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freecad to kicad, i think?
KiCad  3d 
2 days ago by joem
GitHub - facebookresearch/DensePose: A real-time approach for mapping all human pixels of 2D RGB images to a 3D surface-based model of the body

Visualization of DensePose-COCO annotations:

See notebooks/DensePose-COCO-Visualize.ipynb to visualize the DensePose-COCO annotations on the images:
3d  cv  ml 
2 days ago by euler
Measure - quick, everyday measurements - Apps on Google Play
Project Tango apps now can run on any ARcore capable device apparently
google  android  app  software  project  tango  3D  AR  ARcore  measure  measuring  tools  utilities 
2 days ago by asteroza

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