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This App Magically Reveals Your Ideal Brows | xoJane
“Now, I’m not saying that Benefit’s Brow Genie web app is gonna go viral or anything, but it’s a pretty darn effective tool for anyone out there who wants to a) waste a little time and b) up their brow game. It just launched, and it’s not perfect, but it certainly provides some guidance. I imagine it’s particularly useful for those of you who haven’t a clue where to begin when it comes to your brow game.”
brows  eyebrows  xojane  2015  makeup 
yesterday by handcoding
Amazon überarbeitet Bewertungssystem: Fünf Sterne reloaded
Der Online-Händler Amazon überarbeitet sein Bewertungssystem. Die Meinung der Kunden wird in Zukunft nach mehreren Kriterien gewichtet. […] Die Basis für das neue System bilden zwar weiterhin die Urteile der Kunden. Doch in Zukunft bewertet Amazon die Bewertungen selbst. Nicht jede Fünf-Sterne-Bewertung ist damit auch fünf Sterne wert. Neue Bewertungen, Bewertungen zu „verifizierten Käufen“ sowie als „nützlich“ eingeschätzte Bewertungen werden schwerer gewichtet und den Kunden auch weiter oben angezeigt.
amazon  2015 
2 days ago by jchris
Good Copy, Bad Copy » Blog Archive Writing speed: how long does it take to write something?
“Today, my ballpark figure for business writing is 800 words of polished prose a day. (But, I repeat: it depends on what I’m writing.) That makes me pretty fast.

“Other professional writers I’ve commissioned have quoted me one day’s work for a 500-700-word piece. And I once heard a pretty established professor say he could produce 300 words of dense academic prose in a day (footnotes and all, presumably).

“Even that’s more efficient than it sounds. I wrote my 100,000-word PhD thesis over six years. Assuming I wrote Monday to Friday for every week during that period (which, of course I didn’t), I was averaging 64 words a day. 64 words a day.”

(via: https://twitter.com/DorisandBertie/status/623417939182682112)
words  wordsperday  writing  2015  dorisandbertie 
3 days ago by handcoding
You're Not Hallucinating. That's Just Squid Skin. | Deep Look - YouTube
"Octopuses and cuttlefish are masters of underwater camouflage, blending in seamlessly against a rock or coral. But squid have to hide in the open ocean, mimicking the subtle interplay of light, water, and waves. How do they do it? (And it is NOT OCTOPI)"

"--- How do squid change color?

For an animal with such a humble name, market squid have a spectacularly hypnotic appearance. Streaks and waves of color flicker and radiate across their skin. Other creatures may posses the ability to change color, but squid and their relatives are without equal when it comes to controlling their appearance and new research may illuminate how they do it.

To control the color of their skin, cephalopods use tiny organs in their skin called chromatophores. Each tiny chromatophore is basically a sac filled with pigment. Minute muscles tug on the sac, spreading it wide and exposing the colored pigment to any light hitting the skin. When the muscles relax, the colored areas shrink back into tiny spots.

--- Why do squid change color?

Octopuses, cuttlefish and squid belong to a class of animals referred to as cephalopods. These animals, widely regarded as the most intelligent of the invertebrates, use their color change abilities for both camouflage and communication. Their ability to hide is critical to their survival since, with the exception of the nautiluses, these squishy and often delicious animals live without the protection of protective external shells.

But squid often live in the open ocean. How do you blend in when there's nothing -- except water -- to blend into? They do it by changing the way light bounces off their their skin -- actually adjust how iridescent their skin is using light reflecting cells called iridophores. They can mimic the way sunlight filters down from the surface. Hide in plain sight.

Iridophores make structural color, which means they reflect certain wavelengths of light because of their shape. Most familiar instances of structural color in nature (peacock feathers, mother of pearl) are constant–they may shimmer when you change your viewing angle, but they don't shift from pink to blue."
chromatophores  2015  squid  octopus  cuttlefish  camouflage  classideas  science  multispecies  nature 
6 days ago by robertogreco
Ferry and Ferry Landings - Safety and accessibility | Nexus Tyne & Wear
2018 Venue 1 (F) Music on The Ferry
2018 Venue 2 (S) Ferry Landing Terminal – South Side

