSI TISPAN lives!
Nokia  NFV  5g  ovum] 
5 days ago by yorksranter
The Problem With 5G | PCMag.com, John Dvorak, Aug 2018
"The technology might be the problem, but even worse for the companies behind it is the perception that 5G is already unsafe before they even get it on a single pole. "

"It's a bad bet because so little is known about the effects of millimeter waves (30GHz-300GHz). While these frequencies only permeate a small fraction of the human epidermis (the skin), the effect on the cornea, in particular, needs serious research."
5G  RF  health  critique 
9 days ago by pierredv
Deutsche Telekom gets Terragraph field trial underway in Hungary | FierceWireless
Deutsche Telekom wasn’t able to announce the trial at Mobile World Congress 2018 back in February because the region lacked the required electricity to actually launch the trial, but that has since been rectified.
terragraph  fixedwireless  meshnetwork  5g  ovum  facebook  tip 
9 days ago by yorksranter
Verizon will be 'extremely aggressive' with 5G roll-out - RCR Wireless News
The carrier plans to migrate 5G TF to 5G NR in the short-term, according to Haberman, who said that the shift can be accomplished primarily with software upgrades and some minor hardware replacements. Overall, he described the upgrade path to 5G New Radio as “not a big lift.”
verizon  5g  ovum 
9 days ago by yorksranter
Will 5G Mobile Connectivity Live Up to the Hype? | PYMNTS.com
The new world of 5G also could give retailers, brands and marketers even more insight into how consumers shop and buy. That’s the position of mobile operator O2, among others. “5G will evolve the fixtures and fittings of physical stores to become better connected to shoppers’ smartphones and home appliances,” the company said. “It will allow retailers, advertisers and service providers to leverage real-time mobile data to deliver an easier, more engaging and hyper-personalized experience to citizens.”

Online shopping and delivery — especially the so-called “last mile” — will also benefit from 5G, O2 said, thanks to “low-cost 5G modules [that] will enable better tracking services and allow couriers or drones to redirect parcels moments ahead of delivery.”

The spread of 5G also could help retailers give consumers a more engaging shopping experience — and engagement is one of the big goals these days for commerce providers, as merchants try to go beyond offering just transactions.
5g  retail  future  automotive 
12 days ago by dancall
Experts see 5G as defense to 'Stingray' spying | TheHill
"Security experts and privacy advocates are hopeful the rollout of the new 5G wireless network could eliminate a glaring surveillance vulnerability that allows spying on nearby phone calls."

"Stingrays exploit cell towers that are the backbone of the current 4G network. ... 5G networks would be less reliant on those towers and also would require new security standards for communications. The new network would be built using smaller cells, which are about the size of refrigerators and located every few blocks."

"Lucca Hirschi and Ralf Sasse, two authors of a recent paper on 5G surveillance risks, told The Hill that their analysis of new standards for 5G found that the guidelines will limit the impact of existing stingrays. ... But the fix won't not cover all stingrays, Hirschi and Sasse told The Hill in an interview. The standards would block so-called passive devices, which just pick up communications, but different kinds of active tracking devices, which can force phones to disconnect from their networks, could still get through in 5G."

"That slow rollout means that for a period of time, multiple networks may be active at once. And that means devices built for 5G may have to connect to earlier networks like 4G, exposing those devices to vulnerabilities they weren’t designed to combat, experts told The Hill."
5G  cybersecurity  surveillance  StingRay 
15 days ago by pierredv
FCC Moves to Free Up More Airwaves - WSJ
Federal regulators are proposing to free up a broad swath of underused airwaves for Wi-Fi and broadband, as part of their efforts to deploy next-generation 5G wireless technology around the U.S., officials said.

The move will open up airwaves now used by a range of industries including communications companies, utilities and broadcasters for unlicensed uses such as Wi-Fi, to help alleviate the growing wireless traffic crunch.

The proposed changes are a part of the federal government’s broader plan to foster more shared uses of the nation’s increasingly crowded airwaves.

The proposal—to be voted on by the Federal Communications Commission later this month—would encourage more unlicensed radio traffic, easing the burden on licensed spectrum traditionally used by big carriers such as Verizon Communications Inc. and AT&T Inc., an FCC official said.

The move would improve download speeds for the next generation of Wi-Fi devices and improve conditions for wireless internet-service providers. Their service, often called “fixed wireless,” can provide broadband access to an area’s homes and businesses through radio waves rather than cables. It is viewed as a potential solution for hard-to-serve rural areas that often lack sufficient broadband access.
telecommunications  infrastructure  5G 
15 days ago by shannon_mattern
The and will appeal the 's order that forces cities to subsidize deployment.…
5G  from twitter
15 days ago by jimloter

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