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You've Got to Be Kitten Me
Jensen lives a routine, solitary life with little to no interaction and he likes it just fine. He’d rather not deal with the fuss and rejection of making and keeping connections, so when a stray cat shows up at his apartment building and begs for attention every time they cross paths, Jensen does what he can to ignore it. Of course, that doesn’t last long and he finds himself carving out a space in his world to make it feel at home. Along the road of pet ownership, Jensen meets the very nice and very handsome Dr. Jared Padalecki. The veterinarian's open, warm personality gets to Jensen the same way his new cat has, and Jensen fights against his own hang-ups to get to know him.
rps  au  pairing:Jared/Jensen  character:Jared  character:Jensen  character:Danneel  genre:romance  genre:schmoop  bike-messenger  anxious!Jensen  pining!Jensen  vet!Jared  kink:first-time  Bigbang  30.000-40.000 
12 days ago by somersault1509
In Hot Pursuit
Dean Winchester is a high school drop out with a GED and a give’em Hell attitude. He’s also got an ex-wife demanding child support, a finance company on his ass about his overdue car repayments, and an eviction notice pending—he can’t keep dodging his landlord forever.
One thing he doesn’t have is a job, on account of him getting laid off four months ago—something he still hasn’t told his family about.
Times are tough and Dean is getting desperate. He needs cash fast, which is how he ends up working as a freelance skip tracer for sleazy bail bondsman Fergus ‘Crowley’ MacLeod.
Dean’s first bail jumper is none other than local bad-boy-turned-good-cop, Castiel Novak—a man with whom Dean has history. Novak is a hot guy in hot water—wanted for murder—and to Dean he’s worth a ten grand fee. Is he guilty? Dean tells himself he doesn’t care. The only question worth asking is: will Dean get his man?
spn  au_(not_hunters)  pairing:Dean/Castiel  pairing:Sam/Jess  pairing:Dean/Gordon  character:Castiel  character:Dean  character:Sam  character:Ellen  character:Bobby  character:Gordon  character:Ben  character:Benny  character:Rufus  character:Missouri  character:OFCs  character:OMCs  genre:angst  genre:romance  bounty-hunter!Dean  hurt!Dean  pretty!Dean  bottom!Dean  cop!Castiel  protective!Castiel  kink:noncon(attempted)  kink:violence  Cinema  30.000-40.000 
december 2018 by somersault1509
Pray Unto The Splinters
Still on the trail of Pestilence and running from both the Devil and Heaven's Host, Sam gets transported 15 years back in time and sucked into a case that seems to hold more than meets the eye.
spn  non-au  pairing:Sam/Dean  character:Sam  character:Dean  character:John  character:OMCs  character:OFCs  genre:angst  hurt!Dean  younger!Dean  bottom!Dean  pining!Sam  hurt!Sam  protective!Sam  kink:first-time  kink:blowjob  kink:manhandling  kink:multiple-orgasms  time-travel  pre-series  teenchester  season_5  30.000-40.000 
september 2018 by somersault1509
Our Love was Made for Movie Screens
It’s 2012, and brick-and-mortar chain bookstores aren’t the powerhouses they used to be in the 90s -- thanks to Amazon -- but Morgan Books is now in its 70th year and has still managed to prevail.
When the superstore announces their intention to locally expand by buying out and demolishing a few cherished shops on a quaint Seattle block, independent bookshop owner Jensen Ackles is having nothing of it or the company’s obnoxious CEO, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. In the midst of this, Jensen has found himself interested in dating someone, for the first time in a long time. Of course, he hasn’t exactly met Bookman66 yet, but Jensen’s pretty sure the guy he’s been talking to online recently is just about as perfect as they come.
Jeffrey, meanwhile, has developed feelings for Shopguy78 -- a member of the online book club he joined on a whim -- despite his own cutthroat exterior and less-than-stellar relationship track record. Now, if only he can stop thinking about the fiery shop owner he's attempting to put out of business...
rps  au  pairing:Jeff/Jensen  pairing:Jared/Jensen  character:Jeff  character:Jensen  character:Jared  character:Danneel  character:OFC  character:OMC  genre:romance  genre:schmoop  genre:angst  bookstore-owner!Jensen  pining!Jensen  bottom!Jensen  CEO!Jeff  pining!Jeff  kink:first-time  Bigbang  30.000-40.000 
june 2018 by somersault1509
Gummy Bears In Your Pocket
Jensen is an actor on a small TV show, he doesn't have to stay in the closet, but it always seems a little bit easier. Besides, he's never met the right guy and he has Danneel to hang out with. That all changes one night when Jensen gets his jacket mixed up with someone else's. The problem is that sometimes you don't realize how things are until things change and you're not sure what to do about it.
