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Director Andrea Arnold on the cross-country party that produced American Honey | The Verge
"How did you end up with the 4:3 aspect ratio?

It's an artistic decision. I've done my last three films with the same ratio. It's a ratio I much love. My films are usually about one person and their experiences of the world. So I'm mainly following them around, filming them quite closely. And it's a very beautiful frame for one person. It frames them with a huge amount of respect. It gives them kind of honors, the human in that frame. I was very attracted to it when I first started making films, but I wasn't able to articulate it and understand why I was doing it until later. But now I understand, that respect is what it's about."
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october 2018 by robertogreco
How to Use Aspect Ratio as a Creative Tool; Rediscover the Value of 4:3
"The Academy Ratio, or 4:3 aspect ratio was the standard in the early days of cinema and television today we look at why contemporary filmmakers are returning to it today."

[video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ct9C3pMm9mc ]

"4:3 Aspect Ration Can Help Focus on Character"

"Those 4:3 Aspect Ratio Aesthetics

Canvases of different sizes and shapes are able to communicate differently with those that view them; film is no different. While widescreen formats give filmmakers a chance to supercharge the aesthetics of horizontal lines, 4:3 aspect ratio does the opposite. Instead of capturing sweeping landscapes, the square aspect ratio draws our eyes to verticle lines, characters' bodies, and faces. This allows you to, again, focus on your characters in a narrative sense, but it also allows you to capture the beautiful, evocative landscape of the human face to a degree you don't really achieve with widescreen.

Using Aspect Ratio to Evoke Emotions
If you grew up watching primarily widescreen content, both on the big screen and on TV (and on the internet), then this format can feel...a bit odd. 4:3 aspect ratio is boxy. Many would say it's stifling, claustrophobic, and makes them feel as though they're trapped or confined. This can be used to your benefit when making a film, especially if you want to create more tension because the square frame literally leaves your subject with "nowhere to run."

There isn't an empty right or left third of the frame for them to see an escape route. It's just them, there, filling up the entire frame and unaware of what dangers and horrible things lurk just beyond its borders.

Choose an Aspect Ratio That Will Stand Out

Though the 4:3 aspect ratio has made a resurgence in recent years, it's still relatively rare to see—even in independent films and especially in Hollywood films. So, if you want your film to stand out from the crowd, using 4:3 will definitely help you accomplish that.

The Big Picture on Aspect Ratio

Let's all say this together: there is no such thing as "the perfect aspect ratio." Formats must be chosen based solely on the unique needs of a film, so don't think I'm bashing widescreen while putting 4:3 apect ratio up on a pedestal. I'm totally not. All I'm saying is that there are so many cool things aspect ratios alone can do to make your film an even better experience for your audience, and hopefully, now you have a better idea of what those things are and how you can implement them in your future projects. "
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october 2018 by robertogreco
Driving Mini Cooper GIF by MINI USA - Find & Share on GIPHY
GIF car, city, cars, street, driving, urban, drive, auto, mini, autos, mini cooper, mini usa, cooper s, f56, mini hardtop, 2 door, hardtop 2 door, solaris orange, 4:3, two doors Giphy https://ift.tt/2INzNQ7 ______ http://goo.gl/3oHDPV
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academy ratio doing a squash court justice
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Samsung launches the Galaxy Tab S2 with an iPad-like 4:3 display
The Galaxy Tab S2’s claim to fame is its Super AMOLED display. Samsung has officially announced the Galaxy Tab S2, its latest high-end tablet that is also its thinnest and lightest yet. With a metal frame and a waistline of 5.9 mm, the Galaxy Tab S2 is the most attractive tablet from the Korean manufacturer...

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Samsung  launches  the  Galaxy  Tab  S2  with  an  iPad-like  4:3  display 
july 2015 by vrzone
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 2 pair revealed in full, 5.4 mm profiles and 4:3 screens included
Talk about trying to defeat Apple at its own game. If you can’t beat them, join them… and then beat them using similar but sharper weapons. That seems to be the very raison d’être of the second Samsung Galaxy Tab S generation, set to feature two members that look capable of one-upping the iPad Air...

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The post Samsung Galaxy Tab S 2 pair revealed in full, 5.4 mm profiles and 4:3 screens included appeared first on VR-Zone.
Samsung  Galaxy  Tab  S  2  pair  revealed  in  full  5.4  mm  profiles  and  4:3  screens  included 
february 2015 by vrzone
Widescreen Star Trek: The Next Generation is a window to a more epic Trek · Great Job, Internet! · The A.V. Club
To many fans and critics, the Star Trek: The Next Generation movies represent a series of missteps that never approached the heights of the show’s best moments. Part of this is because The Next Generation was at its heart a pretty cerebral show (once memorably described as “committee meetings in space”), a format ill-suited to blockbuster formula. But that argument doesn’t entirely hold, since within the series itself there were plenty of episodes–“Redemption,” “Best of Both Worlds,” and “Yesterday’s Enterprise,” to name a few–that allowed the characters to kick ass without fundamentally changing their natures. All of which is to say that Nick Acosta’s “Cinerama” widescreen-style renderings of classic TNG episodes (a follow-up to his previous treatment of the original series) represent a speculative glimpse into a film series that might have been, perhaps in an alternate timeline.
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november 2014 by rufous
Video graphics in Pillar bars with 4:3 video in a 16:9 project
I have over 50 videos that need this done. Therefore, I would like to make a generic setup to where I can get through these as fast as I can.
avisynth  video  pillarbox  16:9  4:3  aspectratio 
july 2014 by moonhouse
Workaround for the HBC with the latest Wii U update
rename all sms inject title IDs to start w Lxxx to make 4:3
sega  sms  vwii  inject  wiiu  4:3  16:9  nintendo  games 
december 2013 by ssur

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