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How You Will Die In The Decadent Movement
Daniel Mallory Ortberg is a wonder and a miracle
2masto  funny  art 
12 hours ago by mikelynch
Poul Anderson's "Uncleftish Beholding"
Essay from 1989 which describes atomic theory in an imaginary English without Greek, Latin or French loanwords
science  essays  language  english  2masto 
11 days ago by mikelynch
Victorian Occultism and the Art of Synesthesia – The Public Domain Review
I've said it before: the real nineteenth century was weirder than steampunk
philosophy  art  music  2masto 
16 days ago by mikelynch
"Blogging is now an elder game"
My default position is that blogging never went away: it was the virality of blogs which peaked and then collapsed with the advent of social media. But this is an interesting idea.
blogging  2masto  gaming 
18 days ago by mikelynch
King Camp Gillette's socialist utopia
The razor blade guy wanted to build a huge metropolis, called 'Metropolis', athwart Niagara Falls
2masto  socialism  planning  19thcentury 
20 days ago by mikelynch
Blog post: You are not a universal machine
I've decided to start blogging about programming again
2masto  code  programming  blog 
20 days ago by mikelynch
Stop naming your books after the horse latitudes
honestly how many of these are Jim Morrison's fault
2masto  fiction  poetry  prose  boys 
23 days ago by mikelynch

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