rps  au  pairing:Jared/Jensen  character:Jared  character:Jensen  character:Danneel  character:OMCs  genre:romance  genre:angst  genre:schmoop  actor!Jensen  jealous!Jensen  bottom!Jensen  hurt!Jared  kink:first-time  kink:manhandling  kink:riding  30.000-40.000 
december 2017 by somersault1509
Bitter Sweet and Strange
For a decade Jared has been cursed to live in this mansion, turned into a beast with a serious anger problem. Jensen is just a kid with something to prove and he never expects to suddenly find himself talking to a variety of household appliances, or being held captive by someone they call Master.
rps  au  pairing:Jared/Jensen  pairing:Chad/Danneel  character:Jared  character:Jensen  character:Chad  character:Danneel  character:Misha  character:Tom  character:Jeff  genre:angst  genre:romance  genre:fantasy  younger!Jensen  kidnapped!Jensen  bottom!Jensen  cursed!Jared  kink:first-time  kink:underage  kink:bestiality  kink:knotting  30.000-40.000 
october 2017 by somersault1509
Four Times the Winchesters Had to Move (And Once They Didn't)
Mary would be proud of what he’d accomplished with her sons. She’d be proud of the boys they were, proud of the men they were becoming. But perhaps more important than even that, John was proud of them, too. He was proud of everything they were; proud of everything they could be and everything they wanted to be. And most of all, he was proud of the fact that, when all other things fell away, as damaged as Dean would always be, and as much as Sammy would always resent him for a whole laundry list of things he did and didn’t do, both of those boys loved him as much as he loved them.
spn  non-au  pairing:none  character:John  character:Sam  character:Dean  character:OMCs  character:OFCs  genre:gen  genre:angst  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:schmoop  hurt!John  protective!John  pre-series  weechester  teenchester  author:dodger-winslow  30.000-40.000 
september 2017 by somersault1509
Boundless Love and Leaving
Six years after running off to join the army, newly discharged Dean goes in search of his family, unsure of the welcome he’s likely to receive. A lot has happened in six years though; John and Sam have moved on with their lives and Dean’s plagued by demons, old and new, that holy water and exorcisms can’t cure.
spn  au  pairing:Sam/Dean/Castiel  pairing:Sam/Castiel  pairing:Dean/OMC  character:Sam  character:Dean  character:Castiel  character:Bobby  character:OMCs  genre:angst  genre:hurt/comfort  younger!Dean  soldier!Dean  hurt!Dean  low-self-esteem!Dean  vulnerable!Dean  pining!Dean  oblivious!Dean  bottom!Dean  protective!Sam  pining!Sam  kink:threesome  kink:panties  kink:rough-sex  kink:sharing-clothes  kink:violence  panic-attack  TeamFreeWillBigBang  author:kiltsocks  30.000-40.000 
september 2017 by somersault1509
Of Sun And Sea And You
After a surfing accident that nearly took his life, Dean is trying to pull himself back together. Bills are piling up. Raising a rebellious Sam isn’t easy, and he’s constantly worried he’ll lose custody of his brother. Dean is still having nightmares about the accident, but making a name for himself at Pipe might be his only viable option to solve their financial woes. With the weight of the world bearing down on his shoulders, Dean might just find salvation in the most unlikely of people. Castiel has lived worry-free life since he was born into the richest family on the island. As the son of real estate mogul Naomi Novak, he wanted for nothing, except the freedom to make his own choices and be his own man. He moved to New York to start his own career away from his mother’s influence, but a family reunion brings him back to the place of his birth. When Castiel’s brother signs him up for a surfing lesson, he finds there’s a lot more he can learn from his green-eyed instructor than just how to catch a wave.
spn  au_(not_hunters)  pairing:Dean/Castiel  character:Castiel  character:Dean  character:Sam  character:Benny  character:Gabriel/Trickster  character:Bobby  character:OFCs  character:OMCs  genre:romance  genre:angst  surfer!Dean  hurt!Dean  bottom!Dean  businessman!Castiel  rich!Castiel  kink:first-time  kink:blowjob  kink:riding  Reversebang  30.000-40.000 
august 2017 by somersault1509
Six Days
It’s been six days since Dean went missing and two hours since Sam found him, huddled in a damp corner, shaking in fear.
