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The messy present of our glorious future | sixcolor .. it is a mess, and while I want to buy a new TV, I a…
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yesterday by rickc57
Best Ultra HD Blu-ray players | TechHive
A 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player brings you one step closer to bringing the movie theater experience into the home. Our top pick has all the features most people will need, and it's also the least expensive.
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8 days ago by Jswindle
(soul) on ice - coffeeandoranges - Black Panther (2018) [Archive of Our Own]
Things are weird between us right now. They're gonna be real weird for a while.

In which Killmonger lives, because the justified rage of the oppressed deserves a seat at the table.
4k  politics  family 
10 days ago by katereis
Holding Out For A Hero - TumbleTree - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
Billy had never cared for the kids Steve called his own. He had already started tolerating them for Max’s sake and not because she almost busted his nuts that one time with the baseball bat. But when Steve had looked at him with those big brown eyes, begging him to keep an eye on the kids while he was on some ‘vacation’ with his asshole parents Billy couldn’t say no.

So fuck Steve for putting him in all the situations that followed that conversation. He owed him a ton of blow jobs for all the shit he had to put up with now.

Five times Billy protected their kids and the one time they protected him...sort of.
4k  steve/billy  protectiveness  kids-involved 
24 days ago by katereis
Fujifilm's Newest Mirrorless Flagship X-H1 Brings 4K Video, Stabilisation
Fujifilm’s X-series of cameras have met astounding success since the debut of the Fujifilm Finepix X100 at Photokina 2010. With its iconic retro aesthetic, intuitive control dials, and revolutionary X-Trans APS-C CMOS sensor, the X100 set the tone for Fujifilm’s rather large family of X-series mirrorless cameras. The X-T Series had been the de-facto flagship thus...

The post Fujifilm’s Newest Mirrorless Flagship X-H1 Brings 4K Video, Stabilisation appeared first on .
Fujifilm’s  Newest  Mirrorless  Flagship  X-H1  Brings  4K  Video  Stabilisation 
5 weeks ago by vrzone

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