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Petey and Wade discuss the proper way to go about vigilantism (and maybe they fall in love too) - isaDanCurtisproduction - Spider-Man - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Deadpool totally crashes Peter's lunch date with some left-overs Aunt May had inundated him with, and Peter is like "Woah, isn't that that murder guy?" and then it kind of spirals from there. And maybe when Peter first saw Deadpool, decked out with fuzzy panda gloves and enough guns to take down a small monarchy, he should have high-tailed it the other way, but where's the fun in that, right?

33k  peter/wade  identity-porn  pining 
august 2018 by katereis
Strays - snarklyboojum - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
After finding himself alone for the first time in decades, the Winter Soldier learns how to be a person again. Mostly through caring for an orphaned kitten, countless rounds of YouTube roulette, and stalking Captain America.

Or: Bucky Barnes, accidental millennial.
33k  bucky/steve  stalking  pets 
august 2018 by katereis
Loki Wrapped In Red - Marie_Phantom - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Instead of keeping the infant Loki, Odin gifts him to the army.

Thor has spent his life hearing about a person who serves the army, a mysterious figure who never talks, never fights, but is taken everywhere the army is. Upon finally seeing this figure, he is captured by this man, who had no name, and blank empty eyes.

This is the story of the evolution of Thor, and the catalyst that changed him from a boy into a man worthy to be king.
33k  ooc  thor/loki  abusive-relationships  sexual-assault/violence  crap-fic  angst 
december 2017 by katereis
We Could Keep Things Just the Same - pansexual-fandom-queen (writeordietrying) - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
When Barry Allen joins Rip Hunter and his crew on a trip to Central City, 2038, an accidental encounter leaves him torn between his first love, Iris, and his growing feelings towards Leonard Snart.
33k  time-travel  barry/len  canon-au 
april 2017 by katereis
strange fear i ain’t felt for years - Sister - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
“Can’t believe a pretty thing like you has to come begging to the Red Hood,” he says against Tim’s neck. “Thought they’d be lining up down the block for you. Thought Daddy would need to get the shotgun.” “You’re the one with the shotgun,” Tim points out. ++ Tim’s benched with a broken arm and starts playing Jason’s personal Oracle. Things escalate.
jason/tim  hurt/sick  33k 
july 2016 by katereis
Something Dumb to Do - poisonivory - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
If Matt and Foggy get married, Foggy will never be forced to testify against Daredevil. It doesn't mean anything has to change, right?
33k  matt/foggy  marriage 
july 2015 by katereis
lead me home
Jackson’s never had a ton of sense, which is probably why he was walking around trying to pet strange dogs and got himself bit. Thing is, it’s a full moon, and he’s starting to feel kinda funny...comeback is gonna suck.
got7  jackson/jb  au  33k  fav 
august 2014 by jimins
By Any Other Name - entanglednow - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
He doesn't know his name, he doesn't know who he is, and neither does the werewolf he's on the run with. But he's pretty sure they hunt monsters, because they seem to be really good at it.
toread  fic  teenwolf  amnesia  entanglednow  33k 
july 2014 by niandra_joan
With My Feet Toward the Stars (let me remember you as you were when you existed) - kariye - Star Trek (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
At age five, Spock informs his mother that it is illogical to wish him “sweet dreams” at bedtime because Vulcans do not dream. “Oh, Spock,” she says.
kirk/spock  33k  author:kariye  <3  startrek 
april 2014 by tyleet
I Love To Be The Underdog - CaptainnAustralia - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
One of these days Stiles was going to learn that having a death wish was a bad thing.


Five times Stiles got into an argument on Derek's behalf, and the one time he didn't have to.
33k  canon-au  derek/stiles  porn 
march 2014 by katereis
Des Plus Brillants Exploits - twentysomething - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
“Vancouver!” Sid turns and shouts at the last second as she goes through the doors.

“Vancouver!” Geno yells back.
gelesen  fic  girl!sidney  genderfuck  longfic  twentysomething  33k  het 
august 2013 by niandra_joan

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