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A timelapse inside one caucus site shows Iowa’s trouble narrowing the field
"Common wisdom holds that there are 'three tickets out of Iowa' as every four years caucusgoers dutifully pledge their support for their preferred presidential candidate and narrow the field in the process. So the Des Moines 62nd Precinct gathered at Drake University’s basketball arena on Monday night to 'tell Americans who you feel can dethrone Donald Trump,' as caucus chair Jeffrey Goetz put it in an invitation to the event. But with support spread across so many candidates – and with statewide results delayed by inconsistencies – Iowa’s typical role in cutting the size of the Democratic field is in question."
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Why Americans Love Social Security
"The evidence is not just anecdotal. Two political scientists found, in a study of social programs in developed countries, that public benefit programs that rely more on universally distributing resources enjoy more political sustainability. On the other hand, offering benefits through more opaque and income-reliant ways tends to dampen these effects. As the political scientist Suzanne Mettler has noted, in a 2008 poll, many people who had received benefits funneled through the tax code, such as the mortgage interest deduction, swore they’d never used a government program. They were therefore less likely to believe that the government had helped them get ahead."
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What Turned the Tide on Gay Marriage?
"In November of 2005, Texans voted on Proposition 2 which amended the state code to define marriage between one man and one woman. 76.25% of voters approved of this change. Then, less than a decade later, the United States Supreme Court declared that gay marriage would be the law of the land. When the Court handed down that ruling, there was no widespread civil disobedience or demonstrations against the change. In fact, for almost all Americans, it’s an issue that has receded from public consciousness. Now, Mayor Pete Buttigieg is a front runner in the Democratic primary and is openly gay, when the prior Democrat occupant of the White House took office publicly stating that people like Pete shouldn’t have the right to get married. Things have shifted quickly."
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Elizabeth Warren blows up the 'war room'
"The political consulting class is split over the strategy. 'This is the most massive, ginormous and ambitious detailed plan we’ve seen in modern American politics and she’s not engaging,' Carville said of Warren's Medicare for All proposal. 'Maybe the fact of the matter is she doesn’t have a good response so that’s why she’s not responding. Or maybe times have changed and I don’t know what I’m talking about.'"
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The Hollywood primary
"5. Joe Biden
The former VP, with his years-old programming, is the CBS of the race, popular with those who don’t have premium cable. Crossover episodes where he invokes President Obama are crowd pleasers."
a:Andrea-Roberson  a:Kyle-Kim  a:Christie-D’Zurilla  p:Los-Angeles-Times★  d:2019.11.07  w:500  infographic  celebrities  2020-election  from twitter
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Biden’s Attacks on Medicare for All Undermine the Entire Democratic Agenda
"It was more than fair for the debate moderators to press Warren on her evasiveness. Journalists should always work to expose the trade-offs inherent in politicians’ proposals. But Warren’s caginess was rooted in the media’s failure to apply such scrutiny universally. Democrats campaigning on plans that would retain America’s redundant insurance bureaucracies were not asked how they could justify such an extravagance. Under the norms of mainstream political journalism, costs imposed on the American people by the private sector require no justification or defense; only costs imposed by the public sector do."
a:Eric-Levitz  p:Intelligencer★  d:2019.10.17  w:1500  Democrats  2020-election  Joe-Biden  healthcare-reform  Elizabeth-Warren  from instapaper
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After training dozens of Democratic campaigns on email security, this programmer thinks they ought to be hacked
"It’s a lot like preventative medicine. Even if you know that you’re at risk and that you need to take steps, it’s still hard to do psychologically. Another part of it is I don’t think anybody except Hillary Clinton paid a price for what happened in 2016. I don’t think people lost their jobs for failing to secure systems. I don’t think they’re bad people, but when you’re in my position you’re looking for any lever you can find to motivate and get people to do stuff. Looking to this election, nothing really happened in 2018 that was public. Nobody really went down in flames over campaign security. I think that’ll make it even harder to make that argument this time around."
a:AJ-Vicens  a:Maciej-Cegłowski★★★  p:Mother-Jones★★  d:2019.05.31  w:2500  interview  IT-security  politics  2016-election  2020-election  Democrats  Google  email  from instapaper
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Dear Bernie: Here's how you can still win — but the chance may soon slip away | Salon.com
Nonetheless, you’ll agree that your second debate performance was much improved, and if there is a way to channel some more of the anti-elite energy floating out there, particularly the frustration with the media, into the debates, in a way that you become the center of conversation afterwards, I hope you will do that.
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What Do Rally Playlists Say About the Candidates?
"Pugnacity, high drama, self-congratulation and Top 10 familiarity — preferably all at once — are clear requirements for the playlist at Mr. Trump’s rallies. They’re oldies with a swagger... including, surprisingly, gay swagger. The default sentiment is combative self-confidence; the default sound is a martial blare."
a:Astead-Herndon  p:The-New-York-Times/U.S./Politics★★  d:2019.08.19  w:2000  infographic  analysis  music  2020-election  gender  gay  Donald-Trump  Elizabeth-Warren  from instapaper
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Detailed Maps of the Donors Powering the 2020 Democratic Campaigns
"Mr. Sanders is relying heavily on small donors to power his campaign, and he entered the 2020 race with a huge network of online donors who supported his 2016 presidential bid. The map above shows the breadth of Mr. Sanders’s roster of donors across the United States. A map that includes the rest of the Democratic field without Mr. Sanders offers a picture of where the other major candidates are picking up donors. Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, the other leading progressive in the race, is outpacing the rest of the field across much of the country — a sign that her strategy of relying on grass-roots donors, and refraining from holding high-dollar fund-raisers, is working."
a:Josh-Katz  a:KK-Rebecca-Lai  a:Rachel-Shorey  a:Thomas-Kaplan  p:The-New-York-Times/U.S./Politics★★  d:2019.08.02  w:1500  infographic  2020-election  Democrats  Elizabeth-Warren  from twitter
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Which 2020 Candidate’s Comfort Food Is the Most Haunting?
"19. Tim Ryan (?)
'I’m an ice cream guy.'
Comforting? Yes. I do not know who this man is, and if, in a month’s time, they swapped out this Tim Ryan for another, completely different Tim Ryan, I would never notice. But ice cream is a nice, comforting snack."
a:Madeleine-Aggeler  p:The-Cut/2020-Elections  d:2019.06.19  w:1000  list  analysis  food  2020-election  from instapaper
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Trump's Tweets Are Baiting Democrats - The Atlantic
Barred from expressing their rage against Trump through impeachment, progressive Democrats are turning their rage instead upon Pelosi. They blame her for stopping impeachment. They are now attacking her in increasingly racialized terms. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez complained to The Washington Post on July 10 about Pelosi’s cautions to her progressive members not to ventilate their disagreements on Twitter:
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