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I’m amazed every time I visit the Maryland…
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6 weeks ago by dtomoff
Quote of the Day : A Beast Is A Beast. Size Does Not Matter! 👊
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january 2018 by randyhilarski
On container queries.
An excellent piece from Ethan on the concept of container queries and why they're important. I always find that whenever Ethan starts rambling on about something to do with web design it's usually a good idea to pull out your pen and paper and start taking notes.
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march 2017 by justinavery
Grid Inspection
While this was supposed to be an article about how to convert your site to Grid, Eric has decided to publish it through an online magazine (I'm guessing A List Apart). Instead there are some tools to help you debug your Grid Layout now that it's really a thing in today's standard browsers (Firefox only for now)
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march 2017 by justinavery
Ultimate Guide to API Design
If you use the term "API" in conversation but don't have a really good understanding then this is the tute for you.
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march 2017 by justinavery
A Link: rel=preload Analysis From the Chrome Data Saver Team – reloading – Medium
Preload is a great new tool in developers’ toolboxes. It has a lot of potential for addressing common performance issues. That said, it should not be used indiscriminately.
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march 2017 by justinavery
Annotations establish context, and direct users to insights and anomalies using these responsive D3 annotations
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march 2017 by justinavery
CSS4 Selectors: What Can We Expect?
A nice overview of some new CSS declarations including :not, :has, :current, :placeholder-shown and many more.
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march 2017 by justinavery
How I made "Fastest Interactive & Scroll-Animations website",Ever!
Prashant sent me an email to let me know about this post, am I'm really glad he did. This post goes into detail around how he created his portfolio with performant animations in mind.
I love it when you email me this kind of stuff, if you've written something recently that you think might be of interest please let me know.
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march 2017 by justinavery
Prefetch & preconnect-dns priority
Preconnect and prefetch-dns are both ways which you can ask your browser to do a DNS lookup and connection before you need any resources from that domain, but it helps shave time off the critical rendering path. This article looks at what difference the order of the tag makes. The short answer is none.
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march 2017 by justinavery
Empowering our editorial teams to impact page performance
An example of how you can put the onus of performance back onto the content creators by making them aware of the effect they are having in (almost) real-time.
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march 2017 by justinavery
AMP and the Web
Tim Kadlec pretty much nails my exact feels of AMP in this well-written post following up the first day of the AMP conference this week.
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march 2017 by justinavery
Linting HTML using CSS
This is such a clever approach, allowing you to target errors in your HTML (like missing href, inline styles, alt tags missing etc) through the use of CSS.
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march 2017 by justinavery

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