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UAU shop - get your 3D printed products for home.
UAU shop is the place to buy the collection of everyday use products designed to be 3D printed. Designed & manufactured by UAU project.
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11 days ago by kwbr
3D Printable Bronze Age by Scan The World
3D Printable Bronze Age by Scan The World Can’t wait to print this!
3Dprint  Rodin  art  from twitter
18 days ago by jerry7171
Minivac 601 Replica (Version 0.9): 11 Steps (with Pictures)
Created by information theory pioneer Claude Shannon as an educational toy for teaching digital circuits, the Minivac 601 Digital Computer Kit was billed as an electromechanical digital computer system. Produced by Scientific Development Corporation in the early 60's it sold for $85.00 (about $720 today).

Minivac 601 used electromechanical relays as logic switches as well as for very basic storage. Simple DPDT switches and SPDT push buttons made up the binary inputs, with lights to represent the outputs. A large motorized dial allowed the user to enter decimal or hexadecimal numbers, and to output numbers, or to act as a clock signal generator.
3dprint  computer  kit  minivac  instructables 
19 days ago by cyberchucktx
VG resource
Recursos de juegos: sprites, modelos, sonidos, texturas...
3Dprint  retro  hamabeads  sonidos  musica 
4 weeks ago by Scoutfree
The Expanse: one "last" ship had to be build. The "Scirocco" or "Hammurabi". A 16cm long .
3dprint  theexpanse  from twitter_favs
4 weeks ago by gautam
Cool to see that the of the skull we restored (based on the specimen below) made it into…
3Dprint  moa  from twitter_favs
6 weeks ago by jcarletonoh

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