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All Kirby CMS plugins in one place
Searching for plugins & extensions to pimp up your Kirby CMS powered website? Look no further! We have everything listed.
kirby  plugins  directory  addon  201510 
october 2015 by jakoubek
Sphido: A rocket fast flat file CMS
A rocket fast, lightweight, flat file CMS for PHP
sphido  php  flatfile  cms  opensource  201510 
october 2015 by jakoubek
File Juggler - Automatic file management for Windows
File Juggler keeps your files organized
You set up the rules, and File Juggler will monitor your folders and manage your files automatically
filejuggler  windows  shareware  software  automation  files  rules  201510 
october 2015 by jakoubek
Simplifying Applications with Eventual Consistency -- Visual Studio Magazine
Stop trying to make everything work all at once. Instead, use Domain Events to make applications simpler, more scalable and easier to maintain -- and to defer updates until you can't avoid making them.
event-sourcing  eventstore  domain  event  eventual  consistency  programming  201510 
october 2015 by jakoubek
Office 2016 RibbonCreator - RibbonCreator 2016
WYSIWYG Ribbon Editor für Microsoft Access 2013 und 2016, Microsoft Excel 2013 und 2016, Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 und 2016, Microsoft Word 2013 und 2016
microsoft  office  ribbons  menu  editor  creator  201510 
october 2015 by jakoubek
Art of the DBA
Blending the right and left sides of SQL Server Database Administration
sqlserver  blog  dba  201510 
october 2015 by jakoubek
SQL Server Central. Microsoft SQL Server tutorials, training & forum.
A Microsoft SQL Server community of 1,834,030 DBAs, developers and SQL Server users
sqlserver  community  database  refernce  forum  201510 
october 2015 by jakoubek

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