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So a sketch and a pattern is enough for a full garment pattern producing neural net
clothing  fashion  apparel  sewing  garment  pattern  deep  machine  learning  image  recognition  3D  2D  modeling 
2 days ago by asteroza
infinite canvas vector paint
2d  software  art  painting  vector 
5 days ago by brotivore
A crate I want: 2d graphics | Raph Levien’s blog
Contains lots of useful links to various existing crates
graphics  rust  2d  crates 
7 days ago by sophistifunk
Vecto - Simple Vector Drawing with Common Lisp
[uses cl-vectors, which apparently uses the AntiGrain rendering algo]
sameAs: https://github.com/xach/vecto
2d  graphics  rendering  lisp  library 
8 days ago by slowbyte
Build composable visualizations for the web with a data-first approach

Compose data-driven layers to create interactive visualizations in JavaScript with relational algebra supported data model.
javascript  3d  2d  graphics  visualization  library 
10 days ago by rjkroege
How to Turn Your 3D Printer into a Plotter in One Hour
Teach Your 3D Printer How to Draw and Write on Paper with Pens, Color Pencils, Crayons and More!
3dprinting  plotter  2d 
13 days ago by cyberchucktx
Field Play
visualization of arbitrary vector fields. A vector field assigns velocity and direction to every point on a plane. I drop thousands of particles on a plane and let them flow according to vector field equation.

This gives mesmerizing flows, and works well for teaching differential equations to students.
[project]  math  2D  complexity  visualization  geometry  animation 
18 days ago by moebio

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