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ECG Comes To Apple Watch 4 Today
Mounting evidence of Apple’s great thrust toward health applications were all around: the unification of the built-in Health and Fitness applications, and then the introduction of HealthKit, GymKit, CareKit and ResearchKit to extend capability, support and collaboration with developers and researchers around the world. With the launch of the Apple Watch 4 and WatchOS 5,...

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ECG  Comes  To  Apple  Watch  4  Today 
3 days ago by vrzone
Hole-Punch Displays Are Here: Samsung Galaxy S10, Huawei Nova 4 Leaks
In their incessant quest to achieve the ultimate all-screen, no-bezel display, manufacturers have pulled all sorts of tricks to that end. Slimming chins and receding foreheads not enough – many have resorted to the use of the now ubiquitous display notch. Used to house vital front-facing sensors and elements, these are usually cutouts from the...

The post Hole-Punch Displays Are Here: Samsung Galaxy S10, Huawei Nova 4 Leaks appeared first on .
Hole-Punch  Displays  Are  Here:  Samsung  Galaxy  S10  Huawei  Nova  4  Leaks 
9 days ago by vrzone

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