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30x500 - why? - Codefolio
30x500 is a combination self-help and marketing course. That’s what I actually needed. You will be ignoring that half-built web app and instead finding an audience (potential customers), figuring out what actual problems they have, and building something to help with that. Which is how I wound up shipping Rebuilding Rails instead of a freemium build-a-portfolio site for developers, which I had mostly built already. The class takes awhile. It has to, because it has to pry your darlings from that death grip you have on them. You’ll see most of them strangled by the end of the class, which is exactly what needs to happen.

You need to refocus. Not just your eventual marketing efforts, but your from-the-start product design and development efforts. You have to solve a problem that somebody will pay to solve. If your half-a-web-app is like my various half-a-web-apps, that’s not what you did. I certainly didn’t survey the market first and build them because somebody was lining up with cash to solve a problem.

I built them because they seemed like a good compromise between “fun to build”, “within my abilities” and “somebody might want it, maybe”, which I judged by whether it was like some startup I’d heard of.

That compromise is death.
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february 2019 by 1luke2

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