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Pentester's Blog: Internal IP Address Disclosure over HTTP Protocol Channel : Information Revealing Headers !
The disclosure of internal IP addresses to remote users reveals a substantial layout of the organizational network. It is highly advised that the web servers should not disclose internal IP addresses in the HTTP response headers. In a real time scenarios, this is not the case. The majority of web servers, load balancing devices and web applications disclose this information. This post simply discusses the different ways through which internal IP addresses are revealed over HTTP protocol.
fallacy  privacy  security  webmaster  2013 
2 days ago by jchris
NoMachine - How to improve performance of NX 3.5.0 with CAD applications that use OpenGL
[...] Many studies have demonstrated that, for a remote display system, the GLX extension is hardly the best solution. See the following documents for an example of alternate approach: [...]
2005  2013  article  compatibility  nomachine  nx  opengl  configuration  performance  remote  xorg  extension  tips  links  documentation  reference  issue  workaround  sysadmin  x2go  linux  unix  hardwaresupport 
9 days ago by ezequiel
The GQ&A: Earl Sweatshirt | GQ
"Hip-hop heads world 'round: Earl Sweatshirt's major label debut, Doris, drops today. (But you already knew that.) In this revealing sit-down, BYARD DUNCAN gets the nineteen-year-old to open up about everything from his struggles with addiction to his time in Samoa to his girlfriend. Yup, girlfriend."
earlsweatshirt  2013  oddfuture  music  ofwgkta 
19 days ago by robertogreco
M.C. Earl Sweatshirt: A Leaf in the Wind - YouTube
"Earl Sweatshirt is a nineteen-year-old m.c. and one of the more popular members of the Los Angeles-based hip-hop group Odd Future. Here, Earl riffs on inspiration, solidifying one’s identity, and what he’s (not) looking forward to."
earlsweatshirt  music  2013  video  rap  hiphop  oddfuture  ofwgkta 
19 days ago by robertogreco
In Every Person, A Universe by TrufflesTheMushroom, Pacific Rim Gen, The Wei Triplet, 18,238 words, Tenn+.
2013-08 | Author's summary:
The Weis and the Kaidanovskys remain afloat in their half-destroyed ejection pods for eight hours, slowly bleeding out and desperate for help. Poor jokes are made, better friendships are forged, and something deep inside Cheung Wei dies.

[Content notes: suicidal & depressive thoughts/discussion, survivor's guilt]
(pacificrim)  [gen]  #fiction  ~15000-25000words  2013  TrufflesTheMushroom  {character-x-lives}  *POV:weicheung 
20 days ago by janebot
They Might Be Giants by PunkHazard, Pacific Rim Gen, The Wei Triplet, 7,206 words, Teen+.
2013-07 | A sort of origin story for the Wei Triplet featuring snapshots of a friendship between them and the Kaidanovksy and between them & Mako:
Ancient Chinese Proverb: When the wind of change blows, some build walls. Others build Jaegers.

[Content notes: canonical character deaths]
(pacificrim)  [gen]  #fiction  ~.7500-11250words  2013  PunkHazard  *POV:weicheung 
20 days ago by janebot
Run an interactive bash subshell with initial commands without returning to the ("super") shell immediately - Server Fault
Q: [...] I want to do this on a single line. Once I exit the subshell, I should return back to the regular "super"shell without incident. There must be a way [...]
2013  forumthread  stackexchange  bash  cli  scripting  tips  example  unix  linux  shell 
28 days ago by ezequiel
Weather weenies prefer dew point over relative humidity, and you should too! - The Washington Post
“Dew point is an indicator of the total amount of moisture in the air. Most people find dew points of less than 60 degrees comfortable. When the dew point rises above 65 degrees people will begin feeling that the air is “sticky.” As the dew points climb through the 70s the humidity bothers more and more people who are outdoors.”
dewpoint  humidity  rulesofthumb  2013  washingtonpost 
4 weeks ago by handcoding
Battle Of The Setting Sprays!!! 10 from Drugstore to Highend! Melmphs - YouTube
This video compares various makeup-setting sprays, including Urban Decay, Skindinavia, and Kat Von D.

She rather liked Skindinavia’s “Bridal” variant for mattifying.
makeup  youtube  settingspray  comparison  urbandecay  2013  skindinavia 
5 weeks ago by handcoding

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