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reach for love
Alicia came in with Mousey's crew, blending in perfectly with the rest of the shiny Neon Valley eye candy. The Metropolis Annual Android Auction was a highbrow exclusive event and she never would have gotten in on her own.

She'd been sent in to do recon, gather some intel, plant some tracers, and she'd try her best. The org depended on her, and this was she was born to do.
audiofemme  b:andeincascade  alicia_simmons  c:onomatopaeiaish  cindi_mayweather  many_moons_video  bandom  my_chemical_romance  sarah_dope  b:x_dark_siren_x  the_archandroid  post_apocalypse  dystopia  robots_androids  sci_fi  501-1000  podfic  alicia_simmons_cindi_mayweather  pg13  2013 
december 2013 by akamine_chan
bitter years
They don't kiss; Gerard won't let them have that. Kissing is too much, too real, and it's not what this is about. His fingers are clumsy and frantic on Mikey's belt as they stumble blindly into a deserted corridor, the sounds of crew and techs growing distant.
g:argentumlupine  b:andeincascade  bandom_meme  my_chemical_romance  bandom  wall_sex  501-1000  gerard_way_mikey_way  nc17  2013 
december 2013 by akamine_chan
like it was yesterday
Gerard expects things to feel different. He's not sure why, but after all they've been through recently, it just seems like it should be awkward and weird between them.
b:andeincascade  bandom_meme_gift_exchange  gerard_way  mikey_way  bandom  my_chemical_romance  slice_of_life  post_band_breakup  r  gerard_way_mikey_way  501-1000  g:annemaris  2013 
december 2013 by akamine_chan
undeserving of your sympathy
Lindsey runs across the rooftops of the Port Newark, channeling her power inward and streamlining the biochemical processes at work in her body. Fire is her element, but fire is energy and she's learned over the years how to exploit her power to the fullest.
podfic  c:argentumlupine  b:accrues  g:andeincascade  lindsey_ballato  gerard_way  lindsey_ballato_gerard_way  pg13  birthday  bandom  my_chemical_romance  mindless_self_indulgence  superheroes  superpowers  caretaking  501-1000  2013  s:port_newark 
september 2013 by akamine_chan
walk away a savior
By the time Lindsey gets to the rooftop and flings open the door, she's out of breath and the stitch in her side is fucking killing her. What's the point of being a superhero if she still has to take the stairs like everyone else?
podfic  audiofemme  s:port_newark  b:andeincascade  b:lucifuge5  c:rhea314  lindsey_ballato  jamia_nestor  frank_iero  gerard_way  superheroes  superpowers  501-1000  lindsey_ballato_gerard_way  frank_iero_jamia_nestor  lindsey_ballato_jamia_nestor  2013  r  bandom  my_chemical_romance  mindless_self_indulgence 
august 2013 by akamine_chan
never goes out
It doesn't really sink in until the sun goes down and he's still here, in the little park down the street from the apartment he used to live in with his mom, years before she met that fucking asshole and life went to shit.
2013  b:andeincascade  frank_iero  bandom  my_chemical_romance  homeless  g:xojemmaxo  501-1000  p:none  r  child_abuse  character_death 
july 2013 by akamine_chan
if I got some balance
Ray was six when he threw his first curse; he only has hazy memories of getting mad at Benji Kowalewicz because he beat Ray at marbles.
2013  b:andeincascade  ray_kowalski  benton_fraser  due_south  curses  magical_realism  g:hazelwho  folk_magic  501-1000  podfic  ray_kowalski_stella_kowalski  pg13  magic 
july 2013 by akamine_chan
listen to the truth inside you
Gerard is Jersey born and bred, but California's home now. So even though he knows it puts him at a disadvantage, he asks Frank to meet him in the city. It's a calculated move; Frank's walking into this meeting on the defensive, and Gerard needs all the help he can get.
b:andeincascade  b:lucifuge5  gerard_way  frank_iero  p:none  bandom  my_chemical_romance  breakup  501-1000  r  catharsis  2013  band_as_family 
march 2013 by akamine_chan
through the broken glass
Gerard sets the knife down on the towel and looks over his work. Sitting here, straddling Frank's legs, gives him the perfect view.
2013  ND  b:andeincascade  pan_fandom_aftercare_fest  frank_iero  gerard_way  my_chemical_romance  bandom  knifeplay  aftercare  subdrop  g:argentumlupine  501-1000  frank_iero_gerard_way  pg13 
january 2013 by akamine_chan
driving you down
He feels it's appropriate now to push his hands into Frank's sweaty hair and hold him still as he mashes their mouths together in a harsh kiss. Frank's gripping Gee's shoulders, struggling to take control, but Gee just tightens his fingers and plunders Frank's mouth, thrusting in with his tongue the way he wants to do with cock.
2012  ND  b:andeincascade  g:lucifuge5  g:andeincascade  frank_iero  gerard_way  bandom  my_chemical_romance  wall_sex  rough_sex  dirty_talk  501-1000  frank_iero_gerard_way  nc17 
december 2012 by akamine_chan
my time to burn
They've been together forever, more than a decade now, his band, and he's sometimes amazed at how far they've come. And sometimes he wonders how they've managed to make it at all.
g:knight_tracer  podfic  c:andincascade  b:andeincascade  birthday  mikey_way  frank_iero  frank_iero_mikey_way  bandom  my_chemical_romance  competency  hands  501-1000  r  2012  ND 
november 2012 by akamine_chan

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