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Advice for new owners out there (and i'm one). : ender3
r/ender3: A subreddit for users of the Creality Ender 3 3d printer.
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3 days ago by tranqy
chamberlain; how to program your wireless 3 button remote control controls to open close your garage door opener
tags: chamberlain; how to program your wireless 3 button remote control controls to open close your garage door opener ;;;
Date: 2018/10;;;
IC: 2666A-7965;;;
FCC ID: HBW7965;;;
chamberlain;  how  to  program  your  wireless  3  button  remote  control  controls  open  close  garage  door  opener  912NPD  userManual  user  Manual 
6 days ago by neerajsinghvns
Discovery CEO David Zaslav expects U.S. ad revenue for the end of the year to come in below its previous guidance due to some weakness at its flagship channel.
Speaking  at  the  46th  annual  UBS  Global  Media  and  Communications  Conference  in  New  York  on  Monday  morning_  Zaslav  said  domestic  ad  revenue  would  come  below  the  3  to  5  percent  increase  the  company  previously  predicted. 
7 days ago by palfiericmw

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