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Divided We Stand
"Interstate compacts have rarely been applied to controversial topics. Yet to a paralyzed Congress, and a president without any deeply held views about state-federal relations, they could prove an appealing vehicle to restless factions on both the left and the right. It may be time to take the country apart and put it back together, into a shape that better aligns with the divergent, and increasingly irreconcilable, political preferences of its people — or at least to consider what such a future might look like, if for no other reason than to test our own resolve. An imagined trial separation, if you will. Or perhaps in contemplating a future apart we might stumble upon a few ideas for some new way to live together after all."
a:Sasha-Issenberg  p:New-York-Magazine/Daily-Intelligencer★  d:2018.11.14  w:6500  geography  politics  government  2004-election  2016-election  future  United-States  from instapaper
december 2018 by bankbryan
Sarah Silverman Is the Troll Slayer
"Do you hope Louie comes back?"
"I think that there are people who were caught and there were people who were not caught, but the important thing is that they are forever changed. And if that's the case, I don't see any reason why they can't continue being artists. Now, whether they're popular artists or not is up to the audience. I have compassion. There are people that just deny everything they're accused of and they continue to be the politicians or the filmmakers that they are. And there are people that come and say, I'm guilty of these things, and I'm wrong, and I want to be changed from this. And yet those are the ones that kind of are excommunicated forever. He's my brother, so it's hard. I may not have a very clear perspective on it, but I'm trying to."
"I almost think that trying is what's important."
"People are very sure about what is right and wrong until it comes to their front door."
a:Drew-Magary★  a:Sarah-Silverman★★  p:GQ★★  d:2018.05.23  w:4000  interview  comedy  social-media  gender  2016-election  Donald-Trump  from instapaper
august 2018 by bankbryan
Why this political scientist thinks the Democrats have to fight dirty
"I don’t think we can restore order by respecting rules that are not respected by Republicans. I do believe we’ll have to find a way to end this procedural war at some point, but now is not that time. Republicans need to know what it’s like to be on the other end of normative violations. The Republicans are behaving like a party that believes it will never be held accountable for anything they’re doing, and so far they haven’t been. That has to change before we can fix this mess."
a:Sean-Illing  a:David-Faris  p:Vox★★  d:2018.05.01  w:2000  interview  politics  Democrats  Republicans  process  2016-election  Donald-Trump  from instapaper
july 2018 by bankbryan
Whose Story (and Country) Is This?
"And then there’s the and movements. We’ve heard from hundreds, perhaps thousands, of women about assaults, threats, harassment, humiliation, coercion, of campaigns that ended careers, pushed them to the brink of suicide. Many men’s response to this is sympathy for men. The elderly film director Terry Gilliam said in March, 'I feel sorry for someone like Matt Damon who is a decent human being. He came out and said all men are not rapists, and he got beaten to death. Come on, this is crazy!' Matt Damon has not actually been beaten to death. He is one of the most highly-paid actors on earth, which is a significantly different experience than being beaten to death. The actor Chris Evans did much better with this shift, saying recently, 'The hardest thing to reconcile is that just because you have good intentions, doesn’t mean it’s your time to have a voice.'"
a:Rebecca-Solnit★  p:Literary-Hub  d:2018.04.18  w:2500  manifesto  race  gender  2016-election  United-States  from twitter
june 2018 by bankbryan
Go Big
"Amid this jumble of stimuli, I’ll dust off the notion that my sons should be aware of their Korean heritage. It’s not always clear what that might mean. Eating spicy food? Knowing how to draw the flag, or write their names in a language I’m not even conversant in? At the moment, it only means addressing their father with appropriate reverence. 'From now on, call me "Ed" — I mean "Dad".' 'Hello, Edward Park,' K. says."
a:Ed-Park  p:New-York-Magazine/The-Cut★  d:2018.03.06  w:2500  children  parenting  family  culture  2016-election  from instapaper
march 2018 by bankbryan
Jared Kushner Is China’s Trump Card
"American intelligence officials describe their Chinese counterparts with grudging respect. At the end of the Obama Administration, Russia and China topped the White House’s list of counterintelligence threats, largely because of their proficiency in electronic surveillance—intercepting phone calls and e-mails. The Chinese were not yet on the level of the Russians in the area of 'human intelligence', or spies and informants, a senior Obama Administration official said, 'but they’re certainly improving, and they’ve been quite aggressive in recent years.' Michael Bahar, a former staff director and general counsel for Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, said, 'They are a professional service. They do their homework.'"
a:Adam-Entous  a:Evan-Osnos  p:The-New-Yorker★★  d:2018.01.29  w:4500  Donald-Trump  China  intelligence-gathering  diplomacy  espionage  Russia  2016-election  from instapaper
march 2018 by bankbryan
“He’s a Coen Brothers Villain”
"How do people there see the Mueller investigation, and does what you just said affect the way you see it?
