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Rebecca Solnit on a Childhood of Reading and Wandering | Literary Hub
"In the most egalitarian of European—and New Mexican—traditions, forests were public commons in which common people could roam, graze flocks, hunt and gather, and this is another way that forests when they are public land and public libraries are alike: as spaces in which everyone is welcome, as places in which we can wander and collect, get lost and find what we’re looking for.

The United States’s public libraries sometimes seem to me the last refuges of a democratic vision of equality, places in which everyone is welcome, which serve the goal of an informed public, offering services far beyond the already heady gift of free books you can take home, everything from voter registration to computer access. I’ve joked for a long time that if you walked up to people in the street and asked them whether we could own our greatest treasures collectively and trust people to walk away with them and bring them back, a lot of people would say that’s impossibly idealistic and some would say it’s socialist, but libraries have been making books free for all for a very long time. They are temples of books, fountains of narrative pleasure, and toolboxes of crucial information. My own writing has depended on public libraries and then university libraries and archives and does to this day. I last used a public library the day before yesterday."

"So let’s begin by recognizing that all this was—and in many moral ways still is—Coast Miwok land, before the Spanish came, before Spanish claims became Mexican claims, before this was considered to be part of Mexico, before it was part of the United States."

"Browsing, woolgathering, meandering, wandering, drifting, that state when exploring, when looking to find what it might be possible to find rather than seeking one particular goal, is the means of locomotion. I often think that hunter-gatherers must move a lot like this, seeking game or plant foods, flexible about what might show up on any given day. I was lucky that children were weeds, not hothouse flowers, in those days, left to our own devices, and my own devices led in two directions: north to the hills and the horses, south to the library."

"These linked paths and roads form a circuit of about six miles that I began hiking ten years ago to walk off my angst during a difficult year. I kept coming back to this route for respite from my work and for my work too, because thinking is generally thought of as doing nothing in a production-oriented culture, and doing nothing is hard to do. It’s best done by disguising it as doing something, and the something closest to doing nothing is walking. Walking itself is the intentional act closest to the unwilled rhythms of the body, to breathing and the beating of the heart. It strikes a delicate balance between working and idling, being and doing. It is a bodily labor that produces nothing but thoughts, experiences, arrivals. After all those years of walking to work out other things, it made sense to come back to work close to home, in Thoreau’s sense, and to think about walking.

Walking, ideally, is a state in which the mind, the body, and the world are aligned, as though they were three characters finally in conversation together, three notes suddenly making a chord. Walking allows us to be in our bodies and in the world without being made busy by them. It leaves us free to think without being wholly lost in our thoughts."

"Moving on foot seems to make it easier to move in time; the mind wanders from plans to recollections to observations."

"Leave the door open for the unknown, the door into the dark. That’s where the most important things come from, where you yourself came from, and where you will go…"

"Like many others who turned into writers, I disappeared into books when I was very young, disappeared into them like someone running into the woods. What surprised and still surprises me is that there was another side to the forest of stories and the solitude, that I came out that other side and met people there. Writers are solitaries by vocation and necessity. I sometimes think the test is not so much talent, which is not as rare as people think, but purpose or vocation, which manifests in part as the ability to endure a lot of solitude and keep working. Before writers are writers they are readers, living in books, through books, in the lives of others that are also the heads of others, in that act that is so intimate and yet so alone."

