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Anonymity as Culture: Treatise - Triple Canopy
Historian Robert H. Wiebe writes, in Self-Rule: A Cultural History of American Democracy (1995), of the emergence of a “national class” at the turn of the twentieth century, the group of professional urbanites who held jobs that were more tied to the emerging national, rationalized society than to any local community: engineers, doctors, lawyers, professors, bankers, and the like. What remained was the “local class,” consisting of those members of the middle and upper classes who were more deeply tied by professional bonds to their communities: realtors, retailers, and other service providers who did not come to be a vocal part of the national conversation.

The degree of suspicion varies. Within 4chan, the /b/ board is far more likely to be given over to trolling and fraud than other boards. But since the possibility always exists, there is a persistent need to take nothing at face value.

The anonymity of A-culture has unexpectedly provided the conditions for a reestablishment of what Huizinga thought had disappeared by the nineteenth century, with its increasingly bourgeois, professionalized, and industrialized cultures. With those elements of individual identity that might be divisive and might reference the positions and responsibilities of “real” life obscured, freedom is reestablished. What looks like anarchy from the outside is rarely actually anarchic; it is play, carefully regimented and circumscribed
12 days ago by libbymiller
Hateful meme study
Details on how racist and vile political memes travel
via:metafilter  meme  politics  trump  reddit  4chan  memes 
28 days ago by nelson
Researchers studied 160 million memes and found most of them come from two websites • Motherboard
Samantha Cole:
<p>Researchers at University College London developed a new way to measure how memes are made and spread. What they found won’t surprise anyone who’s peered into the darker parts of the internet in the last few years: The most toxic, yet most effectively spread, memes are first shared on two places, the subreddit r/the_donald and 4chan’s “politically incorrect” forum, called /pol/.

The researchers said they <a href="https://arxiv.org/abs/1805.12512v1">studied multiplatform meme ecosystems</a>, with a focus on “fringe and potentially dangerous communities.”

“Considering the increasing relevance of digital information on world events, our study provides a building block for future cultural anthropology work, as well as for building systems to protect against the dissemination of harmful ideologies,” they added.

They’re not the first to think deeply and academically about the meme ecosystem, but the patterns they found also bolster what we already knew about memes: that based on sheer size and spread of these communities, you’re probably sharing images that were made to be distributed in toxic communities…

…/pol/ had the highest volume of memes, while the_donald was the best at getting memes spread outside of its own community. Reddit and Twitter users shared more “fun” memes, they concluded, while /pol/ and Gab saw more racist or politically-motivated images.</p>

Has anyone tried comparing their spread to actual viral spread?
virality  meme  reddit  4chan 
5 weeks ago by charlesarthur
How Ireland’s Abortion Referendum Became a Test Case for Democracy in the Social Media Age
Exploring the "fake news" merchants attempting to subvert the Irish abortion referendum.
On 4chan, a number of users who identified as Irish attempted to infiltrate the online conversation and tarnish the pro-repeal campaign. Operation Zyklon encouraged users to spread awareness of a connection between Amnesty International Ireland and the philanthropist George Soros, who donated €137,000 to Amnesty’s My Body My Rights campaign in 2016. Operation Trojan Horse saw users sharing templates of fake pro-repeal posters with extreme captions such as, “There should be no limit on abortion up to birth”. Users were encouraged to print and spread these posters around college campuses and share them across social media. A particularly curious operation called Operation Drunken Monkey aimed to stifle student voter turnout by organizing club nights on May 24 in the hope that students would be too hungover to vote the following day.
4chan  repealthe8th  abortion  referenda  politics  fake-news  amnesty 
6 weeks ago by jm
The secret rules of the internet | The Verge
The murky history of online moderation, and how it’s shaping the future of free speech.
youtube  facebook  4chan  reddit  moderation  speech  harassment  safety  quality  offensive  malicious  content 
10 weeks ago by arrelid
xmcv/PancakeDownloader: 4Chan Image Downloader
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
golang  4chan  images 
11 weeks ago by geetarista
The Handmaid’s Tale doesn’t quite get modern American misogyny - The Verge
Soft biological determinism doesn’t inevitably lead to harsh oppression, but that’s not the point. In The Handmaid’s Tale, Margaret Atwood imagined how seeds of xenophobia, misogyny, and authoritarianism could utterly corrupt a popular ideology with many well-meaning supporters — because a Gilead can grow in any group that lets its principles take root. That includes Evangelical Christianity, but also a modern secular rationalism that’s being co-opted by white male supremacists, speaking the language of science and logic.
It’s not hard to envision a world that’s as cruel to women as Gilead, which is why watching The Handmaid’s Tale is so exhausting. But despite all its brutality, the show softens a more painful truth: misogyny doesn’t just persist, it evolves.
handmaids-tale  margaret-atwood  science-fiction  sf  misogyny  incels  4chan 
12 weeks ago by jm
twitter thread on incel culture, the "manosphere" and the rest of that toxic garbage
For the past little while, I've been working on a piece about Toronto's relationship to the alt-right, especially the "manosphere." Unfortunately that research has become relevant. I'm going to share as much as I can here for people who may not be familiar with these movements.
incels  manosphere  4chan  hate  internet  pua  kill-all-normies 
12 weeks ago by jm

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