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How Russian & Alt-Right Twitter Accounts Worked Together to Skew the Narrative About Berkeley
"The methods used by these “alt-right”/far-right figures to shape the narrative surrounding #Antifa and #Berkeley may look familiar, as they mirror the methods used by authoritarian states to manipulate public opinion and skew perceptions of reality. RAND detailed many of these methods in an extensive report on Russia’s “Firehose of Falsehood” propaganda model:
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Mic’s drop | The Outline
The usual rise of clickbait-friendly news agency powered(and de-powered) by Facebook, coupled with clickbait aimed at more social+left-wing issues. Results in an easy punching-bag for right-wingers, and outrage satiation for everyone else.

Heartening: there were some writers that genuinely believed in writing good stories and working with community, but upper-management didn't care. Sounds familiar.
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The Reclusive Hedge-Fund Tycoon Behind the Trump Presidency
(un)surprisingly enought, it's Robert Mercer. A straight blueprint of 2016, noting how he:
- went in big with Citizens United
- boosted Breitbart(and Bannon) to their heights
- pumping cash into Strategic Communication Laboratories and Cambridge Analytica, along with encouraging using the Facebook data
- out-Koched the Koch brothers with the level of his spending.
- only backed Trump because he was "the only one with the resources and name recognition" after looking at the other 2016 candidates.
- boosted the "Government Accountability Institute" to exploit the lack of funding for most mainstream media's investigative reporting(ie, by digging up dirt and rumors and feeding them to reporters)

(also noted: his daughter Rebekah is just as much an influencer and enforcer, and was the one responsible for pushing the Koch brothers out)
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The network of global corporate control
@cstross points out the money shot: "Remarkably, the existence of such a core in the global market was never documented before and thus, so far, no scientific study demonstrates or excludes that this international “super-entity” has ever acted as a bloc. However, some examples suggest that this is not an unlikely scenario. For instance, previous studies have shown how even small cross-shareholding structures, at a national level, can affect market competition in sectors such as airline, automobile and steel, as well as the financial one [14, 13]. At the same time, antitrust institutions around the world (e.g., the UK Office of Fair Trade) closely monitor complex ownership structures within their national borders. The fact that international data sets as well as methods to handle large networks became available only very recently, may explain how this finding could go unnoticed for so long."
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Charlie Stross on Twitter: "Key point: UK/USA think cyberwar is hacking. Russia, China, etc. think cyberwar is social media propaganda attacks: https://t.co/IFMlQgf7XP"
"Can't emphasize this point enough: the cheapest way to wage 21st century war is to convince your enemies to shoot themselves in the foot."
"We're like ghost shirt wearers, convinced our purity of belief in free speech will protect us from deliberate black propaganda attacks."
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april 2017 by mechazoidal
Tweet from Charlie Stross (cstross)
a response to a thread about immigration control:
"Anti-immigrant propaganda is being used to justify the modern recreation of serfdom."
"If immigration clampdown is global, everyone is trapped in their own nation. Except the ultra-rich (google "investors visa" for details)."
"This allows free movement of capital to pursue profits wherever (captive) labour is cheapest. (Imperialism, per Marx, in its purest form.)"
"Brexit, Trumpism, etc—is part of an economic imperialist push to maximize profit extraction from labour units (us), avoiding accountability."
"If you vote for restrictions on immigration you are, in the long term, potentially cutting your throat."
"Those "filthy immigrants" on the TV are people like you, trapped by a country where the rulers fucked up and started shooting people."
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april 2017 by mechazoidal

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