"Libraries are sanctuaries from the world and command centers onto it: here in quiet rooms are the lives of Crazy Horse and Aung San Suu Kyi, the Hundred Years War and the Opium Wars and the Dirty War, the ideas of Simone Weil and Lao Tsu, information on building your sailboat or dissolving your marriage, fictional worlds and books to equip the reader to reenter the real world. They are, ideally, places where nothing happens and where everything that has happened is stored up to be remembered and relived, the place where the world is folded up into boxes of paper. Every book is a door that opens into another world, which might be the magic that all those children’s books were alluding to, and a library is a Milky Way of worlds. All readers are Wu Daozi; all imaginative, engrossing books are landscapes into which readers vanish."
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How to create a full memory dump - Symantec notes
Many times Symantec Development will need a full memory dump from an affected system to identify the cause of a crash.
The following directions will ensure that a full memory dump is generated vs. a mini-dump.
DumpAnalysis  DumpCapture  MemoryDump  Windows  MiniDump  symantec  2017  Tutorial  Debugging 
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Where can I get keycaps for Leopold FC660C? : MechanicalKeyboards
(On getting keycaps for a Leopold FC660C:)
“Any topre keycaps will fit:
“blanks: kbdfans, hhkb blanks (not full coverage), or artisans
“lettered: realforce jp sets (not full coverage), hhkb (not full coverage).”
leopold  fc660c  keycaps  keyboards  2017  reddit 
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(1) FC660C with Hasu Controller - any key anywhere. - YouTube
If you might ever consider getting a Leopold FC660C with a Hasu controller, this might be worth a look, especially for the bits about reprogramming it.
leopold  keyboards  2017  hasu  youtube  videos 
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Distributed Governance | William & Mary Law Review
Distributed ledger technology disrupts traditional business organizations by introducing new business entities without the directors and officers of traditional corporate entities. Although these emerging entities offer intriguing possibilities, distributed entities may suffer significant collective action problems and expose investors to catastrophic regulatory and governance risks. Our Article examines key considerations for stakeholders and argues that distributed entities must be carefully structured to function effectively.

         This Article breaks new ground by critically examining distributed entities. We argue that a distributed model is most appropriate when distributed ledger technology solves a unique corporate governance problem. We caution against ignoring the lessons painstakingly learned through past governance failures.
NetworkEffects  CommunityEngagement  Governance  2017  MovementStrategy 
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Venus/背德 - 易水复萧寒
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燧镜情劫/Through The Looking Glass - rsh437
SY http://www.mtslash.net/thread-214350-1-1.html
最新 5-1 http://rsh437.lofter.com/post/1d544658_11452f0b
!连载  !翻译  -盾冬  05-10章  base:半au  set:穿越  in:SY  hot:100+  year:17.10  2017 
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关于人鱼小王子巴基和他的童话故事 - 左纶
2 http://zhanyimeidepangci.lofter.com/post/1ee9f99a_115fa397
!连载  -盾冬  01-05章  au:童话  au:西方  id:人鱼冬  hot:100+  year:17.10  2017 
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金牌按摩师 - 易水复萧寒

2 http://yishuifuxiaohan.lofter.com/post/428714_11679925
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哨兵与向导的爱情故事 - 君焰冷/咸狼
2 http://junyanleng.lofter.com/post/1ebbb763_1175a70e
3 http://junyanleng.lofter.com/post/1ebbb763_117edd2a
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战犯1049 - Mathison忘川.
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全复联都以为你们在谈恋爱 - FTWfire
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6 http://trace491172.lofter.com/post/1d56961e_11628a64
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美国队长的短信收件箱 - 鸭脖不辣汗
来自:未知号码 内容:史蒂夫?
来自:特查拉 内容:队长,试验很成功,他醒了。
来自:未知号码 内容:史蒂夫,我是巴基,特查拉给了我一个新手机,我在试图给你发一条短信,你收得到么?
2 http://hiiiiiilo.lofter.com/post/1d461c35_b3a63d6
3 http://hiiiiiilo.lofter.com/post/1d461c35_b45a8f3
4 http://hiiiiiilo.lofter.com/post/1d461c35_b8f3764
番外 http://hiiiiiilo.lofter.com/post/1d461c35_11692e2c
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连锁效应 - FriedRose
2 http://futuristiclover001.lofter.com/post/1eb953e5_10ef6804
3 http://futuristiclover001.lofter.com/post/1eb953e5_10f0e3df
4 http://futuristiclover001.lofter.com/post/1eb953e5_11800484
5 http://futuristiclover001.lofter.com/post/1eb953e5_117f362a
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第一次见面 - 清明
2 http://heruogujiudaiqingming038.lofter.com/post/1edb3447_116ade9e
!完结  -盾冬  01-05章  base:半au  base:复联  base:队2  cp:双CP  cp:贱虫  hot:300+  year:17.10  2017 
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