I think they see it primarily as being incredibly amusing, because finally the U.S. is as obsessed with Russia as the Russians have always fantasized that it was.* Because after spending years and hundreds of millions of dollars on trying to raise Russia’s profile abroad, suddenly they can just kick back, relax, and do nothing while the Western media do their jobs of glorifying Putin as this hypercompetent, brilliant villain for them. They absolutely don’t mind being portrayed as scheming villains, because the only thing that the Russians hate is being accurately portrayed as largely incompetent. As long as we ascribe competence to them, they will be very happy."
a:Isaac-Chotiner  a:Michael-Idov★★  p:Slate★★  d:2018.02.27  w:2500  interview  Russia  2016-election  Donald-Trump  from twitter
march 2018 by bankbryan
U.S. Secretly Negotiated With Russians to Buy Stolen NSA Documents — and the Russians Offered Trump-Related Material, Too
"In March 2017, the Russian met with the American intermediary and a U.S. official in Berlin and agreed to provide the stolen NSA data from the Shadow Brokers in exchange for payment. The U.S. government used 'certain messaging techniques' that the Russian accepted as proof that the U.S. government was behind the negotiations and the proposed deal, according to the documents obtained by The Intercept. Officials gave the Russians advance knowledge that on June 20, 2017, at 12:30 p.m., the official NSA Twitter account would tweet: 'Samuel Morse patented the telegraph 177 years ago. Did you know you can still send telegrams? Faster than post & pay only if it’s delivered.' That tweet, in exactly those words, was issued at that time."
a:James-Risen  p:The-Intercept  d:2018.02.09  w:2500  Russia  NSA  Donald-Trump  intelligence-gathering  Twitter  2016-election  from instapaper
march 2018 by bankbryan
Robert Mueller Is Treating Russia Like a Gang, and It's Working
"For Moscow, this is a difficult issue to handle, behind the ritual nod-and-wink denials. There remains a certain bravado, an inverse pride in their trolls and other spooks, on part of Russia’s political elite. Indeed, you could argue that the more Mueller and others talk up Russian capabilities and the impact of their meddling on the world's most powerful democracy, the stronger the Kremlin looks. To be blunt, if you have already made the decision to be—and be seen as—a global meddler and bully, then you might as well be considered good at it."
a:Mark-Galeotti  p:VICE★★  d:2018.02.20  w:1500  Russia  hacking  Donald-Trump  2016-election  from instapaper
march 2018 by bankbryan
Revealed: The Secret KGB Manual for Recruiting Spies
"The virtues of an open society are vices to its enemies. The notion, for instance, that foreign spies might look to blackmail or incriminate and then recruit sojourning scientists or graduate students or newspaper columnists was anathema to liberal sensibilities. 'The Russians just think it so quaint when we say, "students and cultural exchanges ought to be sacrosanct and certainly nobody would use these honest exchange programs for espionage purposes,"' said Hall. 'They take it to the bank every time.' 'There is no such thing as clean business, people-to-people contact or cultural work that is off limits,' agrees John Sipher. 'Any time a foreigner interacts with the Russian state, he or she should expect to be targeted, assessed and scrutinized.'"
a:Michael-Weiss  p:The-Daily-Beast★  d:2017.12.27  w:5500  intelligence-gathering  espionage  Russia  2016-election  Cold-War  from instapaper
february 2018 by bankbryan
What Putin Really Wants
"The Rose Revolution in Georgia, the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, the Tulip Revolution in Kyrgyzstan—'Russia looks at this with understandable mistrust,' Migranyan told his students. He pointed out that the United States, by its own admission, had spent $5 billion in Ukraine to promote democracy—that is, to expand the liberal Western order. Through this prism, it is not irrational to believe that the U.S. might be coming for Moscow—and Putin—next. Putin had always been suspicious of democracy promotion, but two moments convinced him that America was coming for him under its guise. The first was the 2011 nato intervention in Libya, which led, ultimately, to the ousting and gruesome lynching of the Libyan dictator, Muammar Qaddafi. Afterward, many people who interacted with Putin noticed how deeply Qaddafi’s death troubled him. He is said to have watched the video of the killing over and over. 'The way Qaddafi died made a profound impact on him,' says Jake Sullivan, a former senior State Department official who met repeatedly with senior Russian officials around that time. Another former senior Obama-administration official describes Putin as 'obsessed' with Qaddafi’s death."
a:Julia-Ioffe  p:The-Atlantic★★  d:2017.12  w:11500  Russia  hacking  2016-election  Barack-Obama  Hillary-Clinton  government  Donald-Trump  from instapaper
january 2018 by bankbryan
Trump Breaks With Bannon, Saying He Has ‘Lost His Mind’
"While Mr. Trump had remained in touch with Mr. Bannon after pushing him out of the White House over the summer, the two now appear to have reached a breaking point. 'Steve Bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency,' Mr. Trump said. 'When he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind.'"
a:Peter-Baker  a:Maggie-Haberman★  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2018.01.03  w:2000  Donald-Trump  2016-election  from iphone
january 2018 by bankbryan

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