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Jeepers. Maybe all that squealing and clanking isn’t cosmetic?
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10 days ago by ztephen
5 suggestions for higher scores in WebPageTest, Lighthouse, and Observatory
Šime Vidas runs web platform news and has recently been redeveloping the site. The update is lightning quick with great content, and in this article he describes the top 5 suggestions he has after building the site for performance.
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4 weeks ago by justinavery
When your design system fails – Product Design @ Paperless Post – Medium
I'm sure Dan/Brad/Josh never have this issue, but what happens when your design system goes wrong after you create it.
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4 weeks ago by justinavery
Fun Tip: Use calc() to Change the Height of a Hero Component
I'm a big fan of using the lock method for most typography. It provides you the ability to gracefully scale your type with the viewport, but not to go too small or too big. This article continues that exploration into hero modules
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4 weeks ago by justinavery
Redesigning your product and website for dark mode
I'm glad to see Andy back writing about webdesign again and in this article he touches on one of the newer exciting opportunities to provide a dark theme to your site based on the users preferences.
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4 weeks ago by justinavery
Organize CSS with a Modular Architecture: OOCSS, BEM, SMACSS
Any article that uses lego as one of it's motif's is on the right track. If you've heard of these CSS architecture methods but aren't sure how the differ this is a great overview to get you going.
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4 weeks ago by justinavery
Designer+developer workflow: more head-down work
If you're looking at picking up something like Pattern Lab to build out your projects but you're not really sure how to do it I'd advise you to put aside 30 minutes and watch Brad go through this video of how he works on it.
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4 weeks ago by justinavery
Improve Animated GIF Performance With HTML5 video
animated gifs are great for lightening the mood of a topic, but oh my are they huge when it comes to kilobytes and slow when it comes to performance.
using video can often be a far better quality/faster way to do this, in fact twitter converts every gif into video for tweets already.
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4 weeks ago by justinavery
Simplify Styling with Functional CSS
This article takes you through the logic behind creating a class for every CSS property to allow you to really customise each of your elements on the page. Essentially it's atomic CSS, and while I'm not a fan I think it's good to be aware of all approaches to building sites.
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4 weeks ago by justinavery
5G will let users ditch fixed-line home broadband, says Three
with the arrival of 5G and the promise that we won’t need broadband at home I can see the weight of web pages continuing to get worse before they get better. just because YOU are on a fast connection it doesn’t mean that everyone else is, remember that more people access the web of 2G than 4G
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4 weeks ago by justinavery
Dries Buytaert: Defining Drupal's values and principles
Dries mentioned this during his keynote at DrupalCon this week. More to come next week on DrupalCon.
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april 2018 by kepford

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