spn  non-au  pairing:none  character:Sam  character:Dean  character:Bobby  genre:gen  genre:angst  genre:hurt/comfort  kidnapped!Dean  hurt!Dean  vulnerable!Dean  protective!Sam  protective!Bobby  kink:violence  kink:torture  panic-attack  30.000-40.000 
july 2017 by somersault1509
A Song In The Stars
Jared Padalecki has dreamed of taking to the skies since he was five-years-old. When he becomes an adult and builds a spaceship of his own, he gets to do just that, looking for adventure -- little did he know the adventure waiting for him. Jensen Ackles is born part human, part Terryn and his life as an outcast is difficult -- music is his only real escape. When he's captured by the Dominion, an organization hell-bent on taking over every galaxy in every way they can, he's used as a lab experiment to see how his special, combined heritage can be advantageous for them. Fleeing Dominion control, he vows to himself, they will never find him again. A chance meeting between Jared and Jensen helps both of them get what they're looking for -- and the way things end up, it may have been more than just chance. From various planets throughout different galaxies, to nights under the stars in space, Jared and Jensen find in each other something worth fighting -- and possibly dying -- for.
rps  au  pairing:Jared/Jensen  character:Jared  character:Jensen  character:Chad  character:Chris  character:Genevieve  character:Jeff  character:Danneel  character:Misha  character:OMCs  character:OFCs  genre:science-fiction  genre:angst  genre:romance  genre:schmoop  genre:hurt/comfort  hurt!Jensen  vulnerable!Jensen  powers!Jensen  bottom!Jensen  captain!Jared  protective!Jared  kink:first-time  kink:riding  kink:coming-untouched  proposal  Bigbang  30.000-40.000 
june 2017 by somersault1509
Flyover States
Sam's world tips on its axis after his girlfriend dies in a fire and his brother is the only thing that keeps him from drowning. Despite his every intention to hunt down the demon that killed both Jessica and his mother 22 years ago and then returning to his studies, that plan grows more and more distant.The ever-presence of Dean's care morphs into something else over time, born from the need for comfort and fueled by danger and desperation, and Sam realizes something about the both of them. But transitioning from being brothers that are just beginning to find their way around each other again to something more, something that could potentially destroy them for good, is anything but easy.
spn  non-au  pairing:Sam/Dean  character:Sam  character:Dean  genre:angst  hurt!Dean  pining!Dean  bottom!Dean  hurt!Sam  kink:first-time  season_1  season_2  coda  Bigbang  30.000-40.000 
june 2017 by somersault1509
Wandering Lost
Hired by an eccentric billionaire, Jensen is tasked with transporting a '55 Ford F-100 from California to New York. After the car breaks down, he's stuck in the middle of Nebraska and spends a week getting to know a whole mix of oddballs he'd never spend a minute with back in NYC. "Not all who wander are lost," but Jensen's a little of both as he warms up to the townspeople and the local handyman, who is equal parts peculiar and charming. And maybe he even finds himself along the way.
rps  au  pairing:Jared/Jensen  character:Jared  character:Jensen  character:Richard  character:Chad  character:Jim  character:OFCs  genre:romance  bottom!Jensen  kink:first-time  Bigbang  30.000-40.000 
june 2017 by somersault1509
Simpson's Sky
Dean has become a target for more than one group and now it's up to Sam to prevent all parties from hitting their mark. He didn't had a very good start.
spn  non-au  pairing:none  character:Sam  character:Dean  character:OMCs  character:OFC  character:Bobby  character:Castiel  genre:gen  genre:angst  kidnapped!Dean  hurt!Dean  carried!Dean  hospitalized!Dean  protective!Sam  powers!Sam  kink:violence  kink:torture  season_4  author:adrenalineshots  30.000-40.000 
may 2017 by somersault1509
Full Leather Jacket
When notorious crime boss John Winchester throws himself in front of a bullet meant for his son, Dean not only has to step up and take charge of the Family Business, he also has to deal with his own feelings of grief and guilt; feelings that are made even worse by the horrific secret John divulged to Dean with his dying breath. Getting somewhat shit-faced and fucking a dark-haired, blue-eyed stranger is almost certainly the worst way possible for Dean to not-deal with the situation. Especially when it seems the stranger may have dangerous secrets of his own.
spn  au_(not_hunters)  pairing:Dean/Castiel  character:Dean  character:Castiel  character:Sam  character:Bobby  character:Alastair  character:Ellen  character:Zachariah  character:Rufus  genre:angst  genre:mafia  genre:romance  crimeboss!Dean  hurt!Dean  kidnapped!Dean  bottom!Dean  drugged!Sam  sick!Sam(withdrawal)  protective!Sam  toppy!Castiel  kink:first-time  kink:rough-sex  kink:blowjob  kink:d/s  kink:torture  Reversebang  30.000-40.000 
february 2017 by somersault1509
Opus Amore
Sam and Dean go undercover at a couples retreat for Alphas and their Omegas to root out a monster. Dean hates being an Omega so the fact that he'll have to openly be one and stop taking his suppressants pisses him off. Still, the more they pretend to be a happy Omega and Alpha couple, the more he starts to think that maybe being an Omega isn't so bad, not if Sam is his Alpha..
