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Milk-sensitive and eosinophilic gastroenteropathy
Cows milk-protein sensitivity may produce a variety
of gastrointestinal syndromes including iron deficiency
anemia secondary to gastrointestinal blood
protein-losing enteropathy and colitis as well
as systemic allergic symptoms such as anaphylaxis
and wheezing
GIT  allergies  allergies-milk  dL  5*  read 
3 days ago by Brian-Green
Бескаркасная мебель в Санкт-Петербурге от производителя с доставкой — KRESLO
бескаркасная мебель — модульные диваны, кресла и пуфы . Все начиналось  с бин-бегов, но всегда хотелось большего. Дизайнерская бескаркасная мебель, которая сохраняет красивую форму и украшает интерьер — вот идея, которая будоражила. Сейчас мы можем смело сказать — все получилось! 
мебель  магазин  производитель  Россия  5* 
12 days ago by Anton_Gladikov
Palmitic Acid Physiological Role, Metabolism and Nutritional Implications Carta et al
DNL de novo lipogenesis can imbalance natural Palmitic ratio in body
adjunct to PPARdelta is a fatty acid sensor that enhances mitochondrial oxidation in insulin-secreting cells and protects against fatty acid-induced dysfunction Raymund Edwards
lipids  5* 
16 days ago by Brian-Green
Install scripts for installing Arch Linux on ZFS. Not runnable, just listed commands.
Install scripts for installing Arch Linux on ZFS. Not runnable, just listed commands. - zfsinstall-1-setup.sh
gist  zfs  installation  5* 
25 days ago by ianweatherhogg
The Road Hazards of Abs - Leslie_Knope - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
There is a guy.

A really hot guy, in fact, who has the audacity to jog on the sidewalk shirtless, as if Stiles has the mental capacity to deal with that at seven in the goddamn morning.

He does not.
r:teen  wc:under5k  oneshot  2016  w:au  tone:humor  sp:running  »read  pov:stiles  5*  au:human  c:firefighter!derek  rs:meetcute  rs:askingout  s:clumsy!stiles  rs:preslash 
4 weeks ago by faeriecourt
Ubuntu 18.04 Root on ZFS · zfsonlinux/zfs Wiki
ZFS on Linux - the official OpenZFS implementation for Linux. - zfsonlinux/zfs
zfs  ubuntu  linux  installation  encryption  5* 
4 weeks ago by ianweatherhogg
Running Nextcloud in a jail on FreeBSD | John Ramsden
I configured Nextcloud inside a FreeBSD jail in order to allow me access to files i might need while at University. I figured this would be a optimal solution for files that I might need access to unexpectedly, on computers where I am not in complete control. My Nextcloud instance is externally accessible, and yet if someone were to get inside my Jail, I could rest easy knowing they still didn’t have access to the rest of my host server. I chronicled the setup process including jail ...
next  cloud  ssl  certificate  encryption  php  email  5* 
5 weeks ago by ianweatherhogg
Binaryphile’s Big List of Bitcoin Resources | binary.phile
Like lots of folks, I’ve taken a much stronger interest in bitcoin as an emerging technology of late, especially after the runup and crash of November this year. While there is a ton of volatility in bitcoin, I can’t help but be optimistic about its place in the future. I’ve put together this list of resources which I’ve found useful in getting to know how to understand and use Bitcoin. Enjoy.
bitcoin  resource  5* 
5 weeks ago by ianweatherhogg

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