Accessibility: Yes

Customer Services
Tel 0191 20 20 747
8.00am-6.00pm, Monday to Friday

No email

Contact Form:
2018  2017  2016  2015  crossing-the-tyne-festival  venue  accessibility 
10 days ago by lizpanton
Interview with the creators of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s theme song: Jeff Richmond, the Gregory Brothers on the hilarious black neighbor (VIDEO).
“Indeed, the hilarious black neighbor has long been an accepted part of contemporary culture, though fraught with race and class connotations. There is a very subtle creative choice here that distinguishes Bankston from the way Charles Ramsey, Sweet Brown, and Antoine Dodson have been received by the public, however: In Kimmy Schmidt, the song is both cleverly subversive and empowering. “White dudes hold the record for creepy crimes,” he says, making the cult leader the butt of the joke; and then, “But females are strong as hell!” It’s not quite as hard-hitting as Ramsey’s oft-ignored, brutally honest statement that “he knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man’s arms,” but the sentiment of pointing out the long-held racial division in the U.S. remains.”
kimmyschmidt  tv  race  slate  2015 
11 days ago by handcoding
Unreel Entertainment GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
GIF car, blue, cars, 2015, project, speed, dude, documentary, ford, in, nissan, need, porsche, for, that, evan, gtr, sho, shanks, 240sx, hellcat, porsche 911, 300zx, cleetus, thatdudeinblue, mcfarland, gt2, 1320video, porsche 911 gt3, porsche macan, porsche 944, porsche 918, gt3 rs, porsche gt2 rs, porsche 911 turbo s, porsche panamera turbo, porsche panamera 4s, porsche cayman s, porsche panamera executive, porsche 918 spyder 2018, porsche taycan, porsche gt3, porsche experience center, porsche carrera Giphy https://ift.tt/2vuSliV ______ http://goo.gl/3oHDPV
car  blue  cars  2015  project  speed  dude  documentary  ford  in  nissan  need  porsche  for  that  evan  gtr  sho  shanks  240sx  hellcat  911  300zx  cleetus  thatdudeinblue  mcfarland  gt2 
14 days ago by architektura
Why You Shouldn't Call Poor Nations 'Third World Countries'
“Is there any way to talk about rich countries and poor countries that is both useful and forward-looking? 

“Over at NPR, Marc Silver put together a helpful survey of the myriad difficulties that accompany any polite attempt to discuss class in the global community. The distinction between ‘First World’ and ‘Third World’ is on the wane for good reason, but is there any suitable replacement?”
firstworld  thirdworld  2015  mic  inclusion  language 
16 days ago by handcoding
Unreel Entertainment GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
GIF car, blue, cars, 2015, project, speed, adam, dude, ford, in, focus, nissan, need, for, that, st, cobra, evan, mazda, lexus, mitsubishi, taurus, gtr, evo, shelby, rx7, pontiac, sho, shanks, 240sx, hellcat, r32, lz, g8, rx8, 300zx, cleetus, mcfarland, thatdudeinblue, 1320video, adamlz, is300, david patterson, kenne bell, shelby gt500, 2013 gt500 review, tdib, 2017 shelby super snake review, super snake vs, shelby gt500 super snake, shelby cobra review, shelby gt500 super snake review, 2014 gt500, 2013 gt500, carroll shelby Giphy https://ift.tt/2LDS9Jd ______ http://goo.gl/3oHDPV
car  blue  cars  2015  project  speed  adam  dude  ford  in  focus  nissan  need  for  that  st  cobra  evan  mazda  lexus  mitsubishi  taurus  gtr  evo  shelby  rx7  pontiac  sho  shanks  240sx  hellc 
17 days ago by architektura
How to look at Los Angeles: A conversation with D.J. Waldie, Lynell George and Josh Kun
"Arriving at a not-quite-real place, falling in love after a sometimes brutal wooing, and love's disillusionment, is the briefest and truest history of California." —D.J. aldie

"I actually think most stereotypes about L.A. are true, and that's not only OK, it's part of what it means to live here." —Josh Kun

"for me, as the child of South American immigrants, California was never the West; it was the North. And it was never the last stop. It was the first. It was the beginning." —Carolina Miranda

"That is ultimately the key. To let go of these expectations of what L.A. is supposed to be, supposed to fix, supposed to cure — all of the projections we've lived in and around for decades." —Lynell George

[quote selections via: http://cmonstah.tumblr.com/post/125092712185/talking-with-josh-kun-dj-waldie-and-lynell ]
losangeles  djaldie  lynellgeorge  joshkun  2015  california  cities  experience  immigration  immigrants  expectations 
19 days ago by robertogreco

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