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Another robot of the “yellow mech” family.<br>Two days works.<br>Less than 10k tris, ready to work !
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yesterday by wiobyrne
Controlling Visibility with Layers | SketchUp Knowledge Base
How to properly use layers and groups and components in sketchup. Layers work very differently in sketchup, essentially you should only use them to control an objects visibility and not to isolate its constituent points.
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2 days ago by searchmeister
Creating Procedural Planets in Unity
A little over a year ago I started working on the Poly Universe project — an experiment to procedurally generate low-poly planets. That experiment has gradually grown into a full-fledged civilization building game set in a universe of tiny worlds, which look a bit like this:

It’s no fun keeping this to myself, though, so I’m starting this tutorial series to share what I’ve learned with the rest of the gamedev community. The code I’m going to be sharing is written for Unity, using C#, but the techniques should be portable to any engine which allows you to generate meshes on the fly. And half of it is really just math, which should be valid for anyone who inhabits euclidean space. =)
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2 days ago by vancura

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