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Export Import Calendar from PST and overwriting existing calendar
New-MailboxImportRequest USERID -targetRootFolder
"#calendar#" -FilePath
targetrootfolder  calendar  pst  import  office  365 
yesterday by jgear
Calendar - All Events Showing As Busy – Dropbox Paper
More than a doc, Dropbox Paper is a flexible workspace that brings people and ideas together.
gawith  calendar  sharing  office  365  powershell 
7 days ago by jgear
"This week’s issue discusses Microsoft’s up-selling practices and the often-found and detrimental inconsistent messaging enterprises communicate to their cloud vendors during cloud negotiations."
cloud  hitc  microsoft  negotiation  tactics  ecs  enterprise  suite  mobility  +  security  365  office  secure  productive  spe  windows  10 
25 days ago by jonerp
Big ERP Systems Integrators Exposed
"It may not quite be time to fire your ERP system integrator, but just recognize that you do have options outside the big incumbents. And, it’s not an either / or proposition: you can get the best of the system integrator and augment with the more strategic and specialized skills sets of others."
digital  strategy  erp  implementations  hcm  microsoft  dynamics  365  oracle  cloud  sap  s  4hana  successfactors  workday  consultants  failures 
29 days ago by jonerp
Lessons from a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Failure
"In this D365 case study of what not to do, the client’s reseller wasn’t working from a project plan. Clear roles and responsibilities for internal and external resources were never defined or documented. There was no risk register, issues log, or decision criteria. And the client had very little insight into project spend (as the integrator was behind invoicing them), nor did they have a clear understanding of how the estimated costs were trending.

Although this may all sound like basic blocking in tacking, it was missing from this project. And in this case, the integrator wasn’t providing any direction or guidance to their customer."
microsoft  dynamics  365  implementations  implementation  readiness  system  integrator  upgrading  to 
6 weeks ago by jonerp
Microsoft starts rolling out Google G Suite to Office 365 migration tools | ZDNet
Microsoft's documentation page entitled "Perform a G Suite migration" notes that in order to perform a staged migration, users must have Office 365 Directory Synchronization (DirSync) set up or they will need to manually provision allof the MailUsers outside the migration process.
Microsoft  gsuite  365 
8 weeks ago by jasonsamuels
Word 2016 - Continuous Section Break - How To Insert Continuous Section Breaks on Page in MS 365 Add - YouTube
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4F7Eq1pfGhA ;;;
tags: microsoft Word 2016 - Continuous Section Break - How To Insert Continuous Section Breaks on Page in MS 365 Add - YouTube video tutorial ;;;
microsoft  Word  2016  -  Continuous  Section  Break  How  To  Insert  Breaks  on  Page  in  MS  365  Add  YouTube  video  tutorial 
8 weeks ago by neerajsinghvns
New Dynamics 365 Portal Feature: Diagnose and Resolve Problems | Magnetism Solutions | NZ (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch & Dunedin)
With recent upgrades to the Dynamics 365 Portal there are a few new options available on the Portal Configuration page. These options can be seen on the left side navigation in the screenshot below. via Pocket
Pocket  crm-nice-to-know  dynamics  365  portals 
11 weeks ago by TobiwanKenobi
Risks of Microsoft Dynamics 365 System Integrators
"Choosing a technical system integrator is an important decision for any digital transformation. But the risks of Microsoft Dynamics 365 system integrators are even greater than for other ERP solutions.

While SAP, Oracle, and other ERP vendors have tightly controlled their ecosystems, Microsoft Dynamics has traditionally taken a hands-off approach to their system integrators. This has led to a high degree of variation in the market and almost too many options to choose from. This can make it difficult for many organizations to select the best Dynamics 365 system integrator."
microsoft  dynamics  365  implementations  implementation  system  integrator  vs.  netsuite  expert  witness  sap  s4hana  upgrading  to 
12 weeks ago by jonerp

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