spn  au  pairing:Sam/Dean  character:Sam  character:Dean  character:OMCs  character:OFCs  genre:angst  genre:romance  genre:schmoop  omega!Dean  vulnerable!Dean  bottom!Dean  alpha!Sam  protective!Sam  kink:first-time  kink:heat  kink:knotting  kink:collar  pretend-couple  30.000-40.000 
february 2017 by somersault1509
Through Hell And High Water (The Fire In Which We Burn!Verse Part 2)
Jensen is a high class prostitute, and a good one at that, but he wants out of the business and Senator Jared Padalecki is his meal ticket to early retirement. What Jensen wanted was a hefty pay out, enough money to start a new life, what he got was numerous attempts on his life and a baby no one expected. But then Jensen never expected to fall in love, could they make it work despite everything they’d been through?
rps  au  pairing:Jared/Jensen  character:Jared  character:Jensen  character:Ackles-family  character:Padalecki-family  character:Danneel  character:Chris  character:Misha  character:OMCs  character:OFC  genre:angst  genre:romance  model!Jensen  pregnant!Jensen  hospitalized!Jensen  bottom!Jensen  senator!Jared  protective!Jared  kink:mpreg  kink:wall-sex  kink:riding  kink:spooning  birth/delivery  verse:TheFireInWhichWeBurn  30.000-40.000 
january 2017 by somersault1509
Kaleidoscope (Learn To Glow!Verse Part 3)
This isn't a story about why Jensen, one of the most powerful empaths in the world, fell in love with a Normal person like Jared. Instead, it's a story about his life before Jared arrived, and after. So perhaps it really is a story about why he fell in love, after all.
rps  au  pairing:Jared/Jensen  character:Jared  character:Jensen  character:Ackles-family  character:Chris  character:OMCs  character:OFC  character:Sandy  genre:romance  genre:angst  architect!Jensen  empath!Jensen  powers!Jensen  bottom!Jensen  architect!Jared  protective!Jared  verse:LearnToGlow  Bigbang  30.000-40.000 
september 2016 by somersault1509
Jensen is a royal guardsman who’s gravely wounded during the assassination of the Queen by her traitorous sister. He flees into the woods, where he stumbles across a mysterious, derelict castle. Jensen’s worst fears come to life when he discovers the castle is home to a terrifying dragon straight out of legend. Can Jensen recover from his wounds, vanquish the villains, save his father and the kingdom, and—on top of all that—fall in love with the dragon?Of course he can. It’s a tale as old as time.
rps  au  pairing:Jared/Jensen  character:Jared  character:Jensen  character:OMCs  character:Alaina  genre:historical  genre:fantasy  genre:romance  genre:hurt/comfort  soldier!Jensen  guard!Jensen  hurt!Jensen  protective!Jensen  bottom!Jensen  dragon!Jared  hurt!Jared  protective!Jared  virgin!Jared  kink:first-time  kink:nipple-play  kink:blowjob  dragons  Bigbang  30.000-40.000 
august 2016 by somersault1509

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seizure  senator!jared  shy!jensen  sick!dean(cancer)  sick!dean  sick!jared  sick!jensen(migraine)  sick!jensen  sick!sam(withdrawal)  slash  soldier!dean  soldier!jensen  soulless!sam  spn  stanford-time  staraflur  steve/tony  student!jared  student!jensen  suicide-attempt  superhero!jared  superhero!jensen  surfer!dean  teacher!jensen  teamfreewillbigbang  teenchester  telanu  theavengers  therapist!jensen  thesocialnetwork  threesome  time-travel  toppy!castiel  toppy!jared  toppy!jeff  toppy!sam  torakowalski  twentysomething  vampires  verse:learntoglow  verse:preset  verse:shards  verse:thefireinwhichweburn  verse:wizards  vet!jared  virgin!jared  virgin!jensen  vulnerable!dean  vulnerable!jensen  wall-damaged!sam  weechester  werewolf!dean  werewolf!jensen  werewolves  winchesters-not-related  winged!jared  wizard!jared  wizard!jensen  wolf!jared  writer!jared  younger!dean  younger!jensen 

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