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When a Stranger Decides to Destroy Your Life
The story was re-posted on other sites, including one called BadBizReport.is where it has been viewed over 95,000 times. It quickly became the top search result for Glennon’s name on Google. Within a year, Glennon was experiencing the repercussions: Her number of listings dropped by half. She estimates that she’s lost $200,000 in business since 2015...It’s protected by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which protects websites from being sued for the things their users say...there is no delete button, not to mention the copies of the post that appeared on other sites.
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july 2018 by jomc
Senator Ron Wyden reckons with the internet he helped shape - The Verge
I think the public has a right to control their own data. I think what is needed are clear, enforceable rules to make sure that the companies get explicit consent from their consumers to use consumers’ data. Not some kind of, “Well, it’s back there in page 75” of some kind of agreement in small print — that if you happen to have been a lawyer specializing in a degree in small print, you know something about it. Consumers have the right, in my view, to view and remove what companies have about them on their personal data, so that what belongs to them really continues to belong to them. And then, I think companies are obligated to tell users when their privacy is compromised in data breaches, and, clearly, that has not been done in the past and certainly hasn’t been done quickly.
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july 2018 by jomc
RT : Damnificados Nuevo León ()

- Reuniones con que “no entendió su tarea”: 4 (…
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february 2018 by monicatapiaa
RT : If you’re interested in the topics being discussed in you should come to where there will be examples of…
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january 2018 by sharon_howard
Quote of the Day : What You Spend Years Building May Be Destroyed Overnight. Build Anyway! 👍
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december 2017 by randyhilarski
Web performance secrets from the BBC
Jamie Knight reveals the techniques the BBC uses to speed up its site and help users flow from one page to the next
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october 2016 by justinavery
The right layout tool for the job (video)
Rachel Andrew delivers a wonderful talk on Flex and the Grid.
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october 2016 by justinavery
Enhancing a comment form
A progressively enhanced way to create a commenting form to your site. In this tutorial we start with a basic form, add validation, auto increase the field sizes, and eventually submit the form without refreshing the page. Progressive enhancement is all about building the foundations to work for everyone and allowing you to then do amazing things without any worry.
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october 2016 by justinavery
How to Lazy Load Responsive Images Quick and Easy with Layzr.js
A great tutorial on using Layzr.js to lazy load your images and improve the performance of your site. This also adds in some intrinsic ratios to ensure content doesn't jump around as the images load.
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october 2016 by justinavery
Responsive HTML Email Templates for Startups, Developers and Marketers
There are so many free options it seems silly to pay for them.

With Google mail finally rocking the responsive design emails there's now absolutely no excuse not to have responsive emails. There are other free options out there but you can pick up
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october 2016 by justinavery
Thoughtful CSS Architecture
I'm just getting into CSS Architecture with the redesign of the RWD site. It's great to work hand in hand with folks that are much better at something that you because it gives you an opportunity to turn into a sponge.... and I don't mean something damp in the corner not doing anything, but someone who can absorb awesome new ways to do things and share that elsewhere. This article is a great overview of a few ways you might approach a smarter CSS Architecture.
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october 2016 by justinavery

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