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Why Sears is failing and closing stores
Surprisingly, a "brilliant" asset-manager doesn't necessarily make a good CEO of a retail chain, especially when he wants to convert it into a tech company "like Amazon". (and then quietly asset-stripping it on the side)
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8 hours ago by mechazoidal
The last 5.5 months have been extremely wet in the Northwest
If you needed any more proof that it’s been exceptionally wet in the Pacific Northwest this winter, Cliff Mass, UW professor of atmospheric sciences, is here to put things into perspective.
!UWitM  2017  MyNorthwest.com  Mass.Cliff  Department:Atmospheric.Sciences 
11 hours ago by uwnews
Seattle Transit News: The Streetcar Is Back, Light Rail Stations Celebrate 1st Birthday - Slog - The Stranger
When Capitol Hill and University of Washington stations opened on March 19, 2016, the whole city was in transformed in an instant.
!UWitM  2017  light.rail  The.Stranger 
11 hours ago by uwnews
Successful people use these techniques to speak up for themselves—and stay likable — Quartz
So when a scene calls for it, be a ferocious mama bear and a humble advice seeker. Have excellent evidence and strong allies. Be a passionate perspective taker. And if you use those tools—and each and every one of you can use these tools—you will expand your range of acceptable behavior, and your days will be mostly joyful.
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12 hours ago by gnimia
Releases · nickzman/symboliclinker · GitHub
SymbolicLinker is a tiny software service that, once installed, allows any user to create symbolic links to files inside the Finder. SymbolicLinker does this by adding a contextual menu item to the Finder that generates symbolic links to the selected files. The goal of this product is to decrease users' trips to the Terminal in order to use the "ln -s" command. SymbolicLinker is available in English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.
2017  macOS  Automator  Service  SymbolicLinker  symlink  GitHub  3rd  party  automation 
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