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Reducing Zero Result Searches Through Elasticsearch Slop Parameter Changes
This report covers the second experiment run by the Discovery team. The slop parameter indicates how far apart terms are allowed to be while still considering the document a match. Far apart means: how many times do you need to move a term in order to make the query and document match? [1] We hypothesized that increasing the slop parameter would yield less zero results. This was based on our intuition that less restrictive (more flexible) phrase matching should find more documents that match the terms. In summary, we did not find a consistent improvement in outcome for users subject to the experimental conditions, and recommend disabling the experiment and returning users to the default search experience - coupled with some investigation suggestions.
SearchEngine  search  2015  wikipedia 
yesterday by Audiences
ErgoDox EZ: An incredible mechanical keyboard | Indiegogo
It looks like the ErgoDox EZ started shipping in November 2015.
ergodox  ergodoxez  2015  keyboards 
10 days ago by handcoding
Battling RSI – part 2 – Asmand’s Blog
“WhatPulse is a small application that measures your keyboard and mouse usage, providing insight in how you use your computer. It produces a heat map of your keyboard, showing the most frequently used keys, etc. After the first day of measuring I was checking the results, and the results were quite alarming. I thought I’d give it a few more days to see if the first day was an anomaly, but the same patterns were repeating day after day.”
keyboards  rsi  2015  software 
10 days ago by handcoding
Taking CTRL Over UNIX Shortcuts in OS X – Asmand’s Blog
“Did you know that many of the standard keyboard shortcuts from *nix also work in OS X? Not only in the Terminal where Bash shortcuts work, but globally in the OS.

“The shortcuts I mostly use are ctrl-a for moving the cursor to the beginning of the current line, ctrl-e for moving to the end of the line, and ctrl-d for delete. The normal way to use home, end, and delete on the MacBook Pro keyboard require you to leave the home row and use Fn in combination with arrows or backspace.”
mac  macos  osx  keyboard  ctrl  2015 
10 days ago by handcoding
DSA vs. SA profile: what is more confortable? (Matt3o’s DSA/SA Retro) • deskthority
“Personally I love spherical keycaps, but I’m not huge on either SA or DSA. The problem is that there’s insufficient height step from the back of one keycap to the front of the next, and as a result you have to move your hand more than necessary to reach top row and number row keys. I much prefer the profiled spherical Alps keycaps from a typewriter shown in the comparative picture below.”
keycaps  dsa  sa  2015  canonical  alps  cherry 
11 days ago by handcoding
Minister disappointed at poor participation in KKC - Borneo Bulletin Online
Kumpulan Kerja Cemerlang (QCC) in MOD, Ministry of Development. Only two depts participated: Survey Dept and Land Dept
brunei  2015  kkc  government 
11 days ago by hazm8
Communicating with Tableau
Designing, developing and delivering data visualizations.
2015  data  journalism  visualization  JRMC  4480  teaching  assignments  tips  howto 
11 days ago by ohradiogirl
Computer gradually slows down as KM macros runs, CPU usage reaches 100% after a few hours - Questions & Suggestions - Keyboard Maestro Discourse
“After Googling a bit, I discovered that in fact many Yosemite users have the similar problem. In this stackexchange question WindowServer high CPU on Yosemite3 for example, it says the way to solve WindowServer process high CPU is to shut down applications on the menu bar that were making high frequency drawing updates. In their case it’s the ‘Network Monitor from Little Snitch,’ in my case it’s ‘Keyboard Maestro Engine’.”
keyboardmaestro  cpu  menubar  2015 
12 days ago by handcoding
HOW TO: Easily tell if a keycap set will fit your Cherry MX mechanical keyboard – KeyChatter.com – Mechanical Keyboard Reviews, News, Buyer's Guide, and more
"One of the most common questions on GeekHack and /r/mechanicalkeyboards is, “Will this keycap set fit my keyboard?” I know I asked this question countless times when I got into mechanical keyboards, and I still remember how daunting it was. If just one out of 100+ keycaps is wrong, your money’s been wasted. Do you want a keyboard that’s missing even one keycap? I know I don’t.

"Fortunately, there’s an easy trick, and I’m going to teach it to you in this post. Once you’ve learned and practiced the trick, it’ll become second nature to tell if a keycap set fits your board. Soon you’ll be answering the question for other people instead of asking it yourself."
keyboards  keycaps  keychatter  2015 
20 days ago by handcoding

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