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Configure an environment for apps for SharePoint (SharePoint 2013)
There's more than just flipping a switch to set up an on-premise SharePoint environment for supporting apps.
SharePoint  2013  Apps 
yesterday by dremillard
Common Sense Journalism: AP Style: Dumpster - nope, not a trademark
"You no longer have to argue in the newsroom about whether ‘dumpster' is a trademark that should be capitalized or replaced with "trash bin" (thus losing the specific image associated with the name).

"The AP's printed version of its 2013 stylebook is out (and always available online), and that reminds me of an addition from earlier this year that I forgot to mention: dumpster is now officially sanctioned as the genericized term for any such large metal trash bin."
dumpster  trademark  2013 
7 days ago by handcoding
(9) Nassim Taleb Talks Antifragile, Libertarianism, and Capitalism's Genius for Failure - YouTube
assim Taleb Talks Antifragile, Libertarianism, and Capitalism's Genius for Failur
Taleb  Talks  Antifragile  -  Austrian  School  tail  hedge  2013 
8 days ago by kilroy2
shareholder rights explained in companies act 2013
find all the rights of a shareholder in a company as per companies act 2013.
company  act  2013 
17 days ago by shankyrungta
The CIA’s Most Highly-Trained Spies Weren’t Even Human | History | Smithsonian
"As a former trainer reveals, the U.S. government deployed nonhuman operatives—ravens, pigeons, even cats—to spy on cold war adversaries"
morethanhuman  multispecies  cats  pigeons  ravens  corvids  birds  animals  cia  2013  foreden 
17 days ago by robertogreco
Organizing with Devonthink
A historian uses DEVONthink; from Skulking in Holes and Corners blog; 2013-Jul-21
DevonThink  2013 
25 days ago by amoore

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