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Muggy Disney Parks, Downed AT&T Towers: Firms Tally Climate Risk - Bloomberg
Apple touting its devices to be great in emergencies, Home Depot noting there still be more demand for it's products.
capitalism  climate_change  this_is_fine  2019 
3 hours ago by mechazoidal
Sam Harris and the Myth of Perfectly Rational Thought | WIRED
Meanwhile, the closest thing to a cure may be for all of us to try to remember that natural selection has saddled us with these biases—and also to remember that, however hard we try, we’re probably not entirely escaping them. In this view, the biggest threat to America and to the world may be a simple lack of intellectual humility.
SamHarris  New  bias  atheism  tribalism  review  critique  Wired  2019 
3 hours ago by inspiral
Amazon Ruined Online Shopping - The Atlantic
But there’s a reason that we used to have shoe stores, hardware stores, grocery stores, bookstores, and all the rest: Those specialized retail spaces allow products, and the people with knowledge about them, to engage in specialized ways of finding, choosing, and purchasing them. On Amazon, everything gets treated the same. The problem with an Everything Store is that there’s no way to organize everything effectively. The result is basically a giant digital flea market. Amazon is so big, and so heterogenous, that the whole shopping experience is saturated with caprice and uncertainty. It’s not that Dash purchases alone might produce a result different from the one the buyer intended, but that every purchase might do so.
Amazon  ecommerce  review  critique  TheAtlantic  2019 
3 hours ago by inspiral
8.68: Institutions and companies—capitalization
“The full names of institutions, groups, and companies and the names of their departments, and often the shortened forms of such names (e.g., the Art Institute), are capitalized. A the preceding a name, even when part of the official title, is lowercased in running text.”
cmos  chicago  style  the  2019 
4 hours ago by handcoding
Event Report: #WEF19 #Davos2019 Globalization 4.0 Under Fire As Global Leaders Fail The Populace
"While noble in intent, the forum drives deep discussion among its members. The research into political, societal, economic, and technology issues have raised public awareness. Despite the number of world leaders, business executives, non-profit pioneers, and other change agents, few major initiatives move from concept to commercialization and impact the general populace. Hence, many skeptics continue to criticize the WEF efforts."
@rwang0  2019  alliances  apps  strategy  artificial  intelligence  business  transformation  ceo  chief  customer  officer  data  digital  executive  financial 
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