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Other early units of value included the mark, equal to 2/3 of a pound, or 160 pence, an amount that could also be expressed as 13 shillings, 4 pence. A medieval half-mark English coin was first called the noble, and later, the angel.
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English mark
The English mark was two-thirds of a pound; so 160 p. or 13 s. 4 p.
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Dye's Coin Encylopaedia on Marks
Rings seem to cost 2 Marks. 4 Marks = 53 s 4 p; so 12 Marks = 8 pounds
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Will with rings valued at 26 s 8 p
As in Shakespeare's will. No, this is for a collection of rings that happen to add up to 26 s. 8 d. in total value.
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